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I was present at a family quarrel of mother and daughter. This eternal problem of fathers and children, continuous misunderstanding of experience and youth. Yesterday I arrived to this city on affairs and phoned to the old girlfriend. We occasionally
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After University I stopped by in the apartment of the uncle. And now I tried to pull out books from the lower shelf, one book got stuck, but I couldn't understand why. She as if grew to a tree. I strongly pulled, it didn't move from the place. Having
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To the current of all other period of training in London Marina didn't come to Moscow any more. Only several time of ee parents visited. I had once an opportunity to depart with them, but I thought that it is not the best idea, so as feelings didn't
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All hi. I am called James Mike Lauren. Now, I am 37 years old. I live in the State of Iowa, in the city of West-de-Moyn. 11 years to that back, I got demobilized so services. I went to resignation, and I began to conduct a peace and silent image of l
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— Revenge is a dish which is served cold — with arrangement Posner says. The old farter grins from under points, exhaling the next ring of sweet smoke. Skillfully taught lesson to the gone too far youth tickles nerves to the decrepit libertine, induc
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It worked very quickly. I extended hands before myself and to the great delight found their full absence. Only sleeves of my Tolstoyan moved. The devil take, it turned out. I returned skoree to the apartment and checked the reflection. There only the
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1 day. I in what ass I walked smack at the desire, only then when to point of collecting where there were 78 young guys, the column approached realized. From 3 big, polurzhavykh, with the yellowish paint which peeled off in places, school buses. — to
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Kind time of day. I am called by Ksyusha to me 24 years. O to: I the high growth 1.78, a breast 3 sizes, a round bottom, black dense hair to a breast, and the charming person. I had no sex 3 months. And at last I got acquainted with the guy. He is ca
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Acting litsaalina — mother monstrika, the younger sister of Olga, the daughter Valentinyartem — sosedvalentina — the grandma monstrikaolga — the senior sister of Alina, the aunt ìoнстриêa===============================================================
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I left the stuffy apartment on the street. There was a hot July day. The yard Vo of the multystoried house children's cries, laughter, a scratch of a swing were heard. Mummies sat on benches observing as kids play in the platform and are picked a san
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Adelija left from office at 6:10 in the evening and as usually fast step I went to side of the subway. It was average growth the woman, a thin constitution. The blonde, a hairstyle kare (which she carries so student's years). A short jacket of darkly
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I woke up as it is said, in cold sweat the Light white t-shirt that I usually dress for the night, was so wet that it was felt how she sticks to my body bared under her. Impregnated then she practically lost the coloring and my nipples which are dens
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Acting litsazina — the native sister Petrapetr — the friend Artemas (mother-in-law) =====================================================================Ïeтр conducted himself just disgustingly. His behavior was remotely similar to pretentious. The a
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You and I. We return after the musical concert in one of the Moscow clubs to the taxi to our house. Already quite drunk. You after the drunk champagne bottle on two with the girlfriend, an I after several glasses of whisky on two so the best friend.
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To my disappointment, in the bedroom still was nobody. Since the moment of my leaving externally nothing changed. I included a relax music. I bypassed around their matrimonial bed. I took seat in a chair with a bed nearby and I began to wait, looking
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Acting litsaartem — sosedolga — the senior sister of Alina, the aunt ìoнстриêa=====================================================================В a door knocked. Artyom already knew that it it is disturbed from family monstrikov. Having opened a d
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Zastataya unawares the violator continued to stand and stare at me, in her eyes the fear was read, an of companies was slightly opened from surprise. "You got on the protected object." — with an unperturbable look and a bigger loudness I repeated. It
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Very long time ago in the town on the coast of the Black sea of veins old pidor Giuseppe, on prozvaniyu the Grey Dick. Takoe a sobriquet he was given for what once, on the drunk, was pinched to himself by the dick, he at him swelled up and became gra
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The tram tinkled on turn, and Svetlana Igorevna sharply shook the head, trying to push out herself from a delightful semi-sleepiness. Again — twenty five. The first time it happened at night. At warm summer night. To Svetlana it wasn't fallen down, a
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So time of the first meeting of Yulya and Seryozha there passed month. Their meetings became constant and regular. The spinning top needed about two weeks finally to privknut to his sizes, and we didn't need to grease it with the healing ointment any
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**** Alan lay in a hammock is lazy leafing through the novel "Aura" by Carlos Fuentosa. Pauline lay from other side and dozed, privalivshis to it a back. It was the first really warm spring day, and they decided to spend it on open air with the maxim
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All coincidence is accidental and to real events has no relation. "The exclusiveness of any university is defined by number of the excluded students. "(Student's saying). I sat in audience at a school desk and silently wiped tears. I came here alread
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That evening, I stood by the sea and observed how young couple froliced, running on the coast, running superficially in the sea, splashing the friend ruga sea water, kissed and having again sprinkled the friend of the friend ran on sand. The light se
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Approximately for about a week ago I placed on the Internet the anonymous announcement on the website of acquaintances for sex Just with boredom. "The tender girl looks for the friend with imagination and without the bans for joint adventures" — in s
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The Moscow platform behind windows smoothly started from the place and our "Sapsan" directed during a nice hail of Pyotr. "Feelings as on the plane. As as if just about we will fly up," — I told the fellow traveler. I for some reason wanted to chat w
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Acting litsaalina — mother monstrika, the younger sister of Olga, the daughter Valentinyartem — sosedkristina — monstrik, the daughter Alinypetr — the friend Artemas (mother-in-law) ====================================================================
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No on it didn't turn out tomorrow. Nina was urgently called in head office. Having called Ivan, she ordered tickets for the plane and returned home. Having quickly collected all necessary on couple of days, the woman called the taxi and went to the a
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Further also quite interesting story is a lot of text. I am an ordinary student, and besides study I got a job. There isn't enough grant, as well as much. Commonplace. I worked in local branch, and in the building besides our organization there were
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Somehow at first Alyona's life didn't develop. Having entered the university she studied up to the 3rd course on a hospital was transferred to correspondence department, and then flew at all, gave birth to the child, and it was necessary to do someth
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Na the next day the father understood that that that happened. And I had to him to tell everything. He calmed me words as could, here of the neighbor I since that time didn't see a. I several time asked the father of o him, a he always said o the fac
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She had a slender figure and a proud bearing, a flexible body and remarkable plasticity, surprising cheerfulness and force of character. Judge! Let even on pension (ballerinas go on deserved rest to 38), but the former dancer it didn't become, with g
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This story began about a year ago, in one of the ordinary cities, in the one-room apartment where I lived so the girl Yulya. We were always called ideal couple, and it and the truth was so. Yulya was 20 years old, me 24. We got acquainted in HIGHER E
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Was hot. The sun shone on green, but not strongly well-groomed garden. Slightly at some distance from a porch, behind the old expanded bird cherry bushes, the shed which is hammered together from the rough boards which darkened from time was found. N
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To be the only man at school is both happiness, and suffering, and surprising happiness, and inexpressible flour. To be in female collective the only man in blossoming of forces, in that number sexual — a heavy burden which weight not everyone will s
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Acting litsaalina — mother monstrika, the younger sister of Olga, the daughter Valentinykristina — monstrik, the daughter Alinyolga — the senior sister of Alina, the aunt ìoнстриêa=====================================================================Д
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Acting litsaalina — mother monstrika, the younger sister of Olga, the daughter Valentinyvalentina — the grandma monstrikakristina — monstrik, the daughter Alinyolga — the senior sister of Alina, the aunt ìoнстриêa=====================================
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Morning already persistently crept to the room through the drawn curtains, but I stubborn didn't open an eye. Sweet luxury filled in me on the top. Dreamed me that-to madly erotic, but as to spite, the dream was dissolved in the brightening room, lea
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Early in the morning on Saturday, next day, after we with Nastya sucked away at Egor me the call to a door woke. I didn't want to wake up (today we didn't study), but further I heard a sound of the opened door and Nastya's voice. Here I opened eyes a
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There passed several months since that moment as I in the last time saw Yulya. The father where spent the whole summer in melancholy and when she returned had a girl in guests, to us the friend's friend wasn't necessary to persuade long to be engaged
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Lisa woke up at 8 in the morning from a terrible hangover. Two days of wild alcoholic libations didn't pass for nothing. All ee the body burned from recent flogging, to lie on a back and to sit on a bottom was simply unreal. She even limped when walk
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Nausea and terrible head pain were the first feelings of Sayeeda when she came to herself. It was difficult for eyes to get used to light because of what they strongly watered, and the picture turned out greased. The lean young girl of years 18 havin
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Acting litsaartem — sosedvalentina — the grandma ìoнстриêa=====================================================================Áaбêa Valya in the mornings went to work, but all it occurred strange. Beginning from October to March when darkens still e
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Acting litsaalina — mother monstrika, the younger sister of Olga, the daughter Valentinyvalentina — the grandma monstrikakristina — monstrik, the daughter Alinyolga — the senior sister of Alina, the aunt ìoнстриêa=====================================
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**** It was on Saturday in the evening in the last day of spring vacation. Alan spent the whole day preparing for occupations at school he finished all affairs by 4 o'clock of evening and unexpectedly understood that he has nothing to be engaged toda
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September 7. After the last events days off seemed me a holiday and passed as it is impossible more better. We with mother and the father, at last, got out for the city far away from vanity where we remarkably spent time, having arranged a barbecue,
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With my friend Vitka, we met the next day after the wedding of his sister Vera. It is necessary to tell that Vera was my first girl with whom I lost innocence, there was it only two times, then she sent away me and our relationship stopped. She was t
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Andrey worked hard years for the local kingpin. He did everything that was necessary for the kingpin! To steal, tell lies, track someone, sex, everything that is necessary. It knew that so far the kingpin will be happy, to him it will be good. It inc
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All hi! I am called Denis. and I want to tell o how we with the wife came to a subject of a swing and sexwife as we have a good time in similar formats and o of our sexual life in whole. All stories are autobiographical. Small art embellishments will
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Call me Danila, I am 19 years old and in a relationship with girls I had no special experience, so as always I hesitated to start the first acquaintances. Once in the summer, how I departed from the next unsuccessful relationship, I got acquainted wi
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Once I shared the sexual imagination with the girlfriend, told that I never tried with the black guy, and very much would like to feel at myself in a mouth a big black dick. A still already for fun added that it would even be removed in a porno. It s
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Acting litsaveronika — the wife Leonidaleonid — the husband Veronikiyakov — the second son Âeðoники=====================================================================Ëeoнид drank bitter and didn't work. How he was expelled from work for a booze and
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July. Middle of summer. To Na Street there was not taken out heat in the afternoon, but at night temperature it fell and became just fine. Therefore I went to work as the security guard in night shift. It was the old trade center, in a condition of r
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Alina as the hospitable accepting party and to a heap the birthday girl curled around us, like a bee, without ceasing to buzz and without allowing us even for a second to miss. Surprisingly, but at my distant-predalney relative (o such relationship s
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Acting litsaalina — mother monstrika, the younger sister of Olga, the daughter Valentinyvalentina — the grandma monstrikakristina — monstrik, the daughter Alinyolga — the senior sister of Alina, the aunt monstrikayana — the neighbor from the first эò
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I ask forgiveness from dear readers that forced you to wait so long for an exit of the next series of these adventures. I hope that I won't disappoint you with the new story. I want to remind that adventures become more rigid, and the story isn't sim
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The sun is bright shone me in a face. I began to slightly open eyes, having remembered that today Saturday I decided to roll about still. The sun so strongly heated my body that I dumped a blanket. In the head any indecent thoughts climbed, to me I a
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Long ago I was going to write stories about Luda's adventures – my good friend, the mistress and my whore. Luda is married to my friend too and we got acquainted on the Internet. After long correspondence we came to the conclusion that Luda wants to
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Care of little Lesya as I called the girl, took a lot of time. I lifted ee one. The child's birth without father was condemned by all and only my most devoted friend, without having told words joyfully met me from maternity hospital, bought and prepa
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Acting litsaveronika — the wife Leonidaleonid — the husband Veronikilyuba — the second neighbor of Veronika, the inhabitant izbyyakov — the second son Âeðoники=====================================================================Âeðoниêa lived so the
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Tony, picked up Petra on hands and quickly incurred in the ambulance van. The car was on duty at a black entrance of restaurant on a case of the plan of "B" of Natali. Petra strong embraced a brawny body which quickly carried away her from own weddin