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Hi! Recently so half a year quite nasty history occurred me, from one party — it all is quite unpleasant, a with another — I quite often remember her and already jerked off many time on these memoirs. Therefore decided to share her with the world. I
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— Why to you mercenaries? I can cope with this business. — Eve as only we left a tavern on the busy capital street took an interest. — Ne I want that you for a long time left. — I admitted, looking around on the parties in search of transport. I foun
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To a word, to Sashkoy after that case, with that most naughty she-devil, at us often it happened that-nibud interesting in sex. Mad, fast but very bright. The guy - the girl we somehow didn't become, but to each other often satisfied regular inclinat
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Na a huge bed, having bent one leg, on a stomach absolutely nude, grown weak from three orgasms in a row Woman of indescribable beauty lay. To Ee to graceful foot the naked young man with rather big dick in a condition of the strongest erection was i
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Alyona — graduated from provincial theatrical higher education institution, and decided to try happiness in the capital. No for that to make it, it was necessary to find the apartment. Having rung round all available announcements on the Internet, an
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Having concealed breath, I so a scratch turn a massive key in the key well. Na a look a door as a door — usual plywood, but on check — tyazhelenaya the metal plate upholstered with plywood for a look. I delay her big effort to myself, feeling as resi
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It is impossible to call it sex. Unless it is sex? Sex, it when he in me, and so … How it? And how to transfer all scale of feelings which at the same time you have? Sex at the same time isn't important at all, isn't necessary, superfluous! It is som
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I am a son of rich parents. And it means, a lot of things are allowed to me. I celebrated the shestnadtsatiletiye in one of fashionable clubs where called conducting one former model, the singer Dasha now. We were so familiar to ourselves, but she kn
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Lisa fell into a reverie again and didn't hear what was told by professor. She remembered o that great time which I spent in club in the first day, and represented what will occur in the following time. Whether there will be all those women, or other
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The world changed, the world descended from mind. It occurred gradually, but steadily. However after creation of the first virtual worlds the market of entertainments just rolled in improbable income and prospects. No at the games nothing came to an
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On Andrey Road indulged in painfully delightful imaginations. He represented how having entered Ee the apartment, he without excess prefaces will fall to Ee to legs, will begin to cover them with the most delicate kisses. Having moved to the bedroom,
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I faced her on knees, feeling ee full pressure and couldn't escape from it. My God, as she as is beautiful as an angel, well why she such cruel, I twisted this thought in the head long until she started talking. You have to get used to the new status
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Small vstupleniyekhochu to tell you fictional history which gave out my immodest imagination, being based on circumstances which occurred in my life. Before all advice to all guys, don't trust a relationship at distance, they it is rare when lead to
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Heroes of my novel: Olga, 38let. Works as the secretary. Olga's husband is Igor, 40let. And he so works in this firm. Igor is a security guard. Troe children: to daughters of 17 and 19 years; to the son — 18let. Well and, at last, Main in this family
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Zina went from walk. He went every day a circle: from an entrance to a stop, from a stop to the Tape, from the Tape to the transitional bridge through the road, from the bridge to the trade center and back, that way, and to an entrance. There were sl
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The small cafe in the Italian style was well isolated from other trade center. To the people that week day there was absolutely a little. The marine surely went to the lonely table located in a cozy niche behind the translucent darkened curtain. Andr
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Popadosandrey as usually I sat at the computer. He thumbed through the page by the page. Here, like anything so. The woman on the screen of the monitor was in his taste, than is similar to the aunt Tanya, about 35 years, the brown-haired woman, and p
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Ania sat at a laptop and glanced over announcements of a side job. Money that the husband sent, wasn't enough for anything for her. Free time at her was enough so why not to earn additionally? She came across the tempting offer — the assistant in "me
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I am 27 years old. Approximately a year ago I decided to fulfill the dream and to try sex with the guy. I created the page on a dating site and began search. I began to correspond with Murad who was 38 years old. Murad looked for the passive guy and
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Boris Grigoryevich Shakhov, the 45th summer man in expensive suit, splashed to himself in a glass a decent portion of the real Armenian cognac, lit a cigarette and leaned back back in the sound soft chair fitted by natural skin. The situation in a ma
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— More carefully! Lena and krepkovtsepilas in the handle screamed not to hit-headed o a rack when the car having tilted I began to slip forward and to the right. Vadim sharply cut the back course, seeking to pull out failed in hidden under a treacher
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He was called Evgeny and he was a programmer. He was a man — quite high, dense, with a mane of long hair and a broad beard. Type of course picturesque and oddish, as all IT specialists and programmers. They as if live in the special world of HTML of
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Having picked up both packages one hand, Andrey stiffened on the place, without ceasing to twist with a greedy look Ee the attracting forms. The woman again hardly considerably grinned and, having developed, went to the escalator conducting with the
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And there is nobody to blame, except the own curiosity, that most which ruined so many cats. Ne I know how many took place time in such thoughts, neither hours nor my phone nearby were. Time stopped. As suddenly I heard steps near a door and dinknut
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It is short history o volume as I absolutely went recently by the train St. Petersburg — Moscow on some working affairs. Well, and it is natural, not just I went, an appeared the lucky to endure a small erotic episode. For some reason in this time th
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There are such trips which you remember forever. That more when you get out of the office only drinking with colleagues of coffee or to force itself to go to sports club to the first floor business of the center. I started up roots. The husband alway
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— So also didn't leave? — Carefully shaking a parcel with the dozed-off baby, Eve at Molay-Ha, patiently sitting on a stool at the locked bedroom doors took an interest in whisper. — No as yesterday it was locked with this maiden, so and I didn't thu
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Someone goes in guests in the mornings, That arrives wisely. Turum-purum, taram-param, Na that it and morning! On all signs of art of virtual seducing, this woman had to appear in my bed. No two times the catch from a hook broke, nesmotrya on the lab
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However desire was stronger than shame. So attracted Andrey to this Goddess that he quickly forgot about a ridiculous situation into which he got a half-minute ago. The sexual fluids proceeding from her attracted him with an incredible force. Andrey
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I want to tell about the favourite lovers. In this story it will be a question of Sergey. In club, on a dance floor there were too many people. This circumstance strongly spoiled my mood though he from the very beginning was a little. On a disco I wa
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In luxurious apartments of presidential number, on a big soft sofa, the general director of the Roman holding Petrovich conveniently settled down. In forty five years he had really frightening look — a predatory nose, a thin mouth, a strong-willed ch
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Lisa stood at an office of the doctor and was nervous, without knowing what to expect. Lisa was a special girl in many relationship. She had long golden hair and a slender body. The most special part of Lisa was the fact that at her were as the pussy
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Bothered to sit at home finally. On the TV didn't show anything interesting, the porn on the Internet seldom coincided according to contents with his imaginations. In half an hour after the next masturbation desire came back with a former force. At t
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Really flying, hot weather that year came to the city in the end of May. Andrey handed over the majority of offsets and examinations "automatically" and now was absolutely free. The truth, he skoree was weighed upon freedom of this, than enjoyed: fri
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Somehow in student's years the neighbor opposite, Sashka came ko to me. She was one course younger, and quite boyish exterior — small growth, with appetizing roundish buttocks, a small breast, a short hairstyle of fair-haired hair, a little fervently
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— Well that girls, we can enjoy freedom. — I told Susan Radson, locking an entrance door. My parents left the city, your parents consider that we will spend the night at me, after ten no someone will risk to call and check it. Will think that we alre
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To all heroes of the story more than 18 years. Novvelizirovat comics rather difficult therefore the meaning is conveyed not literally, but it is rather close to the text. So the comic book is written in the Spanish language, all 9 parts now, 4 is tra
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Representing a front step, he reached the middle of the room. I jumped on a wooden stool and I threw a playful look into Lilia's party. She laughed, having thrown with a blanket a naked body, rose, having adopted the provision sitting. In the whole f
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Knekht made swing and lashed a racket for desktop tennis on a naked buttock of Olga. Tochilova which lay on a bed a stomach down and rested knees against a floor, sighed, but skoree from surprise and strangeness, than from pain. No Sergey didn't give
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We were familiar with Yana long ago. Periodically saw in one club and were crossed at cinema. She was younger than me for 6-7 years, studied at the first year in my University at my faculty, and sometimes asked for help or just council. That day I ca
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Morning. I was really not familiar with Boris — so, friends of friends on Facebook. You understand what is friends on Facebook — it can be absolutely casual people whom you in life didn't see, several likes, several general comments, several personal
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The group of people stood around the shelter fenced with a steel grid height up to a breast of the person of average growth and watched that as kakoye-to the plant similar to a green octopus copulated with what like bluish long loaf on a set of thick
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There are such trips which you remember forever. That more when you get out of the office only drinking with colleagues of coffee or to force itself to go to sports club to the first floor business of the center. I started up roots. The husband alway
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Ulegshis naked on a bed, Olga twisted in hands a rigid cone-shaped subject with the stupid end — so called "plug" though on a box with him "explorer" was written. He intended for introduction to an anus that Olga also practiced from a case to a case,
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Dear readers in the next 27th story I will continue to tell about sexual an adventure in student's years. I will shortly remind o to myself, for those someone decided to read my history for the first time. Call me Ilona. Now I am 24 years old. A so I
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Alexey was in some confusion. To that was offered to him by the wife was, of course, not incredibly, but somehow through-chur. — Lyoshik, well what you are rumpled? — patiently Nastya persuaded — Well, you always such easy on rise. Let's try? You pro
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Miranda Walker was nervous. It was ee the first day at school. There passed many years since that time as it was in this situation, and since that time there was much what. Let's look I taught I met the guy I fell in love I became pregnant I left in
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We got acquainted with my wife Olya at friends. I already worked as the manager in firm, Olya graduated a from institute. We began to meet. Went to walk, at cinema and cafe. The girl seemed reasonable and lovely at good external data therefore I quic
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All heroes of the story were 18 years old. — Tell me, Tim, a why you are Liskin? — I can have personal secrets? — Of course, can Idi here. The young man who remained in only some women's stockings approached the skilled mistress and, povinuyas to mov
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From a forum women's the phrase тян which justified selling sex made laugh: And, notice, for all it is the woman it is ready to pay. With the man she pays for sex in all risks which only on the woman (not to get pleasure that the man receives it with
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All keys as I also assumed, were from rooms on the top floors. One on the second and two on the third. Here so we will also begin the second. — I solved, here having thought that it is the bad idea — today I was there already twice, both times intend
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I want to share one history which occurred, this summer. My wife, Tatyana on day off decided to arrange not a big holiday, with departure out of the city, on the lake. I agreed so-kak at once the summer was rainy, and there were few solar days. A her
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When palms of the man standing behind Olga softly laid down her on a breast, Olga slowly got hands to herself for a back, undid Sergey's trousers and took fingers his strained dick (the impressive size if went to that — it after all has value for the
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Let everything will be so as spoke Sener. War won't come to an end from our prayers if on everything God's will, then why then to pray if he already does everything that will want. Anisim looked, at the stretched fields before him, but their false tr
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Mothers of my first wife, was slightly for forty when we with Ania undersigned. I often stared at the mother-in-law, at a wedding, she put on the dress fitting light seroe, it shocked a little, but struck an erection, so more as gave a breast, hips a
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Prologvse girls are divided into bitches, whores and dolls. Bitches find to themselves one guy and are faithful to him, whores are ready with someone it is necessary if only to receive the (money, the car, the apartment) dolls don't understand that a
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Tasha rose by knees, a little indecisive flaring from excitement, but all still. — Look at yourself — she told Katya. — You have lipstick everywhere. It turned and saw itself in one of mirrors. It was all in spots from lipstick too. Having clasped th
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"So here, he is about ten years younger Lena, so me it for the first time. Before I with anybody and never had such difference at age. Yes if to be exact, I didn't know partners more young, than I. Behind one exception — the guy who studied as two co
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It is devoted Yul who was my muse. Na this evening Ali had special plans. Long month left on that to reconnoiter imperceptible approach to the palace of the sultan. Of course not to a ceremonial entrance, a there, already over break in dense thickets
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Call me Sasha, I was born and grew up in the small provincial town, grew at the normal guy and when graduated from school I went to go to the UNIVERSITY, then that everything also began. It is a little about itself: at that time, growth 180, a thin c