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In the morning the call mobile woke, he called enough long ago, but where that there, in the distance, is hardly heard. Having opened eyes and having a little lain down, memoirs began to come. Having turned the head, I saw the darling, she with pleas
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It was on a tourist trip. I was only 23 years old when I in the structure of group went to a trip on local sights. If it became honest to me rather quickly boringly. No my interest was urged on by one of boys, he was called Vlad, he was 25 years old
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The gloomy sky washed the earth sluggish, as in autumn cold rain again. It began, was interrupted, and at all faded in uncertainty, sprinkling on several drops. The firmament became gray from contempt for these pathetic attempts almost monophonic at
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I roughly lowered Lena on knees and told: - Give, the babe, suck away as you are able +-it wasn't necessary to repeat twice. Lena failed on knees, got my dick standing a stake and with greed snatched on him. I looked at Ira, looked at Lena as she bar
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Chapter 5 A friendship all kreplaivan very much I wanted to return to family. No the wife was offended because of the fact that the husband left the house therefore rested long. Alexander even itself met her and asked that let the husband back. Rita
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"At first in a shower, a then and to the bedroom!" — Masha solved for all and we went to a shower we came all together, adjusted warm water and began to caress the friend of the friend and to kiss. Tia appeared between me and Masha. Masha turned her
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♂ 25 ♀ — Only don't think that we with Vasya every evening chpokalis with nicknames on an appearance. Two-three once a year I. A didn't ask Vasya. We to this time communicate with Vassa. She officially married in marriage what-to officer of the r
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To us studentochku debeluyunu an in other what here a difference. Would press ee to derevui would bash out ee in a bum! It was still remembered rasskazik from lips of my girlfriend Tamara. Here it — is also pleasant in gruppovushke When you enjoy its
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Autumn cloudy evening smoldered transparent light of street lamps behind a window. Large drops of a rain tripped on a pavement, merging in a uniform stream, and directed through sewer hatches away from the eyes lost in this haze of passersby. Ne less
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The aroma of smart red wine excited my mind. I brought the gold engraved cup ko to a mouth and made a big drink — wine pleasantly burned a throat and a warm stream directed further, leaving tart taste in a mouth. The comfortable chair upholstered wit
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Someone remembers the acquaintance to neighbors? I here don't remember. Maybe I to them behind salt came? Or I needed the screw-driver? So or differently, I already on an extent of three years sleep so the 50th summer neighbor and I am nearly the bes
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Vulgar girls it is healthy. I here was lucky to run into one such maiden when I was 20 years old. I was in Moscow on affairs and modestly I confess then sex I had only 1 time. We had a series of actions and trainings for young businessmen there. And
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Morning was heavy for most of vacationers. In the evening all drank too much and therefore went on the camp, stony and screwing up the face from heads pains and unpleasant feelings in stomachs. Victor Petrovich was the only thing someone felt well. H
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The PREFACE, is NOT ENOUGH WHAT OBJYASNYAYUSHCHEECHTO induced me to agree to a personal meeting with this person? (We will call him David it is a name to me it is pleasant without any binding to the specific personality so here let my unexpected new
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Mark noticed this girl at once, once her in hotel. She arrived one. Black Mercedes with a logo of the well-known tourist company smoothly rustled on gravel of a path and stopped directly before a reception door. The driver immediately jumped out and
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Having told Igor that I had affairs, I kissed him and having caught the motor, went to the place of a wedding. Andrey with badly hidden rage looked at me and told that thanks to me Katya was stuck in what-that scrape. From his words I understood that
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♂ 21 ♀ there was a comical situation Once — the employee of one design institute, captivated me the gentleman's manner. I invited me in restaurant, there sat till late night. I called Vase that I won't come home. Went to "appearance". There it is
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The countess as always arranges zvanny evening, and invites many guests so all country. Among them there were viscounts, barons and other misters and ladies from the highest estate. No knowing her carnal appetites, it was possible not to doubt that i
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As usually, Tanya went to the gynecologist. She opened an office of the doctor. However, in this time, instead of the habitual woman, she was waited by the man. By a look he was about more than thirty years old, he represented himself the tall, large
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I was a partner of the head of the whole network of restaurants. And the meeting with investors belonged to my duties. We always with the colleague went together. I want to tell you about the most remembered to me a dinner. The feature was that for d
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3ina brought the silver covered dish in which that-to grumbled. 3apakh from a dish I went such that the mouth of a dog was immediately filled with liquid saliva — Here them! — rapaciously Philip Filippovich ordered. — Doctor Bormental, I beg you, lea
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— So, on the agenda of day a new question! — solemnly Igor when they seated at the table of summer cafe declared, tired after the long training. — Drag. — Sergey took a sip nonalcoholic beer and leaned back on a chair back. He was postarshe Lyokha an
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There were warm May days. The end of spring is time of hopes and expectations. Always there is a wish to believe that the forthcoming summer will bring you many new feelings, new acquaintances and of course life experience. Here and I waited for the
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Halls. Wing of second-year students. Tuesday. Morning. The beams of the sun which are making the way through a curtain began to light accurately the room where there live two students - classmates. Disgustingly the alarm clock began to squeak, pullin
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After small experience the gay - sex and huge experience with women I wanted to what-to the newcomer again. There was a wish to try himself in a role a dominant. Na BADANGE found the woman about 50 years, nesomtrya on advanced age on a photo she look
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Irina didn't remember how she reached the apartment. Gathering hurriedly on the place of the crash, she wasn't clasped as follows and on the road home ee caught a draft through. The become covered with hoarfrost fingers Irina undid cold buttons which
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Fault that I slept with own brother so and didn't come ko to me, the shame wasn't too. We lived together earlier and loved the friend's friend, just now it developed into a relationship of two people which so was family. Sex with it became ordinary b
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This story occurred when I was 18 years old. I was a virgin and o sex with the girl couldn't dream. No, I was the beautiful and brought-up, my dick there were even 20 centimeters, but when I approached the girl or even just saw that it am pleasant to
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And taku me the big house. I work at home, the housemaid has to come and be tidied up. At me already long ago one and that therefore strongly I was surprised when on a threshold the girl, about 18 years appeared. Having told that on replacement today
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I grew in incomplete family in the small town. I lived with mother and the senior sister. My father died in Avhan when I was 10 years old. Mother received pension for the father and worked but there was equally not enough money everything, it was nec
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So it happened that we with my brother remained together. Parents abandoned us several years ago. We lived to a three in the center of the city. A relationship between me and the brother always was tense, he is silent, unsociable, an I am always soul
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The new acquaintance stood in me. I croaked, having lowered the head on a shoulder: — With a holiday.Poyerzal and again I shook. Already slowly, as as if deliberating where got and that occurs. The sharpness of excitement subsided after an orgasm, bu
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War. O, perhaps, our small town could tell to war very much a lot of things. And let he wasn't exposed to bombings and on his close small streets fights weren't conducted, our city saw war so all ee of the parties. Skoree everything, everything put i
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Having left a sweating room, I saw свох friends, they sat on a bench, smoked and drank beer! To me nobody looked in the face, I sat down near them lit and told.... "don't worry, everything is good, have cool a rest, the main thing that if you want th
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Age-old times. Russia. On a green meadow, between large as the sun, camomiles and buttercups, went two, joyfully laughing, looking the friend at the friend and holding hands. The very young girl, in a plain print dress, not full and not the thin, all
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— Well as so?! — having artistically thrown up hands over the head, the neighbor from the lower row — was indignant what pay you for?! There was a final quarter of a basketball match: owners — the local team, was inferior to guests from Tomsk seven p
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I lifted him on legs, untied hands. "Go be washed!" he left hardly rearranging legs it is visible not bad I him trakhnulya lifted a tube and typed number of the old girlfriend which I was from Europe with the sewn dick recently "Mash, hi! I have a bo
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Business it occurred on vpiske when I was only 18 years old. This day I remembered on all life. It I was rough vecherina and we properly drank. Then explained to me that tomorrow in the morning the people all goes on a group concert, I told that I do
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Dear readers. The story is rewritten. Some details remained those, a some will be completely changed. She quickly came into the elevator. "My God, let I there will be one in the elevator today. Very much no company wants". She is Jane Shover — the 25
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The gallant captain opened eyes, having woken up from the beams of the sun which are playfully running on his person and understood that he everything also is in this improbable fairy tale — they now only together with the amazing beauty Alina on thi
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— You doubted. — No, I never would tell nothing it. — The not less, you doubted. A now you aggravate the fault with a lie. — I don't lie, I assure you. I would never dare to lie to you. — You doubted wisdom and foresight of the best servants of our a
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I welcome the reader. There is a wish to begin the story with the small preface which could and not to be, but I think if we a little adjust communication since the beginning, it will be so more interesting. I thought already long ago to describe som
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♂ 20 ♀ 1 Shurka Artsybasheva arrived that year as we had an appearance. The stepfather died. Her mother died when Shura was ten years old. The stepfather treated her badly. When she became financially independent, went to the city of the dream
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I heard as the key turns in the lock and left in a corridor. He entered, and as always, his eyes were lit by heat at the sight of me, I approached to kiss him, nestling all over. The jacket lightning slightly scratched a nipple, and rough fabric of j
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To me – 35, but I look much more young. Permanent care of the body and my constitution give me the chance to look for 27 – 28 years. I – am married 12 years. For these years of matrimonial life we with the husband so got used to each other that we ev
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Hello, I am called Violetta, I am 35 years old, I am married, I work as the seller in large network shop. The husband works at the plant as the mechanic, after work only and knows the tanchiki on the computer. In seventeen years of marriage family li
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All characters are invented. Any coincidence of names and events is accidental. "Leave to serve the goddess of purity. Payments of the virgin I am pathetic and ordinary-looking. It doesn't suit you. Remove it." *** William Shakespeare. From each nega
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Moscow met Alex unfriendly. The only train in day going from Tallinn to the capital of Russia came to the Leningrad station in the region of the 11th morning. Nesmotrya this hour already before dinner, the sky was shrouded by a cloudy film as as if c
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In the best traditions of series o of Bebimeykere — Lyokh, here to you what women is more to taste? Fitonyashki from the hall? Or you donuts on temper? Alexey, standing under hot streams of a shower, I turned back through a shoulder on the interlocut
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— Anatoly Ivanovich, a why you such sad? Therefore what we on the island and to you became boring two weeks so me? Or fish this the most tasty already bothered you? Or there are what-to other reasons of your melancholy? — here already artful what Ali
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Was already late, our neighbor, the captain in resignation, sat so me, already fairly drunk nearby, and told me the history. I was surprised to his person and I was constantly gnawed by burning curiosity — what the beauty capable so was to dumbfound
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At a door of the hut of the forest warden shy knocked. In the answer the loud snore which is three times blocking this knock was distributed. Only the big black dog sleeping on a floor started and began to whimper, seeking to wake the owner. Later et
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House, work, life. All it surrounded us on arrival from a holiday again. Month of absence gave o to itself the nobility. And I, and Katya began to spin in this roundabout of everyday life, and dropped out of dissolute life. Only sometimes in the even
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Everything began with a harmless phrase of Oleg. - Sash come to me tonight! - Why Oleg?! - was surprised ya-Neuzheli you forgot? - his eyes were made buldge out slegka-U me by a birthday today and I invite you. - Oh Olezhik solntse forgive I forgot!!
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We woke up with Alina early in the morning, slightly freshened up in these hours and the easy zephyr gently fanned our bodies. Probably having slightly frozen, Alina impudently threw on me the delightful leg and, having closely nestled an elastic bre
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Dear readers I continue to write imaginations of my fan Tanya. All described events, words, names, dates, the subject courses, etc. are completely desire of my fan. My fan herself personally takes on herself responsibility for all truthfulness of dat
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To that the passion to risk won't lead his son to anything good, the Roman knew long ago, however it was difficult to influence the young person. Sasha always was such: vigorous, cheerful, restless. He loved speed, loved height and everything that so
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Five minutes to nine, standing on a porch of the house of Gennady, Katya considerably was nervous, having crumpled in an accordion edge of a t-shirt the sweated hands. She strongly worried, without understanding that ee waits further. To the house sh
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The last Sunday evening of August of month I found me in the Central Park of the native city of N - ska. I sat on a shop under a sprawling birch and enjoyed the last days of a holiday. The whole month of the house, campaigns on fishing, to the dacha
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And taku me the big house. I work at home, the housemaid has to come and be tidied up. At me already long ago one and that therefore strongly I was surprised when on a threshold the girl, about 18 years appeared. Having told that on replacement today