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These notes are based on real communication of Hozyain and his slave. Responses and comments can be directed to mail: By an opportunity I will try to answer I hoznaya, in a relationship me suit everything, in this regard all letters wi
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Having got warm at a small kosterka, Sindorel could settle mad thoughts. The boy was obviously involved in all it. No why was to wait so long, before than to attack her? What did they wait for everything? Precisely. She went to the necessary party.Vo
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He accurately removed tent bed curtains, trying not to create excess noise, without wishing to wake ee. — Na finished today, Max? Naturally, she didn't sleep and now as she didn't do it and in the last nights, since that time as they were in a way. B
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Kto-nibud believes in magic? If the person tells A story which happened to him in life. No she will be such inconceivable, and such improbable that it is just impossible to believe in her. Will you believe? Probably you won't believe. Also as mentall
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So the first day of work. I came to work and at once came to the chief doctor behind the direction into department of shots. Imposingly having been located in a chair and having estimated me as a thing, I signed to me the direction in department of s
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In twenty seven, having received degree of the master of business and having married the girl whom I knew from the childhood, I settled for work in the Fort - Vorte, the Texas cattle breeding small town. I hadn't to be to the West from the Appalachia
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Summer vacation began. Excellent time for rest, entertainments and bezdelya. It is possible not to hurry anywhere, to walk in the warm evenings, to go to the small river, to meet friends, to be engaged in sex. Na time to forget o a lecture, seminars,
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Later, in several years, Dmitry learned the truth, o evening when they had the first sex with his favourite Dina. Then they were already married. She didn't sustain and told him all. It was difficult for her and it is a shame to hide etoitak, they th
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Later, in several years, Dmitry learned the truth, o evening when they had the first sex with his favourite Dina. Then they were already married. She didn't sustain and told him all. It was difficult for her and it is a shame to hide etoitak, they th
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There was a wish for interesting, hard sex. From one thought everything began to boil inside, and the dick got up a column. And the whole day at work stayed, without having made anything, with thoughts of an elastic bum and a small pink anus which it
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— If pomyorla, then it isn't so offensive. — I went to live with the neighbor Matvei in the city the Letter, here I left. I can read — Well, prick not a secret, read — Lidiya in embarrassment spoke, continuing to hold a treasured jar in a hand. — Sit
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Morning was magnificent. In the last time, waking up in the city, Bravin also couldn't think that he will soon travel with such beauty. A the fact that it will begin to humour him yes still and a mouth, didn't keep within his most courageous dreams.
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Exactly at 18 o'clock the next evening, Tanya faced the big gloomy house on Solnechnaya Street. Through the arch blocked by a barrier also I entered the internal yard entirely filled with expensive cars. Tanya not strongly understood brands, but prec
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A when dispersed girlfriends on houses, Lidiya Nikolaevna, took off a close bra and wanted to put on already a fresh night shirt, but having with pleasure stretched, looked in the ancient mirror hanging here since immemorial times "Eh, the man now" —
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Very long time ago, last week it seems, the tiny diary which fell under a bench in the autumn park, made of quite strange skin got to me. It was used up almost completely, by obviously pen-type handle and the pedant. Perhaps, I will read the couple f
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After adoption of decision o liberation of my wife Irina, our intimate life received the second breath. I will try to state couple of events which left bright impressions on an order. Event 1. My first bed "experience" with the wife showed that the p
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Morning begins not with coffee. Behind a thin wall of the block in the hostel the microwave signal tinkled that-to fell. Trying not to wake Lisa I turned to a bedside bedside table and took the mobile phone. Your mother! Five mornings! Neighbors at L
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The flyer went to these places infrequently and it had no accurate schedule. Vadim always after night watch stood on a stop different amount of time — sometimes gravilet arrived in ten minutes, a needed to wait also before half an hour. Work as the p
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Today it was necessary for Natasha on change therefore she since morning left for work having warned me o arrival of the master for continuation of work with my pubis. I was happy to madness that we will be only together and nobody will disturb us. H
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All kind time of day! I am for the first time tried for a role of the author — a request, you don't judge strictly. According to the standard opinion most of people are talented since the birth, and only the lack of regular trainings of that or other
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- Lotta, get up! It is time on survey, - instead of the alarm clock Wicky's voice rushes into my dream. I wash quickly, I cover with a dressing gown and I go down in the hall. Here most of girls with sleepy physiognomies in dressing gowns. We sit dow
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— Well understand, my good, I am not a tyrant! — Oksana spoke gently, making slow movements by a hand. — If you well think, you will agree with it. The new dildoe which she fucked me was more than that which to me had to punish themselves. Nesmotrya
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Eh Shura Shurochka who I am a little fool. Though can and isn't present. My body at which my best girlfriend Natasha and that line of behavior whom we with it chose very much worked in difference from the nature and very much it was pleasant to much.
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To Jorge Luís Borges who thought up a genre of reviews of unwritten works posvyashchayetsyaocherednoy "multi-volume set" of DD is at the same time similar and isn't similar to his previous creations. It is similar the fact that he got acquainted with
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My torn to pieces buttocks had a rest from the fucking set by the taxi driver. The cum followed a slow stream on legs. I privalilas to a cowl of the car by which me it is so delightful perli and took rest as the scratch of brakes and joyfully-udivlen
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— Yanochka, we with mother go to yacht-club, you will go? — the father asked, knowing that I will refuse. — there Is no daddy, thanks, I will prepare for the tests — I answered loudly, knowing that the security guard precisely will hear me. — Well ex
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In the evening, after the training on fight, we with men went down in a bath which was in our club. All body hurt, didn't feel hands, breath returned gradually. It is good to relax muscles after the wearisome trainings. I am not a professional athlet
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From the author: Long-awaited continuation! A in the rest all as usually: a heap of mats, curses, "dirty" words after which in the childhood of companies washed with soap, well and, of course, big dicks! Where without them! So that fans culturally to
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The huge tent towered over the camp of guards of the wood. The tent belonged nesmennomu to the leader — to old, skilled Krauku. As the rule, with calling of the sun, vanity in the camp stopped also guards, behind thick velvet bed curtains of a tent,
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A when dispersed girlfriends on houses, Lidiya Nikolaevna, took off a close bra and wanted to put on already a fresh night shirt, but having with pleasure stretched, looked in the ancient mirror hanging here since immemorial times "Eh, the man now" —
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My name is Igor, and my best friend - Maxim. We study in 11 "In" a class of a gymnasium of the X city of N. I and my friend sank down on the teacher of informatics, Olga Konstantinovna. Her now 29 years, but she looks so that constantly there is a wi
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Lena approached an entrance door, and quietly, trying not to ring keys, unlocked ee. I listened whether the TV set or radio which so loves ee the grandma rustles. It seems quietly, if not to consider mutter from the room of the brother. Having come i
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There passed several days from that my adventure in a men's toilet. With my guy I so also had no sex. Da he stuck ko to me rendered signs of attention. No I couldn't present sex with it. His average sizes dick, his softness, and indecision. I couldn'
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— Well and how, it was pleasant to suck others dicks, a?! — I tell the evil and it is caustic, being nearly broken on hysterical shout. — It is good to bear a rubbish, the fool — Vika tries to represent irritation, but the fear in her voice is felt,
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There passed exactly a week ka on my phone the call arrived. Hello was heard by me in a tube, it is Lena. I listen to you Lena what happened? I would like to take away the remained money which to me is put. Lena our video passed on hurrah, of course
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The yard Na spring, the sun, streams flow, birdies chirp. No not to them, me the next unlucky film-making day is necessary to me. The cam is adjusted, I am ready too. I remind: on the yard the middle blessed and carefree zero, action occurs all in th
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I handed over to the consultant a check, an excess t-shirt and a dress and proceeded on cash desk. When I already paid a t-shirt, from fitting there was this couple and they so the purchases got up in turn through the man from me. It was noticeable t
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I approached ee to the room, the door was covered, but the crack allowed to see all events. The sister stood dog-fashion, the person to a window, having stuck out the back and having buried the head in a bed, the Magician's a widely fucked standing o
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O-o-at-oh-ey! A-a-o-o-at-oy! Seryozha, my darling! At-o-o-oy! Liouba shouted by a deep chest voice, ee already thoroughly stretched by the horney end of the husband peshcherka convulsively was reduced and expired orgasmic juice. The woman shuddered a
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Hello. Here to you history which occurred so me on a porn a casting. I the agent we won't call names, I will tell that I am 29 years old, I carry out a casting of girls who want or to get on screens, or to earn additionally a money. Different girls o
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I wake up late alone. Again everything aches. But it is necessary to live. Also getting awfully hungry. I am reanimated by a shower and a tablet of some antipokhmelin from a first-aid kit, I put a hairstyle and a physiognomy in order, I cover with a
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I stand near a window and I watch on seroe the silver platter on which small December snow slowly is. From height of the eighth floor the view of the gloomy yard surrounded with faceless panel houses, which is strewn lightly with this snow, of naked
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In the end of April at me day of the birth, more precisely than the 26th. I decided to celebrate, I invited classmates, clear business not of everything, a with someone developed a good relationship. It turned out the person fifteen. I invited in caf
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All heroes of the story full age, as on a photo so and in the text. The daughter, Sonechka washing, darling, I want that you knew how strongly I love you. I will always be with you if to you it becomes sad, think of me and smile, I will look for you
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I work as the seller of clothes in small shop. Work not difficult and it isn't a lot of therefore from personnel us only four. Sometimes, especially after days off we should be late after closing and to spread new goods, to bring him in base, well an
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It was easy to Lisa to undress before men. Several years she earned additionally model and if at first need caused to undress in her a disturbing shiver, then now it was usual business, simply work for which pay money. She wasn't minds when someone-t
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There passed month from those improbable events. All this time, I went to what that prostration. The depression rolled. To find Olya in social networks it wasn't represented possible. In my understanding, this she-devil lifted a level to all girls an
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The uniform rumble of turbines lulled passengers of the Boeing returning to Moscow from India. I sat in earphones, listened to music and considered a ring with a beautiful yellow stone. There was a wish to believe that he really magic as the lean old
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Some time I still tried to be released, but all my attempts ended with a failure. I could move only ridiculously and there was no opportunity though that to cover that. Having turned the head I wiped a cum from a face about a hand. No I could do noth
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— Someone there? — This is Katya. — I answered, having knocked in Vladimir Sergeyevich's office. Vladimir Sergeyevich is a psychologist - the sexologist to whom I began to go after a case with Oleg. Vlad, of course, very much worried, in that number
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All hi, I am called Yulya. Everything that I will describe below my imagination, what I represent, having closed eyes and having lowered the handle under a skirt))) All similarity to real events is only accident. I low height of 155 cm. Weight of abo
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I am called Rustam, to me 23 and I am from the South of Russia, where, a word honor it not just five letters, the whole science from there. I have a sister, her 18. Call Ee Eich, you can get acquainted with it in the first part of the story. I didn't
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I was angry on him. he lost me in cards. I wanted otomstitmily, a you where was? — I got into the car. I had terribly shabby look. I decided not to disturb you. How did pass? it was pleasant? Very much, I so many time terminated. Look I as the real w
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When I, the young man of eighteen-year age finished training in the Tbilisi Nakhimov naval Naval School and arrived home to Sevastopol, one of my friends Petka Hizhnyak, having ended a ten-year school in Sevastopol, came to meet me, the first questio
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The sun baked the second day. The clear blue sky didn't allow to plunge into study, and having chosen the convenient moment, I left home before usual. Having decided for itself what to bathe in warm and pure water of the lake, will be the best decisi
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In difference from a set of other my stories where I long and in detail paint in the beginning as I got acquainted with the heroine and I outline ee a vital way, a then I already pass to intim, in this storke I at first want to depict the sexual prac
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This story happened to one officer the friend of other officer on a name Fedor when they whiled away time in one room for two in hotel of the city where they arrived with him in quality checking in the structure of the naval commission in chapter of
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Is later in the evening, we at last gathered in a bath again. I was in an anticipation of behavior of the wife. With Oleg everything is clear, he just the bitch. Before than we went to a bath, Katya several time asked again me or everything is good,
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Na to a nose there were 8 Mart Vybor of gifts it there was head pain. After some thoughts I stopped on perfumery, a more precisely on spirits. With Olya it was simplest, I saw houses, than she uses and bought. With Margo it was a little more difficul
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Surprisingly, what unexpected and pleasant benefit can be taken sometimes from the most, at first sight, unpleasant situations. It happened to me to experience somehow that means to meet the woman on the road. There was it somewhere in the middle of