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And having closed eyes, and on one breath I blurted out: - Max I masturbated, Max I love you, Max I didn't change.... I swear, – it was the last chance. It stood. Having opened eyes, I saw that it with surprise looks at me. - Olya repeat what you did
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Having received the notice of layoff, Marina in despair rushed to the chief's office. This misunderstanding! She honestly works five years for the benefit of firm! And the old chief encouraged her more than once. Why new, without having worked also w
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For quite some time now I began to be interested in trances strenuously. No, I am not a gay, and men aren't pleasant to me, but these mysterious creations with a breast and the dick just demented me. I revised many photos, video, read stories, and no
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This summer night in New Orleans was silent and cool. Louis silently lay on a wide double bed on which it usually slept with Lestat. But now it wasn't near. For certain again manages the shady business. Louis glanced for hours: they showed about thre
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It is the second part of the conceived work, it began to be written long ago and in the rare evenings it is adjusted and complemented. The complexity of transferring of material to an electronic look consists that these stories are invented a few yea
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2023. The tablets changing structure of male pectoral muscles to structure of women's are developed. The world became more tolerant to transvestites, not to mention transsexuals. These tablets allowed to feel, for example, for a week to any man as th
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I promised continuations... and here. Contents came out somehow, however, not absolutely corresponding to the name, but not to be confused, let will be so. The story isn't entirely devoted to Oksana, but if not she, I would never become the participa
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Dasha very badly slept this night, her was precisely from disgustingly from the event. In a mouth there was a sour smack of the dick of the concierge and egg taste of his cum, a sweat smell from his eggs. She cried a little before going to bed, but d
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After the history "New Meeting" of a meeting with Zaur we became constant. They occurred sometimes once a week, sometimes more rare. It became "friend of the family", to be exact, his friend became the friend of the pussy of my wife. Meetings took pl
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We left you 3 years ago and, probably, for us it to the best. My name is Maxim, and her N. Prosto N. No it has no value. Ours with you intimate life was beyond legal long ago. We wanted perversions and as much as possible. When you made advances to m
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In the evening Lena ordered all of us to gather. - Today we go to club. Natasha who was just exempted from chains, explained to me that it is elite club especially for SHEMALES. - Many trans-madams bring the slaves there and trade in them. For Lena i
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Wonderful student's years. All new, all cheerful, all want to be tried. And there was this disgrace here is how... After the lectures all group rushed on houses, and I trudged in a toilet on small need. The toilet as a toilet, nothing usual, was only
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I sit at work now, I have tea and I think that well to continue begun. I didn't tell about much yet. Basic ahead. So we will start. The first reminiscence which was remembered to a descent this that as I posted in network your photos without the pers
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This story is logical continuation previous which was called "A campaign to the doctor". It would be logical to call him "A campaign to the doctor-2" as many local authors do, but I don't love the name with figures therefore I called as called. I wil
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there was it in the last days off of November, 2010. at me long ago the notion of compulsion to oversleep with the Caucasian. I read on the Internet that they "hot" and long don't cum. on one of dating sites, accidentally I found it which arrived to
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Everything began with the fact that I arrived to a holiday to the bride. She only finished studies in other city, and I am already small across Mull I work. My bride Katya three years younger me. We got acquainted when I already graduated from that H
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I woke up late. The sun got up for a long time and outright a scorching heat. However Katya still peacefully slept. No wonder, after such night sex of a marathon that. She lay completely naked on one side. So to my look her still the stretched buttoc
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One of fleeting hobbies in my life. Anything serious. Mechanical short sex, but all the same I remember this story from time to time. Alina Botvich. Charismatic and sexy blonde. I remember her silky fair hair slightly below than shoulders, her with c
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Next day Dasha's parents returned, and there was just a change of the uncle Yura. And Dasha's father was very rude, out of the blue offended Yura and called the old hairy impotent man. All this was in the presence of the wife and the daughter. "Eh, t
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Elena sat in cafe and waited for the girlfriend when to her SMS that she won't be able to arrive came. "Well, I got used. I will go home" - the girl thought. Elena by whom it was only executed 23 was very beautiful - long dark hair, a chocolate shade
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About what you will read everything and you learn, will become my outright recognition before you, before itself, before my weakness, shame and the humiliating whim. Now I also hate THIS awakened part of, but also without it not to live in forces as
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PUNISHMENT. the 2nd part (Almost work) After I responded to the offer on change of conditions of "serving" of my punishment, I was the whole day as the not. I also wanted to try it, and I was always on the mind of a photo of the girl in a hat, in an
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Belozhopka's damnation. In one very much, well very far kingdom that is located on the turning green fields and the towering hills surrounded with the exotic wood once upon a time there was the people. And these people were such good-natured and inge
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On Saturday we woke up late, I got up and went to cook coffee on kitchen, Ira passed to the bathroom. When she left, coffee was already ready and we sat down to breakfast. - Well? I asked, a choice is made? - You about what? - About your new friend,
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After the events described in the story "Another Meeting" we met Zaur several times, meetings were in the MZhM format. Sometimes he spent with us only evening, sometimes spent the night at us and left in the afternoon. We didn't see none of his frien
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Mother got acquainted on vacation in Turkey with Artur. Artur had the civil engineering firm and he was not the last person in our city. Soon we moved from our old five-storey apartment block with the Soviet repair to a beautiful two-storeyed cottage
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She was persistent. Very much I wanted to try. I pulled. I enjoyed how she plunges into wild debauchery, lust more and more deeply, furiously jerks off by order of, begs to fuck her and to put under a collar. Whether I felt sorry for her … can be. To
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Harry Potter and his world was thought up by D. Roling. I am just played with characters. Hermione Granger, the girl Rona Weasley and the best friend of Harry Potter, and Ginny Weasley, the girl Harry, were closed in the bathroom of the house of Weas
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Love miniatures. Part fourth. Our life. - Yes my love! Still! More deeply! About what happiness! – Irina happily groaned. She was on all fours, on the edge of our bed. Knees are bent, the head is hung on the put hands. Having gracefully curved a back
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It happened at one of those mad parties at which you almost know nobody, and nobody knows you. I was young, quite drunk and looked for someone to remove for this evening. It should be noted that in 19 years I wasn't very hardy in respect of binge as
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I don't like to tell this story as all that against what I tried to go throughout all the life is in it. Her heroes — the man and the woman — were for each other nobody, up to that moment as he met her in the dark lane, and she became for him that, t
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Anton studied at design faculty, as 4 m a course when to him there was this strange story. Everything began in the fall, and, as usual, because of money. Anton rented the room and itself paid study, so lived end-to-end with salary. And whether pay th
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I want to tell, what happened to me a week ago. Also occurs to this day. I have a feminine face, a slender figure, roundish buttocks. Once, when to me was 18, I went to club, it was necessary to give money to the security guard that passed. I put on
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- What you do... - languidly Natasha said, lying on a sofa on a stomach. And the friend of her son Alexey, pulled down from her big bum, the house fitting shorts. Today there was her next day off. The son at work, but leaving he was late at her bed o
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I will begin history with the fact that one day I met the girl with whom madly I fell in love, and she reciprocated to me. We began to meet and soon we entered a serious relationship, the only thing that frightened me in this situation, so it is her
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Dreadful day proceeded. Also managed me to get acquainted with this sex instructor?! Now as a result, I am on all fours, chained, also blindfold. The live dummy, a doll for sex, so will perceive me group of graduates which was trained by this bastard
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Hi everyone! I want to tell about the hubby. I married early in 19 years, for the guy is 4 years more senior. His name is Danka)) When we were going to undersign, the girlfriend began to hint me that my future not absolutely the man. I didn't underst
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You are a beautiful woman. With colleagues you serious, independent and a little angry, as the real predator. With friends interesting, cheerful and very witty, but also friends can't be risen to you. They say, you are a strong woman. Though I know t
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Hello! After the stranger who brought an envelope had me, two more days I toiled and waited when Yurik returns. All this situation madly brought me, there was a strong wish for sex, but as ill luck would have it wasn't with someone. In day when Yura
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Today he was angry. Hard work, for 10 hours a day, it is frequent also on days off too, small salary. Also the chief-sadist who took out the last soul. He drove the evil on nightly traffic jams, deliberating - Yes or no. Long ago there was a wish, lo
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My name is Vitya. And it is my history. Everything began with the fact that at me as it is possible also at many people in this world, some problems with teeth began. First it was the weak tooth discomfort more similar on the flying and peeping, tire
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All hi. Here I decided to share with you history which happened to me not so long ago. My name is Yana. I am 25 years old. I am married, there are no children. I consider myself nice, and more than once was convinced of it trying to catch lewd eyes o
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Igraavtor: jenya & tranny_fanvot also came to an end examinations and summer vacation began. Two friends, Nikolay and Denis, with an anticipation waited for these days. They planned to get out to the dacha long ago and to have a rest, properly. It sh
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I was as all. The boy, was on friendly terms with girls, played a ball. It was allocated with nothing, usual eyes, usual hands, legs. Slightly худоват, but in general not remarkable guy. But I was and I have one secret. I lived with the sister and mo
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Here also day for which I long waited approached. More than a month I thought of Natasha. After the last meeting so many thoughts turned in the head that will be further I didn't know. All depended only on us and of course on the husband. The husband
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This story will be about the girl by the name of Valeria. I think, it is worth describing her that you had idea of her: the ordinary-looking girl, 24 years, a figure doesn't differ in stateliness and symmetry, the t.e has couple of extra kilos becaus
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I am interested in bi relationship long ago, it is possible to tell from the childhood because I how many myself remember, I always liked games like "will touch pussies" and so on with boys or with cousins. But time went, all matured, and I couldn't
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The next days off of cold October, 2011 approached. There was no strong wish to stay at home and I got on a favourite mamba again. In a couple of hours communication and elimination of virtuals, I agreed about a meeting with couple. Though they also
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I woke up early from cold sense in the morning. There was a wish in a toilet, but I didn't want to awake Natalya. To be warmed I climbed under a blanket. Natasha lay sideways, a back to me. Without nestling on her I lay half-asleep about an hour. Som
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It occurred just yesterday, on Saturday October 29th, 2011. The company where my wife works, arranged at one of restaurants карпаратив and my wife took me with herself. While my wife gathered, I very much liked to watch her. As she dresses narrow pan
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I lie Home Alone, to be engaged there is nothing. I used the Internet almost till the morning, and here some Ruslan writes, let's communicate, I without ulterior motives communicate, on the conversation course, I understand that he is a gay, but I fo
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Having recovered I felt a severe headache, in a mouth there was something big, "there has to be it a gag" – I thought, having tried to move realized that I am tied to a chair at what at all naked, attempts to be released didn't result in success. Try
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the EXPERT yacht Natasha I left because of my treason. She didn't row. Just I packed things and I left in the direction unknown to me. There passed some time; Holiday; I sat in cafe in the bay. Yachts he is lazy shook on small waves. "At last rest",
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Her name is Ania. 21 years, 1.65 growth, blue-eyed, with golden hair, a straight nose, gray seductive eyes and sensual lips. A figure at her sports, shoulders are pumped slightly over, but in combination with roundish buttocks it turned out even sedu
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It happened when we still just met my wife, being green students. Of course, there was always a wish for sex, and the place wasn't. For our frequent sex we preferred to take the car from the father and "to ride" to the country. We had constant places
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I look out of the window and I see how parents leave from the house. They won't be week! Week has to be enough to execute my imaginations. For a start we descend in a shower, we will shave all vegetation that is on a body. Then properly we will clean
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Part 1. Beginning komandirovkidobry day, unfamiliar readers. Even I don't know what to begin the story with. On the one hand, I don't want to chafe soul at all and to remember all that with me happened in this year, and with another, I need to be utt
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The next female holiday, came on March 8 and I understood that it is necessary to present to the darling something special, besides other gifts. I thought not for long, knowing her passion to different sexual games and entertainments. It still the 5t
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Soft carpet with long pile in the middle of the room. On him, being kneeling and keeping hands in the lock on a nape, there are you. In teeth you hold a wide leather belt. On your thin graceful neck a black collar, with inserts from crystals of Swaro
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This continuation of the story "corporate bitch" After there arrived cops according to the complaint of neighbors, we decided to part. I asked permission to be washed away for the boss and when I went to a shower at me the buttocks squelched all the