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Kind day, colleagues! — the voice of the head of the project on a videoconference sounded annoyingly chilly. — As all know to you, the Law of Earth of o the Non-violence is the major milestone on the way of development of mankind and absolute most of
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Here I had quite rough the following week. First we had a community work day, and on command of the mayor, so as in a week there will be a small holiday — Day of the city. Well and it is natural — to whitewash bardyury, to paint benches, to make unde
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The curtain opens. Gentle ominous music sounds. The worker of the stage Mikhalych loudly snores, having fallen asleep on a chair in a utility room. Yes automatic equipment is well! *** Nastya, carefully going barefoot legs on a marble floor, I left i
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— Hi. In general I came to try strange piece. I read everyones rasskazikov. I saw enough videos. I want to be humiliated. In a text look. Can a little bit in reality, but only what without photo. You as? — I love humiliations too — Humiliations or to
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The next flight to Turkey, didn't foretell anything dangerous. In the morning, mother having made upward movement the cohabitant Nikolaich, having brought pleasure in a current of several minutes, having allowed to terminate in itself, I began to gat
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Offered Dima very perspective work, but he still once should study. He called Vika to discuss how to be him, he will vanish now. So far yet not ready to leave him, she was only delighted, but didn't give to a look She embraced him and whispered "You
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It is the story I executed in a genre, rather difficult for me, on a romanticism joint with coercion elements if you want continuation, write about it in comments. I didn't begin to stretch the story and to do it to more realistic. If someone it want
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I found ee on the website sex - stories. It wrote not just trite sketches (but and them too) there are stories of a relationship. Na some ee stories I was carried away by nostalgia and pain of the past. Chto-to in her was not the floodplain that. I w
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Dear readers I already in the previous 16 stories described many the sexual adventures. Many are already familiar so me, but for those someone the first time decided to read mine history shortly I will remind o to myself. Call me Ilona. Now to me 23.
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Having entered Rasheed's house, we seated in the big living room. Women went to kitchen, and soon on a journal table appeared, simple snack and a bottle of cognac. After several glasses, Rasheed suggested to take off to women clothes. The interesting
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Strange, but I wasn't tormented by conscience, it wasn't a shame to me neither before Olay, nor before Kirill. I fell, but for me opened what-to unknown to me the world and this world pulled me. Having returned home after this night, I failed in a dr
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In a pursuit of a sensation, Eypril O'Neill, reportersha, I risked to photograph local legends, Turtles — the Ninjia, and I found their house in the sewerage. Having made pictures, she decided to run away, but ee was noticed. Eypril was afraid of the
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After the visit of the black guest 3 days nobody called and asked an appointment so Svetka. Somehow in the evening I noticed joking that she became sad without attention of males and Svetka instantly flashed a flush, but laughed the matter off, say s
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Disturbing music sounds. The worker of the stage Mikhalych nervously twists the winch handle. Na the next day Nastya woke up late. Memory obligingly prompted — Thursday, working day, overslept. It sharply jumped out of a bed and only here noticed tha
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Several days passed before than the Alpha communicated so me through points again. Before in the apartment I was presented to myself and therefore except the big TV almost in all sienna before a bed at me of entertainments, there was not much. Of cou
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Curtain otkryvayetsyazvuchit solemn music. The worker of the stage Mikhalych overturned hundred grams for bravery. Nastya was a modest girl with fair-haired hair and big sad gray-blue eyes which did ee the person very lovely. She was the in gray crow
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We with Vovka decided to help Greta with drawing up the wall newspaper of our final course, a that she began to be afraid to go in our "technician". A here with us it went. as Vovka — proud and unshakable joked. We sat and issued the newspaper quite
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Turn attention that are present at the direct speech of some heroes mestichkovye adverbs. In serene May day, under smells of the blossoming bird cherries and lilac Sonechka of Gritsatsueva I asked for leave at the spouse to walk across Stargorod. On
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— Well you give — Still as I give. I gave, and I will give. Na what it is similar? So parties, so sramota and shame. I was made horney, and here on the place immediately terminated, having nearly lost feelings, having endured thus explosion of destru
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I so want to talk to you. To remember what remained only with us. Only ours — Well what, the kid, it is ready to meet? In a tube everything stood with a voice, a then as if the gentle butterfly trembled in boobies, dispersing a warm sweet breeze on a
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I read rules of group, I know that it is forbidden to publish chizhiye stories. No it became a pity because that kind visitors of this website are deprived of an opportunity to estimate the entertaining story by one interesting person of reineke writ
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And so, here the second part. Collecting party is planned. No before I want to express gratitude for the help. After long and intense day, the hunter and a new male decided to spend the night, having found the suitable place for a lodging for the nig
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… She sat the third day under the lock at these freaks who stole her at parents and expecting repayment. And all this time they raped her, drank vodka, played cards and finished speaking ись by phone about the sum. She lay, tormented, exhausted with
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Night without you lasted very long, I was as sweet imaginations of o the volume as you so the lover have a good time is always excited and is shipped. You meet him more than three years, for this time at you appeared still the whole lot of men, on po
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She woke up, having felt that someone-to touched her for a breast. It is similar that the old man inexperienced in bed affairs thought that in a dream she will feel nothing. Grizma grinned about herself. Having carried out almost all life among thiev
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Hi, I am called Elvira. Story which I will tell in this time happened in far 1991. Then to me was incomplete 19 years. Having ended the second course of pedagogical institute, we with my guy Andrey went to practice to the pioneer camp. In the afterno
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She couldn't stand similar men! The brutal male who as it is told, "fucks everything that moves of an if doesn't move — moves and too fucks"! He loves only himself darling, an of all women considers the whores differing only in availability degree. A
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In 25 years I arrived on legal faculty of one of the most prestigious higher education institutions of Moscow. Behind shoulders there was the first education of the historian and work in one of judicial meetings of the city where I was attached by on
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This story is novelizatsiyey comics "Into the multiverse" by the author of Kogeikun. Springfield year 20khkhobychny summer day in Springfield. Sunny, birdies sing, in the sky a cloudlet and nothing foretells troubles that will occur here absolutely s
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Criminals will rape your mother! — How, what criminals from what you took? I was surprised, to what to me was told by Artem, my schoolmate. — Such: Vazneg, Gog and their friends. I heard as they agree. They on her slobber long ago. Here I heard A tha
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— Guys, I had enough of adventures one Kalinina! I received experience, and will be enough! Ne I want other woman! That more — wives zampolita! Do you want that I finished shtrafbatom? — Borya Bolshakov on "council" of three ipostasy resisted. "Counc
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There passed week, after Gary's group sex. Ginny who was Hermione and with Hermione. Prior to Harry and Ginny's wedding, there was less than a week, about five days. Harry came on kitchen and began to cook for himself tea. There passed five minutes s
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Leyla was in shock from what was seen, all this time she humoured the demon under a condition that the sister nobody will touch Ee, she as a wadded doll fell in embraces of the goblin, having realized that their life will never become now former that
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I woke up in the morning. Was hours 11. Na to kitchen cheerful voices of friends of an in the bathroom were heard water rustled. The head ached a bit from drunk a little. Having rolled about from 5 minutes in a bed I suddenly remembered events of las
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Ania registered in elite courses on seducing. She was the girl who isn't very assured of herself who seemed that all saw in her only "con" around — zauchku. Having paid the sum, she came into audience. The teacher Roza Davydovna told that group occup
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— Dima, it shouldn't have happened! I was just drunk! Ania called a door at once as only her husband left the house on Saturday — the next day after our strange acquaintance, and faced me in a warm house dressing gown, but didn't cross a house thresh
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She woke up from cold. The blanket is crumpled. At the left, measuredly snuffling, the male body lies. "O my God!" — the woman looks for hours and jumps: "He already waits, an I?" Having quickly washed, having brought eyes and lips, she puts on. Na t
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The lonely girl in a light dress on the night road — a show not for nervous. From ee of a fragile figure for kilometer blew as troubles. Rare cars rushed by, even without thinking to brake, an is very necessary for her that now someone-nibud took awa
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Lines I pulled him to lose a bet and for it he had to get on a dispute into the apartment and take a casket. Having called a door, Andrey (so called our hero) having convinced that there is nobody, I got into the apartment. Yes, for him there were no
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(In the story there is a lot of substandard lexicon. I honestly warned. — comment avt.) *** there Is nothing it is more touching in the world, than nipples of the young girl if to undress them and to kiss for the first time in devochkinoy lives (and
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— A phaeton, be going to fly to Fungov. Except me in crew there will be an ambassador Kverk and the officer Anastasia. Your sensors can identify her with the general Minakhom, but it will be a mistake. Keep it in the base of data as Anastasia. — I Un
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Na days I remembered an interesting case that happened so me about 15 years ago. We in that time often got out to the nature with tents, for several days, were alloyed on reke and perfectly spent time to big digging. As it usually happens, the first
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EDUCATION RABYNIGLAVA 1. The door for me was opened by the nice girl with whom I in two hours agreed about a meeting before. Among the Moscow prostitutes it is hard to find the standing slave now. According to the announcement, it seems, are ready fo
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Da, Ira came all shining, with the burning eyes I had to what to make to Tell that I know everything, probably, it was necessary nakhlestat on cheeks, in the end of ends No having seen so happy ee I couldn't Why? I don't know. I didn't know what to d
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For those someone didn't read the previous part of the story — I will remind what actually occurred. We with the spouse arrived to a cottage for joint rest with our friends, an instead of it I observed as my beloved wife was rigidly torn up by the ma
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Na the next day in our ranks increased. In the morning Aram and family couple, Rasheed with Aminoy joined us on the beach. When the Turkish woman took off clothes, I admired ee a body. She had a fine figure, large, but graceful, a form of sand hours.
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The man saw how he him Is barefoot approached the girl and breakthrough threw off from her a cape. Hands Bosa stretched to a breast, feeling her. I am barefoot I remained I am happy with its elasticity. Fingers, playing occasionally with nipples, he
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She would recognize him from thousands. A push in heart, an instinct. She flies. They were on friendly terms so schools. It then She learned that He in what that to criminal group. With Her He was a gentleman. Here and now, when She saw him, heart tr
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— The naive Chukchi young man, he was going to have a sleep — so laughter I thought, having seen flying here Zhanettu and the security guard tripping behind her - the Cossack. His modest look didn't deceive young people cocky mazhorov from the neighb
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All in the house know that they I easy on rise, here constantly ko to me address for any help. Well and except that — I am a member of board of our cooperative, so that and in this sauce ask too. As my artful and very sexy neighbor Nadia from 15 apar
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I conducted the leased car on quiet deserted streets. Rare cars sometimes, blinding headlights, went to a meeting. Na passenger sidenyi the nice brown-haired woman, slept years of thirty five in a measure. I picked up this young woman in accidental b
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The man saw how he him Is barefoot approached the girl and breakthrough threw off from her a cape. Hands Bosa stretched to a breast, feeling her. I am barefoot I remained I am happy with its elasticity. Fingers, playing occasionally with nipples, he
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I want to tell you the history of the falling. Strange falling. From one party, I ceased to respect myself for what occurred, but in too time it was sweet and opened for me the world of SEX. I was a typical honors pupil. Average growth, with a small,
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This story occurred in the spring, for May holidays. We with the spouse planned rest together with our friends — young family couple and their friends at the dacha, kilometers so in 120 from Moscow. This real story which happened to us which details
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In new houses establish doors on the ladder platforms protecting four apartments now. Such door was also established in that house where I moved. For half a year of accommodation I saw only neighbors from one apartment — it was matrimonial couple. Th
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This story occurred in the spring, for May holidays. We with the spouse planned rest together with our friends — young family couple and their friends at the dacha, kilometers so in 120 from Moscow. This real story which happened to us which details
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It was impatient, business young! Actually, it happened nearly an every day. We with Diankoy were married three months, a we all couldn't be sated the friend with the friend. And alternately, I, my young wife, an am the most often both at the same ti
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It is a pity I not a spider. I would weave to you an excellent and colourful plot. No I am not a spider. Ne stick with questions, to play to me a lack of time — I Knock-twist wheels: rat-tat, rat-tat, rat-tat. Winter whether spring, fall — on rails I
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The first Kverk appeared. To him twins rushed at once and with huge pleasure began to whirl around him, levitating. There was Leah. — to welcome Good, dear ambassador Kverk — she made a respectful curtsey. — the General Leah, you as we are always bea
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Light beams of the sun passed through a window and stroked my person, having touched eyes what I woke up from. Today's day promised to be boring, not such as yesterday: Yesterday I woke up not because of the sun therefore that it wasn't, a because of