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Chapter 3 in which girls feel doubts boys test shock, a Hank fries rybuutrom Dasha felt herself as the person of which fucked in a bum and pissed all over. Little girls returned to the bungalows to hours to three mornings and lay down so the peaceful
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All hi. I am called Svetlana. Now I am 35 years old. With my husband we in marriage 14 years, are also very happy. No nesmotrya on it, periodically is (very rare) I decide on treason. I very much love the husband and is happy in marriage, but sometim
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If you are interested in the pornographic story for satisfaction of the sexual whims, then skoree all you shouldn't read this work. I describe feelings of the lower woman of the slave. All described it is not a fruit of my imagination. It is the come
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PREVENTION: If you opened this story purely to jerk off, then can be disappointed. The work vykladvayetsya skoree for continuation of the narration. Business Kerolayn. Stik lay on a bed on the top inhabited tier of the warehouse embracing Amako when
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Estonia. Island Saarema. City of Kuressaare. We stopped in hotel nearby from the ancient lock. Na to me there was a red skirt, a blue jumper and a beige short raincoat, with two rows of buttons. At any opportunity, my guy grabbed me a bottom or havin
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Even 100 grams drunk "for bravery" didn't help. Entering the big hall, Dmitry still felt nervousness. But it quickly disappeared, hardly he saw about 20 naked bodies of a different floor coiling in various poses under quiet music and more than frank
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This story is art fiction. The author doesn't call readers for violence or other similar actions. If the story is interesting, I will continue it. Remarks and criticism are also welcomed. *** at the university I studied in group of ordinary children.
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When Kolya left, I fell asleep in luxury, satisfied as never. Vo a dream dreamed me that I am awoken by two young long-distance truck drivers from whom I was so cunning washed away, and having opened eyes, with surprise I found them so me nearby. It
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Hot, sticky heat shrouded the platform of the city station. Na the first platform there was a train going to the most wonderful place in the world. To the sea. I stood near sleeping pasture of the increased comfort the conductor Marina. A white shirt
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After the termination of the first course of our University I arrived to the native city again. And in the evening on Saturday I was on our wonderful "Broadway" .vnov such wonderful picture as earlier. Having dressed the most fashionable, people went
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I again here, again on fast appointments. Na to me even that suit, didn't wean from emerald greens. Truth, shirt another. And the car already costs directly at an entrance to cafe, but not old Opel, a double roadster from Mercedes. Of course, other p
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Probably, it is worth beginning with small background, before with what to pass to the most interesting. I will begin with myself: I am a guy of high growth, from all it was allocated with a sports figure and a nice face, with dark eyebrows which onl
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— Hi, Kostik! — the wife told, at last having come off the face of this bull — I so missed you! How did reach? — Everything is good and I missed too. And he again greedy stuck into chubby sponges. His hands strong squeezed Liana's buttocks. They seiz
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The same Sasha writes, or to speak Ania more precisely. I already wrote two stories about the love affairs (a camp site, Sasha-Ania). There passed two years, I am 17 years old now. Lately my clothes considerably increased. At me there are a lot of mo
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Vacation, to a regret, ended. How many for this time was good sexual adventures. Now student's everyday life will be started over again. Cheerful life in halls. Prior to a session still long it is also possible to find freely time for entertainments
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Retro are a porn in modern surroundings with real prototypes. Chapter 1 in which our heroes arrive on the tropical island meet the mysterious conductor and learn some secrets. "Perfectly, now still to wait when he passes in the following time — Dima
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I graduated from school, jerked off, and I had idols. For example girlfriend of my sister Ksyusha. I looked at a photo in her Instagram and filled in the lewd palms with a cum. It hanged in the whole days in sport the hall, so that you can guess, kak
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It only in pornorasskazakh heroines the tall, slender girls with an elastic breast of the fourth size who always are wanting sex, flowing and not knowing a release from lovers. A in life all absolutely not so. Manya was a fat little freak, on an extr
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1. There were then to me only 18 years. I was the house guy and the virgin. No here our head of group Rita told that she "will help" me, but with protection. I came to buy this "condom" as she explained, in drugstore. Those days I needed to make over
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— The FIRST CONFESSION — prepared For the first in life Lang's confession very seriously. On the beginning she, sought to remember in what sequence to list to the priest the sins. No they were gathered, so much, that she began to be confused. Having
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Retro - a porn in modern surroundings "Perfectly, now still to wait when it passes in the following time — Dima hissed — Dash, I very much ask you, be though a little posobrannee" .dasha was nervous. She didn't manage to squeeze among other passenger
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Loud scandal at our school ended with resignation of several high-ranking officials of the ministry of education, a me — the main responsible was sent to expiate fault in the remote Ivanovo solitude for the education benefit. I should head the rural
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The telephone call was distributed as always at not the most not suitable moment. Marin is just about ready to be terminated from the dildo vibrating in ee to a vagina. Phone called very annoyingly. She had to interrupt the pleasant occupation and to
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Lenochka all life differed in special diligence and modesty. In kindergarten she participated in all actions, at school was always an honors pupil, never went to drink with the schoolmates beer after lessons, on changes she always repeated homeworks
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— Let's order private dance. Well, give! — Ne I want what I didn't see there? Our partners on a visit of night club (the brother of my girl and his wife) altercated more than five minutes — she wanted to receive new impressions, a he is simple to hav
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Already a little become tipsy from a horse dose of family wine (after evening all drank very reluctantly) Krylatov with the tousled hair and an unbuttoned single-breasted coat with loudly tinkling awards, left the room where at once the improvised da
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Did you when нибудь watch the colleagues so the parties? Accurately and askance? Present what would be if at this moment you could read them to a thought? For example, you sit at a meeting, before you a big table of negotiations and about ten people
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Under the hot scorching sun, on the road which is well rolled German concrete, hitherto unprecedented by the driver — at a small speed I went tryokhtonny the ZIS-5 truck. In a cabin nearby so the missing driver the captain with the awards tinkling on
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(the space fighter, a sensuality) the Great mission of Association didn't assume indulgence, didn't do exceptions. There was a plan of performance, and it was carried out, without looking at desires as carrying out it, so and that in the relation som
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Even it isn't believed that tomorrow the last day of vacation. It is necessary to go to study. A so wanted to be enjoyed further rest, not to worry about offsets, examinations, course. It is simple to enjoy in the summer, to be engaged in sex. Since
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SAINT FATHERS — About it can't be and speeches, we already had unpleasant incident a year ago that caused a big alarm among brotherhood — the prior of church archpriest Ioann, the high, but heavy old man of years of sixty five, told off the father Va
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Under the hot scorching sun, on the road which is well rolled German concrete, hitherto unprecedented by the driver — at a small speed I went tryokhtonny the ZIS-5 truck. In a cabin nearby so the missing driver the captain with the awards tinkling on
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All kind day! I long worked on this series and here — it is complete. Direct continuations won't be any more, but it doesn't mean that characters are dead! They I can play the role in the future! If someone-to wishes to support the author, is me, you
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The yard Na there was a Wednesday. And the last couple of days presented to Veronika a couple of very unpleasant surprises. First, costed only to Nika on Monday will come on occupations as the first that she saw — Dasha, o than-to whispering with Len
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Oh, as she asked me to invite her to that picnic! Specifically "I sank down" on Lech. Of course, he in our department the boss: both on money and on powers. And just I didn't notice Lech Nastya, not so that absolutely, but his heart another belonged
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With these words near an entrance the group of contemporaries mocked at the girl. One of girls held responsible by hair, another gave ringing slaps in the face, one more stood in the party and shot the occurring execution with the smartphone. — I wha
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When the idea of writing of the erotic story comes to your mind, involuntarily you begin to remember stories from life. Likely at all so (well if to you of course such crazy ideas came to the head). Na a life extent we constantly face people, some le
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All day after spontaneous sex with Diana in shower Max and Lenka prepared for reception of guests. Na kitchen loaded a little alcohol. In the guest house the bedroom was freed, only the bed, a chair and a table is left. From the cellar brought some r
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Fanfikchast 1 Erotikaavtor of assembly — I believe Progvladya that deeply in men there live natural relationship and inclination to other men. They can be shown as desire of physical contact at occupations by sport or as friendship of players in poke
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Max and Lenka continued observation of unknown men. Men, having filled in full tanks on "Tiger" with canisters, gathered several more canisters and put them in a luggage carrier. Having finished loading, two remained to smoke, a third went to the nei
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Anton nervously knocked fingers on a window sill, watching in a window the girl getting into the car to what-to man. Yes not simply girl, a Mashka! They studied with her in one higher education institution. More precisely, at first in the yard one gr
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Chapter 2. Typical and netipichnomesli to watch O purely kalendarno, our communication with Vika lasted many years: from February, 2010 to June of the past, 2018-go when the last (or to please fans of superstitions — extreme) took place our a meeting
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"I have darling for you a present" — a self-satisfied smile under thin short moustaches of the licked unfamiliar gentleman, nesmotrya on all charm of youth and gallantry, fell upon the poor girl. It seemed, the bowl is overflowed, so can't proceed an
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This work is written in co-authorship with several family couples (Aleksandrkhkhkh, sdorov) and singles (ignateksssss34) who expressed readiness to include their stories in this subject line. Huge thanks Apanas panasovza reading of the test and to th
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The director delayed a tie and undid the top button of a shirt. Natalya Dmitriyevna, there was very heavy day today, I went and you finish with the auditor and go home be gathered forces. Financial check in the only thing in our town the municipal po
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Lisa and Olga – students of mining institute. Lisa is a low pretty brunette, she has a beautiful full bust of the 3rd size with small black nipples, narrow hips and small buttocks. She carries a short hairstyle "under the boy" and if not big boobies,
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The love has taste. For someone-to it is sweet of ripe strawberry for someone-to exotic freshness greyfruta And for me she has, unique privkusslegka the become swollen cubes of a little melted ice as small icebergs drift in the amber ocean on day of
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I was as in fog, deafened read, and for some time sat down on a toilet bowl. Trying to bring the thoughts and feelings into an order, I began to remember feverishly our recent rough sex, with work restoring our dialogue. In a result I created very gl
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The director delayed a tie and undid the top button of a shirt. Natalya Dmitriyevna, there was very heavy day today, I went and you finish with the auditor and go home be gathered forces. Financial check in the only thing in our town the municipal po
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Chapter 1 the Key outside slowly turned the lock, quietly, trying to wake nobody, the entrance door opened and Maria entered the apartment. — O, an I thought everything sleep, a you sit here, a smoked todvoye men — Maria's husband Andrey and his frie
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Soft evening light. Pleasant to paws. Rags. Color, are similar to the moon. Brother's smell. Warm steps on the house. Sound of keys. The unpleasant clang on ears, becomes frequent breath, pupils extend. Left for a while. Why again came. A sharp smell
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Solar beams played on densely drawn curtains, vainly endeavoring to get through a veil on unsubdued them the territory. The blanket on a bed lay cast away in the party, allowing to admire two absolutely naked, weaved friend with the friend of a figur
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PREVENTION: This part of the story contains the description of scenes of violence and coercion. If you thin and sensual nature — it for certain vozmouth (quarrystone) ит also causes sharp sincere nervousness. Therefore if the listed tags and categori
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Ashley returned in about three hours. Steve by this time finally came to himself. The wife with what-to was very happy, eye ee mysteriously shone. Steve tried razgovorit ee, it was interesting to him that she conceived. No on all inquiries Ashley onl
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Hardly we crossed an apartment threshold, I didn't manage to close still an entrance door, she quickly dumped from legs of the barefoot person and rushed along a corridor forward. No suddenly I stopped, turned ko to me and I reported: — I want to wri
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From administrative innovations of result all waited. For corporal punishment guilty of the organization of yesterday's unauthorized demonstration everything was ready. There was a minute till the beginning of flogging according to the approved proto
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I of course always knew about existence of anal sex, but there was a wish to try not really especially as it was for this purpose necessary to prepare the bum. Once when viewing some pornofilm with scenes of anal sex I was strongly made horney, went
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Lala lay on the crumpled bed across a bed, koe-kak having taken cover the crumpled blanket. Temperamentally otzharennaya the young lover, she accepted a pose of a sea star now, having spread hands and legs on the parties. Eyes were closed, a breath —
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In a compartment of fast night it was dark. Behind curtains reflections of lamps as infinite comets having a tail rushed. From the childhood, in time of travel for the sea with parents or in the pioneer of the camp, it was often represented to him th
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He came again. This strange and persistent, even most rather, run away, the young man. How many to him? 25? A, can, more young? Why he to me? To me which tried so many men that even I managed to get off so the account. Or after all it is necessary? I