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I stand in a corridor of the new rental apartment and I study myself in a new image before a pier glass. The mirror is above a belt therefore that well to make out itself, I should lean a back against an opposite wall of a corridor. Black tights in v
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Ne I will say how he was called - it is superfluous, I sent him the works for viewing, their firm looked for the artist - the freelancer. Now I can be mistaken, but it seems to me, he was especially hooked by my absolutely "crude" sketch of the websi
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The belief washed the dishes and was already going to go to bed. The husband went with friends to bar again and she wasn't going to wait for him. Recently he gave her very little and sex turned in put, terminated and to sleep. Well it is necessary to
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When Diana passed into the tenth class, there was such impression that in lyceum the atomic bomb exploded. Every day by the beginning of occupations the black SUV brought this "walking sex - a bomb" to an educational institution, and strictly accordi
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Nina is whose-to wife. Skoree everything, I even was the husband in the different cheerful companies No to be on friendly terms with ee weren't on friendly terms. Nina is a typical sociable laugher. We will tell Nina's appearance so ee interesting by
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The trap slammed. An exit wasn't. It is good that Lenka managed to slip out in a window, having taken small, but quite expensive production. Suddenly the man holding me it is strong by a hand as in handcuffs, I stopped and spitefully I looked at me a
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Though everything occurred almost in one and too time, but actions and an entrance to this adult sexual life occurred on a miscellaneous. It seems to me that and their pisyam I always admired these lovely women and understood how a destiny gift! .nad
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There passed two weeks. There was a morning of output day. Rita accepted a bathtub when the call to a door was distributed. Our neighbor - the Arab came (I don't remember already as he was called. Well let will be Makhmed). I brought a box of matches
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Several days after the meeting of New year Rita on hundred times a day asked me: — Do you love me? Naturally I had to prove kisses that YES, YES, She said YES that lips which I kiss now foreign dicks already fucked I calmed her that she did everythin
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To all hi) I Read comments and I saw that all interests as my relationship with Seryozha began. I thought and understood that readers are right, the fact that it is obvious to me, often isn't clear to them as they don't know a chain of events which i
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I opened eyes. There was no wish to sleep any more though behind a window morning of output day was engaged. I without hurrying I accepted a shower and, having wrapped in a towel, I came to kitchen. I drank hot coffee small drinks and looked at the s
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Firmly the attached Olezhka hardly breathed. The nettle intolerably burned down from below, all front part of a body, and burned even stronger even at each sigh and the more so at the slightest movements; it is obvious and there was one of the "addit
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After that unforgettable summer when I at last became the real whore of the elder brother there passed years. I married the beautiful girl, here only thanks to very to strict education, she was too conservative in all that concerned sex. Yes we had s
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This continuation of a series of the stories united by the general name. It, of course, slightly pretenziozno. No as it is known, "the baron Myunkhgazuzen is known not to those, he flew to the Moon or isn't present, what doesn't lie" .kak I already s
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"Any more 22:40, him is not here an and isn't present" — Olesya thought, finishing washing a pan in kitchen. This evening was special, Olesya and ee of the husband had anniversary of a wedding, they were 2 years old. 2 years of joint marriage life. T
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She faced in the bathroom a mirror and looked at the reflection. In several hours their meeting will take place, inside with pleasure jammed. To think only when you fall in love as if you come back in young years. You test everything so strong emotio
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Ne our this dog deloa. B. Dzhigarkhanyansamoe is offensive, is that, she didn't even think, for her it was, second, a moment she so lived! It was her life, her imaginations, her fetish, an I am only a slave, realizing, bringing into realities as she
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Inna is my schoolmate. Studied with her to the 11th class together, several times at meetings of schoolmates seemed then. She so school didn't give me rest — high, beautiful, with a cool bottom, the blonde. All guys in a class, and I drove not an exc
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So here, me history almost by me forgotten was remembered. It is already the middle of the 70th, I work as the driver of the linear bus, I won't press in details and specifics of work, that more if you don't know her, then you won't understand anythi
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My Rita in that time didn't work, a studied on correspondence in University. There was a lot of free time. I worked at construction base. There was a time. I wanted to fuck her, but the dick didn't want to get up without fresh emotions: (Only the jea
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Otklyucheniyerusskaya version. The certain final stage of the story (An advertizing trailer to future story) 2029. State of Colorado. Field camp kiborgizatsii and S9A80GB17 clonings of" TANTAMIMOS ".glavny underground SKAYNET bunker. Main Dogma. X15
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I got acquainted on the Internet with one person, he is much more senior than me, but it is more his plus, than minus.... I am whimsical, nobody could cope with me, even parents. I didn't understand as, but I wanted to obey him, it seemed to Me that
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It was soon presented convenient sluchaypriblizhalsya New year and we invited to us friends: her girlfriend with the guy. Only we were married in this company. Having come to kitchen I felt in it easy excitement. I asked her to be benevolent with the
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Five years passed since that time when I the last time sat at a school desk of the native university. So much water flowed away, I already and long ago forgot about this date, but the sudden call of my fellow student recovered memory. — Oleg, hi, lea
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Gold I overslept a deep dream twenty hours. Only to evening of the next day Morpheus's charms conceded the place to other stronger feeling which put the Armenian on legs and storm wind incurred on kitchen. The naked doll absorbed food so terrible spe
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The summer rain cheerfully began to knock on roofs, on leaves of trees and on, so far still warm from the sun, to asphalt. He rushed suddenly as and it is necessary to a summer rain, refreshing streets after a heat. The people rushed someone where, t
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Having eaten up ice cream, I noticed that several drops got on ee a neck. I bent, having taken away long black hair with ee of shoulders and sliznut them snow, hot skin. It was remarkable day She quietly sighed when I nestled a perineum on ee to a hi
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Na the next day "Sex bases three together", in common with parallel group on a stream were the first couple. As the three "girl-boy-devochka" were provided, it was necessary to come to occupations not every week — there was a special table in which a
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This continuation of a series of the stories united by the general name. It, of course, slightly pretentiously. No as it is known, "the baron Myunkhgauzen is known not to those, he flew to the Moon or isn't present, a what doesn't lie" .vo to the sec
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Hi. Me call Elaine, I am 25 years old. I have green eyes, fair-haired hair up to shoulders, elastic buttocks, tits of the second size and a suntanned body. In clothes I adhere to classical style (a short skirt - a pencil, stockings, shpilechka, lace
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Consciousness rushed instantly. Pain pierced all body. Lungs burned with fire. In eyes a muddy bloody veil. I shout, from inhuman pain. The throat dried up so that from it only the weak vulture escapes. I don't feel either hands, or legs. Force only
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It happened long ago. On a dating site to me the woman who looked for "regular sex together" was knocked. As I looked for the same, correspondence was started. I was confused first by her age - 35 years for me much. But then I rejected all doubts as
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Friday, evening, any affairs, there is a wish to relax in a cozy situation. I came into shop, I bought a miscellaneous tasty and I went in guests to the senior brother, I decided not to call, having made a surprise. The door was opened by his new wif
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My "Game" lived the life, and this life beat with a key, yes is so strong that in your world it was created whole the pop - culture around her. Na the third year of existence of my Game, game capsules stood in every sixtieth family. Having forced out
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We got acquainted with them walking in the park. We — it I am a lanky thin dark-haired student of the second course and my friend and the fellow student Serega. This was a handsome man. The blonde who is slightly giving to reddishness broad-shouldere
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When to my Game four years knocked, it affected already not only pop culture, but and on a political and economic situation in your world. Already half of the world was played in my Game, and spend a lot of time in my world, but I don't give, to none
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Minutes of erotic humour))))))))) Any test group is risky people that it wasn't tested for them. There are tests of new products, drugs, cosmetics, dietary supplements or it is a lot of all other, but in any case it is always risks. Why I began with
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The telephone call was distributed as always, not in time. Ksenia as time threw with straps of a small backpack shoulders, and groped keys in a pocket of trousers to close a door. At first she wanted not to answer even a call, so as time was already
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That day I returned home before usual. Strongly earlier. Also I found pair of men's footwear. It was suspiciously silent. I sneak along a corridor further and I begin to investigate faltering breath of the wife. Closer and closer to the room, and I f
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Hotiye trust, you want — no, but history absolutely real and occurred it so me recently. I write, to tell so, on fresh traces. So, we got acquainted with Artur on the Internet, found the general subjects for communication. Of course women where witho
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I want to tell about one more my business trip. On work I was sent to a business trip to the city where there lived my old friend on institute. We didn't see him years ten but only corresponded on network. I knew that he is married already the second
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After creation of the first virtual worlds, the market of entertainments just rolled in improbable income and prospects. Many institutions transferred the work to virtual space for economy of means on rent of rooms. So time, game and office virtualit
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After a shower the father was enough for couple of times, and both times he cumed to me in a mouth. At that moment I opened for myself the fact that I test an orgasm when I am fucked in a mouth, fucked, a not boring (for me) will pass from my party.
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Ella's questionnaire was sated with photos, thoughts of great people and banal maxims from different corners of the Internet. A the main motto was "Surprise me!". I, of course, tried. Ne I know as far as former partners surprised Ella with ee (which,
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Quiet summer evening. It is very pleasant to go so along the empty street, knowing that the house you is waited by your favourite man. In the general I went and relished when I heard that behind me the car stopped. I turned back also the black jeep w
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It was that piece of time when frankly bore me not in that party. In you there is always that voice, that the dirtiest, vicious which no whispers in your head — make it! And you hold yourself in hands, driving away bad thoughts. It was that piece of
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So, next morning I woke up with a slight hangover and wild unwillingness to get up. Constant feeling next morning after a grass — as if nadto to break off on itself what-to weightless fabric to wake up. Delan resolutely there was a wish for nothing.
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The scene 1arina was never a whore and the only ee the guy for ee 21 years were what she married in marriage now. Yes and to him she gave infrequently — in general would like to adhere to the rule "no to sex prior to a wedding", but in our days to ke
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We have with the wife free views of sex. She knows that I pokhazhivat on the left, I know that she is fucked at work. However it changed nothing in our life, and we led normal life. The truth we had an arrangement home not to drive and not to shine i
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Somehow time arrived I to the sister in guests to the village, to have a rest, sunbathe, relax. Was this about 15 years ago. Then I was a young person with violently storming accordions which brought me the mass of inconveniences. I got up even on a
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After a scene in a female locker room Nastya almost didn't see week Melissa — the begun female basketball competitions didn't leave her time for optional occupations. The Russian girl even began to hope that she bothered the afroamerican and she, at
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The twilight reigned in the room, music in Deep House style played, the bartender behind a rack he is lazy I wiped glasses, today in laundzh-bare Prometheus it was poorly populated. Na a high bar chair upholstered with expensive skin the man sat. He
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So it happened that I, the girl, inconspicuous, constraining before peep, - futanari got on office Wednesday almost at once after school. As I was delighted! Before my eyes pictures of wonderful adult life when I, Mashenka, bring constant friends fle
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Eight years I already began to dance Part 1C, at first went to gymnastics and at once to dances, sang always, well not absolutely what I would sing, just lowed melodies and danced, literally everywhere, even in the bus couldn't stand on the place, he
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We had no several days of sex, Katya strongly worried from about occurred. We lay in our bed, at me already reduced balls, memoirs of o occurred didn't give me rest and the collected cum demanded an exit. but the wife stopped my stickings. — Vitya, I
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Dear readers, this story is small continuation of history which began in the story "Neyady" (the story quite long and, on some responses, boring). You can read it, a you can start to a post to a skriptum, so at once as I tried to make continuation wi
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Kind time of day! For the beginning I will tell several facts about me that you had representation. I am 20 years old, growth 160, a small elastic breast 2 sizes. I consider myself rather clever girl, I graduated from school on perfectly, at the univ
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It happened many years back, but this story till this time doesn't give me rest. Nothing in my life was finer and in that time of more burdensome for my conscience, the words "honour" and "advantage" for me not an empty sound. No about everything on
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Recently I decided on a big step on the relation to the body I decided to cut off to myself a clitoris. I am brought to an orgasm by a thought of o the fact that I will lose the greatest pleasure. No I think at first It is necessary to tell what ever
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Another anniversary of my birth approached, and at me no desire to celebrate it was absolute., It seems, not anniversary and in general moods somehow wasn't therefore I decided that I won't celebrate a birthday but only I will invite the best friend