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Prevention! For clear understanding of the events in this story it is necessary to get acquainted originally with his first part under the name "Bebimeyker. The beginning" .peremenyzhizn Andrey Gromova was adjusted. A month later how Natalya Sergeyev
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I arrived to office exactly at 9:00. I asked the security guard how to find the director and I began to guess soon that made a big mistake. The office was smart, with expensive elite repair and a set, efficiently scurrying about employees who looked
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The first time for border, cool. It is a pity that with mother, to one it would be much more best. Though, I thought, I with mother won't go to the beach and to attend excursions. I will get acquainted with someone-nibud, and I will appear in number
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In fitness - the center where Sonya worked, time of paid hours came. Today she had to replace urgently the sick girl from a reception and she after a series of kardio-zanyatiya with clients went to a meeting of new visitors. The director himself addr
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Hello, dear readers. I would like to tell about the girl who once and for all changed my attitude to sex. Her name is Lena, to it is 23 years. Brunette, the 3rd breast size, nice buttocks. With her we had a standard sex, classics and blowjob. She did
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In audience the last call rang out, and students began to bustle on the affairs. Soon in audience there was only Ania. The girl decided to be late and repeat material in audience. All equally her nobody waited for the house, to boozes and parties she
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Flight took about 10 hours. The intoxicated head of Petra, helped to overcome fear of the closed, dark space. After half an hour of a travel of a thought were busy only with vibration inside. Continuous stimulation, made horney the connected girl. Th
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(Moscow, Silver Bor, nudist beach, our time.) — — -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Быëo very hot and dullishly. The men who are scurrying about around her already began to strain, nesmotrya on the fact that
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It was Wednesday. The whole day walked on the city. I visited sights, I have dinner at restaurant and I visited an exhibition. No all it passed through my mind because there were I not one. so me OHA, the Embodiment of beauty and virtue was near. The
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When Alyona remained in loneliness till the midnight still remained decently to time, a bottom there was no wish to sleep and on surprise not too strongly was ill, probably Alyona overestimated the dildo sizes so to fear, having thought she decided t
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Kind night, expensive! Though kind or bad, it will become clear only by the morning. No only, unforgettable and fatal in any case because today for young Jane there comes night of her celebration, Night of Nights. It is her, Jane, chose on the Highes
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Small firm, on service of the specific electronic equipment. Middle of day. Almost there is nobody at office. The director left for what-to negotiations, all masters parted on objects. Almost a deficiency in office. The deputy director that to techni
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18 aprelyaza cool, April day stood a window. Apple-trees and cherries in all blossomed and smelled sweet. Day was similar to many last and didn't foretell anything interesting. Eleanor, together so the best girlfriend Karina, lay on a sofa and commun
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— Denis, in my opinion we with you sat up to houses — Sveta told somehow. I offer at choice: Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia. We collect things and tomorrow we take off. — Light, you joke? Where will I treat with such person? Frontier guards will wrap me on o
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Human thoughts and desires are capable to attract that in our life, o than we think. The strong human will is capable to change literally reality, forcing her to present desirable situations and opportunities obediently. I was always interested in th
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I want to tell the story a strap-on of a relationship. Everything began during my puberty when I studied at school. Years so in 13 - 14 I began to be engaged actively in onanism examining pornographic pictures and magazines. Especially I liked scenes
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To a prolog of each history there is a beginning. Before than Andrey Gromova's life changed forever, he was quite ordinary guy. Pochtivmeste with mother and the younger sister Andrey lived in the small two-room apartment on the outskirts of the city.
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The buttocks pleasantly ached after morning exercises. Every day it was easier and easier for me to accept in itself the rubber men. If in the most first time I wasn't abandoned by feeling of discomfort and slight pain, then now it wasn't also in men
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Everything began with the fact that I faced on a ladder the new neighbor. Young, nice, with sensual lips He supported me under lokotok when I stumbled on a ladder. "Carefully, that you will be killed with a!" — smiling to me, the neighbor said. "I am
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"The past can be seen mentally, but it is impossible to touch it" (Wong-Kar-Vay) .izvestiye o of death of Surikov so knocked down Zuev that he week provalyalsya in garrison military hospital. Na the seventh day of the patient that-to uttered indistin
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There passed an hour more and I waited for the notice of o a new task for today's involuntary actress. The text contained figure 15. I picked in the menu of the application. "Fucking a big dildo in her ass. "What in translation means to thrust a big
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Days of my new life stretched. More precisely — lives with the new person. Sveta to me from the house suggested to work, a then and at all transferred contracts to Igor — my deputy. In the morning she went to office, an I painfully thought, than to o
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This city a little in what differed from others. The population is slightly more than half a million, less in we wash a business dangerously. Life level on provincial is low. Night life on days off is present. All conditions for good hunting. I remov
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Kira quickly wrote down in memory of smartphone number of phone Lery and went out of the car, having whisked in an entrance and ran to herself home. Already opening a door, she understood that there is no house anybody. I broke off I clicked two time
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OT ABTOPA. The story was written on hot traces, in January, 2012. Business was in Moscow, at the beginning of December of last year. The appointment was made for 10 hours of morning. I nearly am late, having hardly jumped into the electric train (yes
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My name is Alla to me 20 years. I have very rich father. I am a coquette. I have fair hair with dark roots both pink locks and surprisingly cool body. Elastic round breast of the fourth size, wide hips and long sexual legs. I go every Saturday to clu
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Today, as time, that day, day of an ovulation, it wasn't difficult to calculate it, two weeks after monthly flew as one day. He drank a glass of cold water and sat down to it on a bed edge. From under a blanket fingers of her left leg and a piece of
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Call to a door, it opened, departed from a door on a step or two and in expectation stood. He entered, mysteriously smiled and estimated ee a look. At first he noticed ee the magnificent curls falling on ee shoulders, further his look fell on ee the
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Life with the new husband, was quiet and measured. I continued to work as the teacher. I checked houses of a notebook, I cooked borsches, I cleaned up and I washed to the husband socks. With sex, everything was more difficult — a missionary pose, in
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Time went by the night. Flara watched from Mount Drim how the city prepared ko to a dream. Somewhere in the distance noise of radio interferences, a then a silent voice of the leader on radio was heard: — Na hours — midnight. Time of our night air ca
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Human thoughts and desires are capable to attract that in our life, o than we think. The strong human will is capable to change literally reality, forcing her to present desirable situations and opportunities obediently. I was always interested in th
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The girl tied to a chair was pleasant to me. However, if I am not pleasant that her and I didn't abduct. Her hands were held down by handcuffs behind, an of a leg were hardly attracted by ropes for ankles to chair legs. A black tight skirt, long it i
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Legs fell by the cold floor which is unpleasantly burning soles with ice touches, and all body began to tremble under rigid embraces of the draft which was walking about on the room, a can be from frosty feeling of fear of that determination with whi
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From work I left absolutely in the sorted feelings, intending to talk seriously in the evening today so Sveta. However, her that-to probably was required at office — on the platform before the building ee BMW was seen. I knocked in a tinted window, n
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Days off with young couple (BI, young) B 35 I am lonely and, except work, I have a good time it is known what, finding girls and sometimes couple via the websites of acquaintances and sots. networks. Got acquainted with Ira and Artyom on the Mamba ab
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Each person has desires and attachments, some have an extraordinary hobby of type of collecting labels on match boxes, adore playing others cards someone on interest, a someone and not only on interest, an on money, wishing to support the personal bu
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Continuation. Next day after my sexual adventures, there arrived parents. They brought the worst news what could come to mind. Mother and the father took a vacation and decided to hold it at the dacha. Naturally about sex with my new lover there coul
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Missed me? Pined with innuendo? We will put, Natasha just took me, trustful, impudence — but further-to? I know, some imagine that such conveyor was farther at once. In vain. Of course, time for one evening nine impatient clitoris were necessary me s
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It wasn't necessary to wait for a call from Valera long. In two days, in the evening, sitting at home, I checked notebooks with house tasks of my pupils. The husband had to return from work soon and it was necessary to me, to feed him with a dinner.
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Spring at students — a hot time, many line tails someone-to hopes for "automatic machine" someone-to thinks out as poudachney to prepare cribs on examinations, or try was late to make an impression on the teacher. Liouba was a student of the third co
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Having come home, you couldn't find to yourself the place with experiences, from for the last of events. Your new role didn't keep within at you in the head, it was unusual and terrible to you to think that Oksana will torment you now as wants, a to
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The note (from the author): This story differs from other of this series in the fact that the narration is led from the face of the main heroine. Absolutely recently I found in myself tendency to fetishism, a, to clothes from black skin — as manyashc
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The door for me was opened by the Roman. He talked so me o a little how I went to Pavlovsk and Gatchina today. I told that it is very surprised to the fact that I was in time to both of these wonderful places in one day. However on a sparkle in his b
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At once I will tell that any I won't call names: neither real, nor fictional since I consider that without them it is simpler to reader to plunge into the atmosphere of the described events and to try to present itself or still someone-libo on the pl
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The legendary intelligence agent Stierlitz was right, he is Maxim Isaev that what improbable force the case in hard life of the intelligence agent under cover has. How many times such cases helped him. So here and the case which happened so me change
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without any parody to the immortal work by John G. of a lip Cheyni1.Ee stretched ko to me, burning a face with clearly distinguishable alcoholic dope which is so closely mixed with invisible spirit of lewd excitement of the bitch and defiant aroma of
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Someone doesn't know how it is necessary to meet and see off the test commissions or the lonely inspecting persons, let will arrive to us on the fleet. In open printing of the answer don't look for. There about it nobody will venture to write and if
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On Saturday, we with the husband were going to visit his mother and I represented what will be boredom — manuals, morals, stories by the mother-in-law of o how I have to love and cares o the precious spouse. In the head memoirs of o to the last meeti
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There passed seven months, after my campaign in a sauna with Valera and his friends. Having seen as I became hollow home disheveled, fucked and obkonchannaya, Vova is my husband, in the morning roughly I exposed me for a door and lowered from a ladde
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Na the next day, gathering for work, I tried to get into old jeans, but felt that I can't make it — fabric hardly fitted buttocks, having deeply crashed between two halves. Koe-kak I clasped a button on a waist, but when turned to a mirror, I was stu
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So days of our family life stretched. Na to work we didn't advertize our relationship in any way though rumors of o the fact that we got married, on office passed. Light carefully I watched me, having begun with updating of clothes and finishing with
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Having undertaken hands, we with mummy came into the river and poglubzhe — as it is wonderful to be refreshed during an after-dinner heat in reke! A my cunning mummy in bushes took off the white lower linen, having hung up it on branches of a tree an
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Conversation fragment in time of the last personal meeting. — What else Zoya - Zina? Isn't present, be kind to write my real name. I am Zemfira! And then still: — Lawyers — they different are. The lawyer and the prosecutor, the judge and the notary a
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For the beginning to continue gets acquainted with the history of my story it is necessary poluchshe to get acquainted with the main heroes and their relationship. The main heroine of the story call Alain, this is the attractive brunette of 20 years
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I am called Vick, I am 27 years old, I am married already 4goda. I average growth, the slender blonde with a little bit plump buttocks and a thin waist. I often catch on myself lewd views of men and it is pleasant to me. I work as the teacher of youn
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There was the third day of our summer campaign. Having torn eyes and having had a snack on the remains of a yesterday's dinner, we packed backpacks and acted from the place of the parking. Our route, behind an exception of the beginning and the finis
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What usually do begin stories with? Likely, it is necessary to tell about himself: I am a businessman, I am not poor, isn't married, it is difficult to me to judge the appearance, but women don't mind though at once I can't tell on what more they rea
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Hay, hi people. To, what I will tell o to you happened 2 years ago when I was in the 11th class. To me then as time 18 years were executed. I was opezdolom in the plan of study: often I shirked, I didn't do d\z. In that time I was quite silent guy an
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After the described events, I long thought o which occurred and mentally rushed about with the burning jealousy to all-consuming lust. In a final result I after all came to a conclusion (or I convinced myself) that nothing terrible happened. In the e
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This city a little in what differed from others. The population is slightly more than half a million, less in we wash a business dangerously. Life level on provincial is low. Night life on days off is present. All conditions for good hunting. I remov