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In the light of setting the sun fields near Velebits seemed black - so densely they were covered with blood of the soldiers who fell in fight. Still yesterday here the soldiers of the Moscow prince and liberal Novgorodians poured by force, to the las
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I grew in very rich family. My father was the owner of several oil derricks, had some interests in the coal industry, was shorter the successful businessman. Mother worked in the mayor's office, was responsible for distribution of the rights for the
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I woke up from a terrible itch on a face. Having run a hand, I tore off a small white crust. It was the stiffened cum. Without hesitation I went to a bathtub. There properly I washed, I took a shower, I cleaned buttocks. At the same time I washed the
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Men each family has a skeleton in the cupboard. I will tell about ours. All our family gathered for long-awaited rest. Of course, saved. Went by train. The way was three days. We went to two stages because of our works and terms of holidays. The firs
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I studied in Tyumen, there and I got acquainted with the future wife Snezhana. Then it was distributed to Surgut where we live to this day, I dragged the wife with myself though she not really wanted to go to live on the North, she with Yekaterinburg
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Next time Yulya regained consciousness already near, some house. Nearby the pretty girl fitted well it is dressed. When Yulya regained consciousness, the girl asked her: "You likely, Yulya whore of my father souteneur?" "Yes, if your father Vasily is
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I entered the apartment, slammed behind myself a door and threw on a bedside table in the hall a pile of the envelopes got from own mailbox. One envelope drew my attention. The beautiful female handwriting on it removed my name, a surname and my addr
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She was kneeling, hands are tied behind the back. I sat in a chair. And she sucked, moving rhythmically, choking with saliva, groaning. Before there was large-scale flogging, fuck it in an ass, she terminated few times, I didn't become, hardly kept.
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Hi. My name is Andrey. I am bi passive. To me 30. In the last vermya, I had a terrible blockage at work - we didn't keep within the schedule. So I worked to late, came and at once was filled up to sleep, sometimes even without having had supper. And
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My story, from a case in life. Also I decided to write it because of devil-may-care attitude, to what is written below. Usual day. I and two my friends, walked, well generally as always. One my friend is called Kostya, the second Kohl-da to him 18 we
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I will make as you want. This story not an invention, but honest truth. Everything began with the fact that I accidentally got in the browser into laying of the husband. But all in stages. We with the husband are married 15 years, we have a wonderful
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- Now we will give an enema to you and properly we will wash out you that you were clean, and then we will start stretching. The dock took a test tube and again prisosat it to my exhausted clitoris. The clitoris of honey agarics was involved in a tes
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- Here it was always interesting to me: porn actresses catch a high during shootings or pretend to be? - such here question came unexpectedly to my mind. We with the wife lay on a sofa and watched TV. We, generally, davnym-a porno didn't play about f
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My girl terminated by a shlyukhama the girl call Vera. To her now 25 years, the truth looks she is more senior than the age. But, in it there is nothing surprising if to consider that she began to smoke since ten years, and to drink and be fucked fro
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Hello, my name is Gosha, me 23 years. To my wife Tatyana 21, the charming brunette, thin, high with a smart breast 3 го the size and lewd eyes. We are married one and a half years, and we are fine. We with her dreamed much, experimented in a bed, but
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The next days off of cold October, 2011 approached. There was no strong wish to stay at home and I got on a favourite mamba again. In a couple of hours communication and elimination of virtuals, I agreed about a meeting with couple. Though they also
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Work of the driver of the tractor on duty from a rovna to work of the night watchman. Both that and another sleep for money. A difference only that the watchman is responsible for an object, and I am not responsible for anything. I came to work, отва
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I apologize for a break between parts, we will continue. I at first tried to resist somehow, to Nona achieved what success, Tanechka continued to shoot eyes on me and to lick Oleg's balls my language. I already got used to new taste in a mouth and al
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Strange everything developed. How did reach it? I don't represent what led to the fact that I am in such situation now? Even it is impossible to tell that I am in situation. I lie on a back with the legs which are lifted up to top as at the woman who
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- And now, I will show you something interesting. - Max got up and staggering gait (the drunk beer had an effect) approached a sideboard. Having rummaged a little between books, he pulled out a disk from there. We with Vika exchanged glances. And Max
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Hi all that someone already knows me according to my previous stories, and those someone reads me for the first time. My name is Katya, I am 24 years old. I am constantly taken for the girl because of my girlish appearance and a cute face. At me big,
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As I spent a corporal summer vacation 1988 parents sent me to the grandmother, to the small town N. Babushka was busy with the kitchen garden and flowers, and I was provided the whole day to myself. That it wasn't boring for me, the grandmother acqua
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I gynecologist Zovut me Zhenya. I am 30 years old. I strongly got used and any more practically I am never made horney at a look naked women and girls, but was and vice versa. I love the end of day as at this time it is possible to finish day with th
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Yesterday everything began is quite banal. In the evening we with friends were going to celebrate a birthday of Andrey - one of our former fellow students. All someone had to be at a party knew about my second essence therefore I put on as it was ple
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After the termination of the 10th class summer vacation began. I went out with the friends, had a good time. I had generally a rest from school life. Soon I began to earn additionally. Once I on work needed to come into school, well I went there thin
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Having left the site where there passed so stormy night, I understood that home I don't manage to come around and it is necessary to go to work quickly. It was awful. I wanted to take a bath and to grease the buttocks burning with fire. In panties th
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I met the girl Lisa on social network. She looked for top for the humiliation. Lisa worked as the accountant in the big company and life suited it quite. There was only one tic - she liked to be a whore secretly. We with her didn't have a conversatio
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Marine, I told it between legs. We will look to the truth in eyes, I have couple of questions as at the doctor. Stand don't move. She stood dog-fashion on a gynecologic chair, touching elbows. Well, and that YOU want she said quietly and a little sca
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Next day Mister to me ordered to insert in писю and buttocks on a phallus and to pass so all day. Next day I woke up, have breakfast and having caressed the писю entered a phallus. It was something!!! I slightly moved him having achieved lubricant, g
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The sunbeam after all found a gap in defense of densely drawn curtains and now as if being played, annoyingly shone in eyes of the sleeping girl. She twirled by the head, trying to keep the dream remains, but everything was vain. Christina opened eye
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Imperceptibly there passed two months in elfin captivity. My body still served for satisfaction of needs of Felyillander. I won't tell that it wasn't pleasant to me. It is rather on the contrary, but except daily working off in a bed of the elfin pri
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Life - surprising piece. Sometimes she as if watches us, knowing everything, even our most undercover thoughts and imaginations, and at some moments as if purposely throws to us a possibility of their realization. I will also tell about one such case
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At the end of July when Kirill returned from a holiday, we decided to go three together, with him and with Alexey to the country and to spend there days off. I didn't see Kirill three weeks, and Alexey three months, and wanted to meet them not less t
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Hello my dear readers. Some of you already read my previous stories, and some aren't familiar with them yet. My name is Katya, I am 24 years old. I am an unusual girl - between my legs a little chlenik. I was born in the boy's body though it is diffi
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Generally, I promised the girlfriend Sveta to anybody to tell about this the story which happened to us a few years ago. And I honestly store a promise. But passed nearly three years and I decided to write everything to the Internet. From this harm t
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Work didn't go. It is necessary to make a pereryvchik - heavy to prepare contracts on Friday. I stretched, listening to laughter at the next office. Well, we will look someone "burns the midnight oil" there? It appeared – equipment setup specialists.
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Hi, my dear readers. In anticipation of new year I decided to publish another story which happened to me the other day. For a start, it want to be presented to those someone for the first time reads my stories. My name is Katya. I am a womanly boy or
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Hi. My name is Eric. For me it is the first story therefore you don't judge strictly. I will tell you for a start a little about myself. I am 24 years old. Blonde, average constitution. Growth 168. I work as the photographer. Story which I wrote happ
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…. Having stood so a couple of minutes I on the giving-away legs went to the bathroom. He following asked when the husband will return, I told that in a couple of hours... I long stood under a shower, on legs the cum Aleksandra flowed, my hands shive
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I walked on the hall, warming up after the last competition. I am top. Therefore I answered with direct views of views of men, and my chin was proud will hitch up. On me there were even clothes – a blouse, a body and the short flared short skirt fitt
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Our daughter Marina last year went to school. On September 1 I got acquainted with her teacher Elizabeth Andreevna. The young girl who just gained the diploma about the higher education - the class of my daughter became her first class in every sense
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Belgian etudes. The suburban bus rushed from Brussels. The graceful very young Walloon girl stood up, державшись for hand-rail, and shone with happiness. Also was why, she was just enlisted in the Bruxelles Free French-language University, and it mea
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In the evening I was called by Sergey. - Hi, Yulya! For you there is a work: two clients in Planeta hotel, number 413. There is already Angela, they called and ordered one more "girl" on all night long so fast put on also a bullet in hotel. Angela –
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This story happened to me prior to the events described by me in stories the Glazier and the Glazier 2. I together with the husband was on a visit at his parents, he live on other end of the city. His mother had birthday, there was Saturday, we havin
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I sat down to him on knees, a back, having parted legs. Heart beat as at the scared rabbit. He pressed me to himself for this purpose what I wouldn't be pulled out and slowly with easy pressing walked a hand on my panties having stopped over the clit
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My name is Katya. I will tell to you history which happened to me this summer. There was enough hot and I especially didn't bother with clothes. In sixteen I could brag of attention of men is much more senior that very much flattered me. I never had
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She shivered a large shiver and sobbed bitter tears when the Gynecologist put it on an operational chair. On her there was a short washed-off nightgown and ridiculous socks with pictures of the Spiderman – probably, she borrowed them at the younger b
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Yury called the doctor at the end of a lunch break: - Anna Petrovna, after a lunch make to girls the simplified procedure and invite in my office. - Well, to you in turn to give them or at once? - More better at once, I have not enough time today. -
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Well hi, the reader of any trite rasskazik on the Internet. Wanted history exciting imagination again to paint the imaginations? All right, I have one. Sit down more conveniently and represent. History is absolutely real, I won't even change names. W
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Now me call only Natali. I know three foreign languages, and, Russian, in perfection, at me акью approximately as at Sharon Stone, analytical mentality, a technique of fast reading in the bosom, but at the same time long legs, 220 cm at addition of l
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It happened last summer. I went to the girl. Breaking through twilight, I already imagined the Snow White naked and helpless. We agreed that she will put on only a light dress and shoes on a high heel and any linen. So she also made. My obedient girl
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Katya stood in the hall and complained while Sergey Ivanovich pulled down from her clothes. Having removed everything he seized her by a nape and pushed to the room. The push was such force that the girl didn't keep standing and fell. She managed to
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This story is only fiction. I had one acquaintance, called her Zoya. We see her and now I, however, treat her not as to the person any more, and as to a floorcloth. A thing she became after I caught her behind very interesting occupation. I am not a
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My name is Andrey. It happened long ago. To me then there were only 16. There was a summer, and I spent vacation at the summer camp. In the camp I was for the first time and therefore all for me was in wonder. In the room us was five: Kolya, Mischa,
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Nuns Verona and Agnes span before each other. They lifted up cassocks and, giggling, considered what opened before the innocent, in general, views. Very young girls didn't consider it a sin – you will think, their slender legs are tightened in thin b
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We went to me home. My beautiful doll was strongly tired, and I allowed her to fall asleep on back seat, knowing what waits for her further. On the street already dawned when we drove up to the house. I decided not to awake the baby at once. Having p
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Periodically we with the husband suit porno сейшены. Probably, by the way, for this reason I want to suck 10 years only his dick, and at it gets up on me from one touch. But I distracted. Sometimes we suit from directly in us houses: the drawn curtai
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Since I accidentally saw his dick, one dream appeared at me: to have with him sex. He has a dick of such sizes of which I dreamed still when studied. Several words about me. My name is Marina, I am 32 years old. He of high growth, eye gray, dark hair
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She threw hands, having embraced him for a neck and pulled to a sofa. In her eyes crafty sparkles Ella obviously flashed I enjoyed a situation. For that time that they were familiar, they managed to study addictions and weaknesses of each other. And
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I sat in a sheet at an oak table and sipped beer. In the TV clips turned, in a sweating room there was a necessary heat, the pool invited warm water, but. Told the Sereg that won't come. I needed to discuss in relaxed atmosphere with him couple of is