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Having arrived ko to me home, we were redeemed. I took off from Dasha her awful attire in a type of a blouse and skirt to knees, pulled down from myself a t-shirt and shorts and led the girl to the bathing room. We got into the bathroom, and I includ
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I am the beginning passive. The first time happened accidentally, on - drunks. But - I wildly was surprised - it was pleasant to me, there was a wish to continue, to try to be given along with two parties. After search on the Internet I exchanged let
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The first week of September flew by as one day — a hot meeting of schoolmates after vacation, unsteady dreams of o of our life after the termination of school, the understanding which is slightly cooling under a spoon that it is the last year of almo
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/прoшу the story in seriousness not to accept, stupidly a mockery, it is stupid to laugh / I am an honors pupil. I perfectly studied at school. After the 9th class I went to college not because of lack of brains, a, on the contrary — because of very
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The first week of September flew by as one day — a hot meeting of schoolmates after vacation, unsteady dreams of o of our life after the termination of school, the understanding which is slightly cooling under a spoon that it is the last year of almo
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To me 20 and expression the drunk girl pizde not the hostess is about me. No, you badly don't think I the decent girl, but so it happened that in some day I accepted in myself 3 dicks in a row. So it developed that I left the young person whom I met
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Since the moment of the first meeting passed enough a lot of time. We with Dasha got married, at last bought the long-awaited apartment, o posterity began to think. In a bed everything was remarkable. That first experience gave a huge sexual charge o
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I opened eyes and didn't understand where I am. Around it was dark, and it seems, there were still people: on an extreme measure I heard human breath. My hands were tied and so all parties a barrel. The sizes of the room were hard to be estimated, bu
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Working day of Friday went by the end. I am an ordinary ordinary employee "Industrial company" with a salary 3 thousand dollars, having left the office building, headed in the direction of the hypermarket which is located near my house. I went throug
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This story occurred a year ago, for that moment to me was 22 and I met the guy 4 years. I had then the best friend who was called Anton, for the action moment in stories we were familiar one and a half years. We weren't simply close to Anton, it was
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Chapter 1. Family krizisvykhodnye days with Ania who was the classmate who visited me relatively recently reminded me one amusing experience which we had with the wife somehow in the summer. There was it already how it became clear that also my broth
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Time approached by the midnight. Strong wind rose. Outside all so there was a pouring rain which was followed by rare peals of a thunder that added a bigger alarm from my stay here, in late hour and in the unfamiliar place. While we sat in a utility
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You can consider me the anxious young child, your right. Everything described below a fruit of my imagination, but, I won't begin to lie, I consider that in sex still young it is possible to try everything. Therefore quite I assume that sometime this
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And then I was frightened. That being satisfied with one guy, pulled me to four at once. I not just wanted them, thinking only an obvious part of a body, a wished at all levels, and not disposable. Can, it also is poliamoriya? It seems as also not me
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Hi! I am called Masha. I am a prostitute. Many girls from ours prefer that they were called fairies or geishas. I am honest with myself and with others. I am a whore and the whore. Such frankness often is pleasant to men. They like to show the superi
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The first history of acquaintance to Markus — in the story "Sex, Bike, Rock'n'roll" Markus was beautiful. Light hair to shoulders, sero — blue warm eyes, soft full lips. High, the excellent body always dressed in stylish biker belongings. Add to it i
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This small ryzhenkaya the eighteen-year-old girl agreed to a role of my slave. In the necessary day all was ready. She arrived ko to me at 21:00 and all night was at our order. I saw gloss of her eyes and expectation torture and orgasms. In the begin
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— 5-.slovno personally being present there, I didn't notice as my hand, having thrown the handle, squeezed the dick which got up in trousers. Still a moment, and I, having pulled together trousers, would be engaged in "masturbation", but here provere
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The call was distributed, the girl opened a door. — Akh, Alisonka, all of you naked go! — the neighbor confusedly stared at her naked breast. — don't you watch A, Victor Ilyich that you stare how as if for the first time saw? I in the apartment and t
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It happened one cold autumn evening. I came back was from work after unlucky labor day. Many days there was a rain, but in that time it was the real heavy rain: streets turned into the real rivers and lakes of rain water, cars scurried about on roads
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The event, o which I want to tell took place in the second half of October, 2016 recently. I had an opportunity to meet the person with whom I communicated by phone of years 5 but to time him didn't see. We got acquainted on the website of acquaintan
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A week later after winter rest on Sri Lanke, business approached by New Year. We lived several years in other city to which I moved changing the next place of work therefore occasionally the wife went in guests to parents. So and in this time — the w
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Having gone down, I saw Carla who told off someone-to. Carla had rough emotions, so as she gesticulated. A her opponent stood, having looked down a look in a floor, and in everything agreed. I passed by them. No Carla noticed me and managed to slap i
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Passed already more than half a year as I learned that my wife the regimental whore … More precisely I learned that almost all wives in our special garrison (actually our part) are fucked on the party. Just someone it is more of someone less. Cases t
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The last that I remember, is that sat in bar, drank beer and watched soccer, what-to guy sat down then, he is a fan of that club, we got to talking, continued to drink, then vaguely I remember all and in the end I was chopped off. I woke up already i
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1. Cows begin to give milk how a calf, before what to begin to suck, was rubbed by a nose and pobodal an udder and nipple.2. As visual, so and sensual feelings, an also directly stimulation definitely influence on molokootdachu and are very important
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Na the next day Riuyena woke up with hope that all happened to her yesterday — just a dream. Alas, it was no truth. It appeared in that room with stone walls in which I fell asleep. Except a bed no furniture existed. There was no place even to small
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Acquaintance with sosedkamiyekhali we not long, one time rose on the elevator and left in a corridor, usual, as in all halls. Eyes on a mask were undone but not removed. Along a corridor security guards with a bludgeon and shokerom went. I was taken
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There came new day. There was a warm summer morning that even baked skin. Beams covered all wood, all site where the intricate beam could get. The forest stood lonely, wind only walked creating a melody for creation of internal tranquility. I went to
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Before new year I wanted to make kind business. Na to work there was a terrible blockage, to that the boss was a rare bastard, in personal life wasn't glued long ago, by beer Fridays with friends I lost interest In the general long ago, it was necess
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MOVIE O FILMEZNAYETE what is it? Undertakes what-to cult tape though "Mimino" though "Amarcord", and show to the viewer / рaсскaзывaют kolovrashcheniye parties around her during the period of creation, an also to and later. Na what sofa of the actres
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Working week, urgent business trip, pulled out from the habitual schedule. To acquaint the distributor with our regional, to hold interviews, from department took away the supervisor from me, translated in regionals. I was late on days off, to have a
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There was it already rather recently — a year ago or about that. We with the wife planned a joint holiday and so it turned out that in a type of working loading it turned out to have a rest only in the winter — at the beginning of December. To happin
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Ours with Yulia a sexual relationship developed smoothly and gradually. I gradually accustomed her to new pleasures in sex (or I so thought), fixed reached by practice and only after that we passed to the following pleasures. We had a sex several tim
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Hi everyone, someone now me reads! At first I want to tell about the life. My name is Mikhail (Masha) to me 24 years, I have a graceful and slender figure, a cute face, and long beautiful legs! Few years ago I understood that intimate relations with
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I will tell one real history which in other didn't end and proceeds till this time yet. I am 31 years old, the wife is one year younger. We together studied at school and I got it the girl. When I was 20 years old, a to her respectively 19, I got in
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"It is possible to rely on a female floor, it is impossible to rely" (a national proverb) the Next day was revival. Eric very much loved this day when he wasn't weighed by school, house tasks which he managed to make on Saturday at school. Having wok
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Friday, the last day of summer, working day approaches the end what can be more best? With certain, missing detachment, I sat at a computer and did a look that I work, an on business stuck with a mouse into what-to strategy. "Blymknulo" the message "
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When I met him I understood that it is the boy whom I wished always. He was slender and with such charming smile! I was ready to be given him on the first appointment, don't think that I am a whore, just he was able to bring the girl. He as accidenta
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There came new day. There was a warm summer morning that even baked skin. Beams covered all wood, all site where the intricate beam could get. The forest stood lonely, wind only walked creating a melody for creation of internal tranquility. I went to
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Chapter 1. Office rutinaproshlo several days since that moment as I replaced the place of work and the Ne I know that on me found, but I agreed to moving to other city though before the thought of o moving frightened me. I sat at work slightly rumple
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All began with my long-awaited holiday. A few o to themselves call me Andrey to me 22 years, thin, an average constitution, the programmer, is married)) my wife Yulya to her 19 years, the student, the slender, beautiful blonde with blue eyes, excelle
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The last that I remember, is that sat in bar, drank beer and watched soccer, what-to guy sat down then, he is a fan of that club, we got to talking, continued to drink, then vaguely I remember all and in the end I was chopped off. I woke up already i
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Hi everyone, to me many letters from my readers came that very pleasant, the majority of letters with requests to tell some more stories, and here another story. This story happened to me when I passed a work practice in one of sanatoria on the bank
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The brittle maiden body began to tremble for fear. The wanderer felt that the girl is frightened by him not less, than an execution on the square. He carefully stroked a breast of the girl and stood. The small shiver gave fear, but with each new care
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One time, Andrey so the spouse Christina very much fell in love prirodno with tent life. Especially they liked the open-Eyre format of festivals, various orientation. Several days of a positive, new acquaintances, spending the night in a tent, the ch
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Cornelius Borisovich in 67 years was an ordinary pensioner which in Moscow there lives the huge set. He lived in the two-room apartment on the first floor in the standard nine-storey building, constructions of times of the USSR. No, Cornelius wasn't
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So, he is called Dima. Dima, Dimka, in any way differently. Why that address on a name — a middle name to him didn't get accustomed. To him already 26, he occupies, according to him, a position, already decent for the years — the chief of budget depa
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In the morning Nastya didn't find in Olya's apartment. Early in the morning that quietly slipped out the apartment and went to herself home. No it didn't confuse Nastya at all. She had video records and a lot of photos which she managed to make when
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Say that in the winter of feeling fade. Kakaya-to the dim depression captured me. At the husband, everything is even worse — problems at work at work, excessive enthusiasm for alcohol. We often quarreled, a relationship rolled down on zero. We had no
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There came vacation. Veronika's parents weren't going to leave anywhere therefore also I continued to play a role of the girl. Oksanku with Veronika this situation on mine very much arranged, brought them pleasure to drag me everywhere in women's clo
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In one of evenings we sat in a chat in вк. Also not o communicated than. An opportunity to meet wasn't and we just teased the friend's friend with platitudes. He wrote: — It is necessary to pour to tea. I answered for fun: — It is the order? In the a
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History which I am going to tell occurred on the business. Data of o the exact place and time of events are only intentionally removed from the narration. The name of the main heroine is also changed. Okh these 90e! Time when the principles, habits a
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So proceeded all night long. It was necessary do blowjob to lift up legs most to be stuck on a dick. At daybreak I was disconnected. Svetlana Aleksandrovna woke me and having praised sent to be washed away and make toilet. I looked of course shaky. A
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Smell. I when didn't feel the girl's smell so accurately. Smelled of freshness and a camomile with smack of pleasant bitterness. This smell invigorated, at the same time turning the head. A to me so was quiet the Most ridiculous I so often presented
adult personals River Bluff
The world turned around me, spilling thousands in color. To here, there were strange flowers, and beings who instantly changed in what another to me unknown and unclear. Noise in ears, and the watering eyes, here that accompanied me. — What you wish?
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Having taken a shower of Svetochka I came to kitchen and I understood that she is awfully hungry. These sexual joys took away from her the mass of forces which should be restored now. Alla wished her pleasant appetite and went to a shower. Having ret
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SATURDAY. KAMEPA. The motor.B one of the stories I already used reception of "scenario", an is a pity. It would be possible in the purposes kinematografichnosti to assume that one cam watches Emma, showing to the viewer big sad black eyes, fingers, a
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Vechertogda I worked in one of the countries at the coast of the Baltic sea. Inhabitants there Nordic, not all handsome, but if is, then as from a cover of the National Geographic magazine. The summer is short, in a bathing suit poshchegolyat it is p
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The next morning began with a nightmare. I was lifted by Lena when hours on which I looked still only showed seven! — Get up the sluggard! — and her cam which appeared enough firm crashed to me into a side. I became stupid I jumped up, having moved f