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The events described in the story take place in the parallel Universe and are art fiction, coincidence to reality is accidental. June 23, 2017. Having handed over the monthly report till a lunch, Vika toiled with boredom, without knowing, than to occ
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From the Author: As you znayetess 21 until the end of June, at me are a heap of time to find to yourself 4yu the woman of mature age, and I prefer the principle — "all means are good" therefore after the astounding massage, I decided not to leave fro
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As I should rest in bed didn't give. To tell honestly, I was even lucky that I didn't manage to fall asleep. Lying on a bench and mentally touching everything that happened so by me for this day, I heard the hostess's voice: — Kohl! Help me with a ba
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I got acquainted with her in sots. VKontakte networks. Often I sit in various conversations, conferences. And here added it to one of such conversations. Her was 18 and she was from my city therefore I became interested in her at once. I wrote to her
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Summer. I am 23 years old. I arrived to the city of Novovolynsk, the Volynsk region, Ukraine. I arrived to the grandfather. The father sent that vanished from the Kiev vanity, stayed with the grandfather, helped him than-to. To A than it to help? The
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— Then it is excellent. Start the street organ — she addressed the attendant (attendant) of the car of time — you will be in time in three minutes? — Of course, madam president. Where to move you? Instead of the president I answered. I called not onl
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We with the husband were going to have a rest of working everyday life long ago and to go to have a rest. As I am afraid of planes, went by train. Came into a compartment in advance, didn't see neighbors up to departure of the train. The high handsom
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ATTENTION! In these LINES, I FORBID the publication ALL of the works on other resources, except sexytal. com, WITHOUT mention of my nickname of IZRAELYa. My permission can be got, having written to me to a private message. Vera. That evening. I he th
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I am the 25th summer guy! With a good body and a normal bolt, the nature didn't stint! As also all guys going to a rocking chair I was bi guy! Well we boys love everything sometimes to take a nap huytsa! Well I as also all men also love sex in all hi
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What nice girl didn't dream photoshoot o? Ne a-@ what, an in the famous magazine. Vot and Nana couldn't refuse the offer of the magazine, popular in Japan — known as "the Japanese Playboy". The offer is tempting, attractive the singularity. No and pr
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It is my first story — I ask not to judge strictly. This story contains the introduction in my stories from life and consists of monologues. Many moments are embellished. Vstupleniyeros I without father, mother herself one brought up and grew up with
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The night conversation also calmed me the fact that the wife is honest and open before me, and irritated one thousand new questions without which it was impossible to understand how she perceives everything that happened to her in soul. No still long
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This story — in an ideal the first of the trilogy about strong women. Are present, of course, literary conventions — that are realism I adhere, but without conventions anywhere). Any coincidence is accidental. The place of action — you can invent. It
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Due to the input in operation of machines on our production of factory, there were mass reductions. I as the chief of the shop am forced to inform employees of o reduction. Svetlana gave rise recently, and now was on the sick-list, the son was ill. I
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Well, of course, it was our first time. Of course, till this day, we looked gruppovushku at a porn and told each other our imaginations, giggling on the crumpled and wet sheets. And not to consider a trip to the Crimean sanatorium for experience. The
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There was only a week prior to our official wedding, but we with Zhora especially aren't got jammed - it is to you not in Kuban and not in Kherson! I remember, I was a friend at one wedding of the fellow student in the Kuban village — week hooted. Th
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When I woke up Ania wasn't any more. Na a table the note lay that it will be through couple of hours. I put on and went to have breakfast, then settled on a balcony with the laptop. Trying to distract from perepity yesterday's day and night. Ania ret
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Silvana has a thoughtful look emerald eyes glued on the most beautiful crystal palace created by dark elves and sadly looked towards the night wood. Observers weren't put to her, the watching spell wasn't even imposed, but the word pledged by the lig
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The story is written on the order. For fans of hot sex and representatives of the country of the ascending sun *** It lost a bet. I requested mercy, zatykannaya, licked, tired, filled in with his seed from legs to the head. And now it is waited by pa
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— No, I don't want that my pussy was visible — choking with laughter, Laura said. — Then pull a dress down, an ass up — with a laughter I offered Sabine, being going to shoot the girlfriend who sat down over a scarf with phone. — I can't suffer any m
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Having finished work, I took a shower and netoropyas put on in our working locker room, ahead of two days off and there was no place to hurry. There was the twelfth hour of night of the thirtieth summer of my life. When approached the car, called to
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Terrible storm with frosting. Got to my tanker on the zhvaka-galsa. We fell short of native St. Petersburg. It was necessary to come on repair into Kaliningrad. To mechanics of work roofs are higher. Yes and I have enough paper red tape. Though it ca
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When I saw what occurred further, I doubted reality of the events again. Just I several time saw Tanya in life, she rather modestly put on, of course, with ee forms it wasn't very easy, but all she was rather modest. Sergey is my good acquaintance, I
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ATTENTION! In these LINES, I FORBID the publication ALL of the works on other resources, except sexytal. com, WITHOUT mention of my nickname of IZRAELYa. My permission can be got, having written to me to a private message. Vera. The fourth iyunyautro
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It happened in the warm July evening. Weather stood on the street amazing, and I as usually, I gathered for jog. The last time I ran in the company of my charming neighbor Nika. I liked her madly: the smooth, swarty skin, slender legs and dark narrow
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Hello dear readers. I already long ago on this website. Much what read and here decided to write the history. Prashu to excuse if that not so. It is my first history. She is sure truthful. Only I decorated that it was interesting to you. I wish all p
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While I was at him on hands, I wasn't abandoned by feeling that I have to what-to to make. Blowjob with which I got off was mine obviously not the best blowjob. It didn't terminate. Also I didn't allow to finish it to me. One god knows how I want to
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— Pass — professor's voice when for me the door clicked sounds. I threw off shoes and went to a voice, almost at once having seen in the next room at a wide table of Sergey Borisovicha. He that-to printed on the laptop. — Hello — Saw — I threw chilly
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Ivan already long time worked in the Western company and reached a position of the director of domestic branch. His duties were very wide, but they were limited to small financial dependence and the main thing personnel policy. Hiring of new people a
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All fucking day I try to call her. She so also didn't come. I left when smoked all pack of cigarettes on that balcony where I fucked ee. Balls contracted again. There is a bitch! Only now you would appear at distance of the extended hand and the fuck
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Hi everything. Today I decided to continue the story — history, earlier somehow there was a wish to write, but to see not enough, time postponed. I will remind that in the first part, I told o three memories which happened in my life a year ago, in w
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Nastya seriously messed up. Because of the extravagance and chronic inability to concentrate for a long time, she mixed invoices and translated a lot of money not to those suppliers. Money left, suppliers or weren't going to provide goods and service
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I want to share cruel story which happened not so long ago So left that I owed to the former schoolmate, Lesh Bobrovu, the large sum of money. About two hundred thousand rubles. The poor student had no place to take so much money, I very much hoped t
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Bezdelya for the sake of — a fantasy in studio!!! By the way — here it is a little porno, all is more water and syuzhetets. Long ago I didn't write similar, excuse if that. Most of people consider me, the girl ordinary, a little sad and skoree all —
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1. My parents were already not so young, and we with the wife for the summer, arrived to them to the village. Only the summer was very cool, the bath with the father we didn't build a yet. All season, from the most May was necessary, to go to the reg
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And again this from where-to the undertaken shame. I wanted sex with professor — and it happened. No he is absent nearby now, he left me on a kitchen table and left. Means, it for him a little significant event. A what I wanted when I almost begged i
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Hello all!! Interests your opinion on situatsiibyl at me the acquaintance in school years, not that friends — studied at first in one class, in seniors dispersed on different classes, he went to humanitarian, I in fizmat. Came to different higher edu
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I hanged out the washed clothes on the heated towel rail in the bathroom while Sergey Borisovich put down offsets. Also I returned to him. He hastily wrote in record books with small beautiful handwriting. Having approached him closely, I carried out
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The person whom I didn't want to see suddenly began to appear in those places that also I. Only I managed to see its the first. And every such time everything contracted inside. From time in time I represented the most various reaction from his party
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Wall clock showed 10 min. the ninth when Galina Pavlovnastucha heels was included into shop having passed by 2 loaders of Dmitry i2 elderly Sergeyevich disappeared in the office. - The manager, your mother, was late again Sergeyevich began to swear -
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They sat at a table at expensive restaurant, behind a window got dark. The summer sun, after hot day, already hid somewhere behind houses. Natasha with surprise looked at the brochures of expensive yachts which are spread out before her and absolutel
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I walked near the house. Well it is fine, I is drunk I walked near the house. At us there that that average between the park and the forest. Having received all purchases from intim of shop I decided to note, a then being drunk and to test everything
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This story happened about five years ago. We with Anyuta already as consisted the fourth year in marriage. There came the summer, it is time holidays. More pulls to itself an insuperable magnet. And here the young matrimonial couple, me to 33 Anyuta
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— Hi! I am called by DD, 43 years, live in Enske, I work as the programmer, is married, two children. A you as are called? — I began correspondence on the Mamba with the hostess of the questionnaire under the nickname "Bagira". — Bagira! — here I spe
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There was a time. By next spring all it seemed already forgotten, but no was remembered to me with what humility the wife was given to tyrants as itself I caught orgasms. Memory of it everything didn't give rest. Yes and in sex at us, since that time
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We were engaged in love. To exhaustion. You as always, I am insatiable. I exhausted. Where you only didn't visit me my favourite pervert! No what I hear?! Whore? I?! I would even agree — for you really I become her No this your grin! Rrr, emotions wi
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There was a wonderful winter evening We sat at a table in kitchen. We already were familiar to steam of months, and here you agreed to arrive ko to me. I prepared a tasty dinner, got good wine. I hoped for sex in the evening It and the truth and was
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In the first seconds both men and Zhenya three together silently examined the friend's friend after what broke through one of them: — A of anything whore! — I summarized the first. — So boys, let's be defined at once: you here not on my soul. — Zheny
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I wake up from the fact that Denis is enough my person in the palms and kisses, depriving of air. Ne I manage to come to myself as he already between my legs, warm fingers runs on skin of a stomach, a lips sticks into a perineum. I raise hips towards
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Which of us didn't dream to break public rest, to throw to standards of morals a call, to spit the settled rules? I think, everyone time from time visits similar desire, but not everyone finds in itself(himself) courage to execute conceived. Ne I wil
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Before to begin the story, I want to tell the admirers pleasant news: I added the book! The events which are taking place in the book are based on that period of my life when I acted in a porn. It turned out rather small, but, quite substantial. Now
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Through a dream I heard the alarm clock overstraining somewhere in the hall in my bag, but so laziness was to get out of strong men's embraces, heat and tenderness whom I in the life tested so a little. I only turned over and buried a nose in a breas
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Small description of my housing conditions. The private house on two families. In our half 2 rooms, kitchen and a verandah in which we usually smoke in the summer. We live together with mother. She divorced the father 4 years ago, and since that time
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He arrived. Today I will see him. My God, it wasn't more than two months I all this time o him, o his beautiful body, o his smell dreamed. I accepted a shower, put on beautiful linen and a new dress. I go and the familiar road seems absolutely anothe
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I sat at the laptop, collecting from cranes Doges and satoshi Bitcoins. There was a wish to collect Sterlingkoinov, on their official website most, but this crane distributed only once an hour. In general I began to be interested in cryptocurrency co
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Morning was awful. I woke up from noise in shower. In the beginning I thought that there Ania. No that sat on a sofa dressed in a dressing gown, having drawn in under herself legs and having clasped for shoulders quietly sobbed, slipping a nose. On d
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Dear readers I continue to write imaginations of my fan Tanya. All described events, words, names, dates, the subject courses, etc. are completely desire of my fan. My fan herself personally takes on herself responsibility for all truthfulness of dat
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By the evening I already strongly missed it. And here it goes ko to me. He sat down so me nearby, I felt his smell and it became so pleasant to me from it. Really the smell can make horney so? It is such pleasant. He that-to told to colleagues. I hea
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Music is her soul, her love, her pain and passion. Nana is dissolved in music, in a rhythm, in sense of texts which she sings, and completely is given them! Though concerts also take away all forces: she both sings, and dances — but in exchange the s
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— In vain you are so. Unless this girl made to you what-nibud bad? — the quiet melodious voice sounded behind my back. I breakthrough turned: the little girl of years of sixteen sitting at the next table was the hostess of a voice. Slowly sipping coc