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Spring! At last that, after long and cold winter slowly and still shy, but surely enters the rights Spring! Still sometimes frosts crackle and evil blizzards howl, but we we everything already know that it is temporary. It to be angry the ill-natured
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All assumed names, coincidence - accidental, without insurance not to repeat. I come from work home. The wife Oksana sits in kitchen drink with the neighbor Zina to half-liter. I undressed, washed, I came on kitchen I greeted. Oksana strictly looked,
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"Well that Andryush, we will organize them a show?" And Lerochka, resolutely I went to a steam room door, Andrey hurried afterwards. From heat inside, at Lery even intercepted spirit. Men sat in the weakened poses on shelves. The brawny torso of Igor
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The door quietly creaked, passing inside the guest. In the cellar dim light burned. The room was divided into several departments. In the next lay what-to bags and boxes with canned food, banks. Probably, it is the products bought in use. Under-legge
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— I told, I will come Yes soon! I will gather now and I will come Yes! Well you know how many from her to go! In an hour I will be All right, everything, pogovorimochnulsya at home from a dream as if came up from under water — sharply and instantly.
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All Saturday day I promayalsya houses, loafing on the apartment from the room to the room. Chto-to was not so that-to didn't give rest. Directly washed away, from within what-nibud to make and, in that time, there was a wish to do nothing. Katka, wit
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All Saturday day I promayalsya houses, loafing on the apartment from the room to the room. Chto-to was not so that-to didn't give rest. Directly washed away, from within what-nibud to make and, in that time, there was a wish to do nothing. Katka, wit
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Warm embraces came to life. Exacting palms caressed a sleepy maiden body. One hand upon which ee a dark-haired head was based caressed a breast, gently awakening. The second, more active, caressed a hip, an elastic tummy, buttocks, shaking in one pla
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"Affairs long ago the passed days, Predanya of old times deep" (A. S. Pushkin) Zoya Fiodorovna Kobylyanskaya (an among female personnel of military sanatorium, just "Mare"), the bright forty-year-old blonde, with big blue eyes and narrow eyebrows whi
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Vika opened eyes. The head terribly hurt, and the girl brought a hand ko to a forehead — on is mute there was an easy bandage. The girl wanted to sit down, but pain didn't allow her it to make. Having turned the head, Vika found the owner of this hou
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A year ago I entered the university, and two weeks later me the nice guy approached, very simply and directly I told that I was pleasant to him and he would like will get acquainted with me and if I don't mind, then to meet in the evening. The guy se
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Katya and I lived on one section in halls. At first I didn't turn on her special attention. She was beautiful, but lived with the guy though it didn't prevent her to organize each output boozes in kitchen. Once I saw how she dances, and mine her sinc
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— I told, I will come Yes soon! I will gather now and I will come Yes! Well you know how many from her to go! In an hour I will be All right, everything, pogovorimochnulsya at home from a dream as if came up from under water — sharply and instantly.
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"I will corrupt your wife!" — I promised the lover Slava on the eve of his departure. And it sounded not as threat, an at all as a promise of a hot, exotic dish which he so dreamed to try. To find the general language with his wife it was business si
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Having decided to relax a little before working week, I went to a bathtub. Having gathered waters, I undressed and with pleasure laid down in warm water. Having closed eyes, I enjoyed silent music. My hands slowly slid on a breast, a tummy and hips.
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As I grew blind! Someone could think that they will fly by the whole three years as one day. Even when you say it aloud, it seems that it is very much a lot of time, but when you are happy, you don't notice its rapidity. It seems, it stops, it is abs
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I decided to tell o the first homosexual experience which influenced my orientation. In the summer, sent to labor the camp, worked and had a rest. Then I already in all was engaged mastrubatsiyey and somehow caught myself on a thought that brings me
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Swamp? Chto-to zachavkalo under legs. I had to promote slightly forward not to get stuck in strange swill. As I appeared a question me here didn't interest, it seems would doze off and was had to this strange world. It was necessary to be chosen. Ahe
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Dear readers in the 29th story I will continue to describe the sexual adventures. For those someone for the first time decided to read my work in several words I will describe myself. Call me Ilona. Now I am 24 years old. A so I average growth, slend
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All heroes of the story for the moment of events were 18 years old. Here and the summer passed, flew by, departed only a tail wagged. The first of September. Hurrah?! Why all adults are sure that it is a holiday at children? Someone be learned the op
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— Cornflowers? Na my person there was a derisive smile. He frowned. — You aren't able to estimate the real rarity. Brightly — blue flowers departed in to the river, having silly scattered on a water smooth surface. Everything sparkled. And cornflower
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Background. I spent all yesterday evening and night in the super elite Club closed the VIP. How many for all this time I had partners me and won't remember, but it isn't less than 25 it precisely. I lie in the smart room on a huge bed, my body everyt
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Studying at faculty of psychology, twenty-year-old Arina decided to try herself in the most difficult, and chose as semi-annual practice the children's house, with children at whom were what or deviations in development. Ee accepted, and she could wi
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Dear reader! It is my first similar experience therefore I ask not to swear strictly — it is ready to accept all adequate remark.Nachnemitak, couple of words o us. We adult family couple of average years. We are I, Andrey (the author of lines and you
adult friend finders Parishville Center
I hear as to an entrance the car approached. I slapped a door. Clatter of heels at an entrance behind a door. Of course, it she. As I can not learn this favourite knock. There is my darling, even it seems hurries. With impatience already I shift from
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Na this time nobody awoke, woke up itself, raised eyelids and squinted eyes on almost entirely the woman who crept on me. She already broke, obeyed and even ceased to see in it that-to she negative, independently climbs up a dick and sincerely enjoys
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The institute appointed medical examination. It was necessary to take place several doctors, in that number and the gynecologist. All, of course, were indignant, but you will do nothing, it is necessary to pass if you want to have admission to occupa
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"I will corrupt your wife!" — I promised the lover Slava on the eve of his departure. And it sounded not as threat, an at all as a promise of a hot, exotic dish which he so dreamed to try. To find the general language with his wife it was business si
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A now and communication with IGOR: I got acquainted with Igor 1-go February. T. e. that day when Pavel for the first time at the viewer had Olga. A this most first viewer was even her own son, Nikita!!! T. e. already as month three-chetyre the novel
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The gold, minute arrow moved and jumped on one division of the dial of a watch forward, informing o the beginning of the tenth. "Well here and everything, it is time to dump imperceptibly" — I thought, clasping a plastic glass from the remains of red
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I am 18 years old, call Karina. Recently I wanted to learn what feelings from an enema. And here I stand in drugstore, only one one problem I don't understand nothing in enemas. So I see them aha this biggest what is written the syringe of bi 9 pipet
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Hello, I am called Victoria, I am an ordinary accountant in local grocery. In other time I am an ordinary housewife, and this role is pleasant to me much more, than all other. And here five years I am married to Maxim, the strong and loving man of my
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Marina Nikolaevna, led round all a severe look. - So. I hope all understood the tasks for next week, and I shouldn't redden next Friday for you, at the director on a carpet? Time everything is clear to all, you can pass on the jobs and outline plans
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Here, on the eve of 2009 celebration of 2008 New Year was remembered. There is a sign supposedly as you will meet New Year, so and you will spend it. And I, probably, should spend it in hungry loneliness and boredom: before a holiday of money there w
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You know, a happens it. She all life lived honestly and almost innocently. In ee eyes even by 35 years a certain children's naivety, with astonishment-vostorzhenny a view of the world flashed from time to time. You probably met on life such a little
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From the author: And again a huge dick, only I worship them!)) (Na motive of the Gray-haired Night song). Fans of realism, wait for the following part, realizmom I will provide you on most don't play about. Well and yes, nobody cancelled mats in my s
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I am called Anna. So it turned out that to soroka to years a sexual relationship with the husband descended on isn't present. It seems a small difference at age — me 41, to it 45, but if with age my desires only increased, then at the spouse on the c
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*** Note: An average part of the story possibly it turned out dryish and prudish, but any more there are no forces this part to govern (: And please read the previous parts that there was no question. Thanks! *** On an entrance cotton the closed door
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"To Alla. Yes, of course I learned. Kind morning, Andrey" Lera displayed the fried fried eggs, with bacon on plates, a nourishing breakfast, pledge of successful day. Sasha comfortably having settled at a kitchen table, on an angular sofa, I smeared,
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The skin tightened in fabric roundish formyuprugost, touched elastichnostyyuobshchee, vague representation acquired a number of details, didn't become a presentiment yet. Neprostyvayushchy the trace connected the past and the present. Still recently
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Emily West leaned back in the leather office chair, having put hands for hard black roll of hair. She sat in an environment of the awards and certificates which were located on walls and regiments at her a back. It I was a typical environment for the
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The national wisdom isn't mistaken. This is true. Here at me, the most beautiful wife in all the district, men behind her literally are built in turn, a to me she not that any more. I look pink knees, slightly bulged buttocks at ee, at a dark hair of
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Would like to begin the narration with the fact that the Doina is Moldavian name o to it and the speech will go further. At that moment I was 25 years old, at work it was boring and I decided to play a game a dog an ordinary game for killing of time.
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— Children, we scatter on houses. The ambassador Alex, if you wish to meet so the friend, the king Arikhonov, you can wait for him here. He through couple of minutes will jump out in tryokhmerku. From me big thanks to you to all for the help. We will
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I don't see the ex-boyfriend about 7 months, he graduated from the university and went to Japan, there his father has which-what interests, Max went there to represent them and to realize. Thank God, to us praise of mind to keep a friendly relationsh
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— You beautiful, and this yours proklyatye. The blonde slightly inclined the head sideways and attentively looked at me. Ee of an eye flashed, an of a lip was covered by hardly noticeable smile. I worked in this bar already enough long ago, and saw e
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Someone are you? Whether the neighbor from below whom I see sometimes the smoker at an entrance. High, thin and not to tell that it is very beautiful — dissatisfied expression almost doesn't descend from a face: weather to her not on an interior, nei
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Having come home, he felt weight, unclear sdavlennost in all body. He knew that in the world there are a lot of interesting things that "State" is many times more fascinating than any woman, but couldn't stop. The unrestrained sexual instinct forced
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I am 27 years old, call Artyom, growth not high — 175 cm, a usual constitution, visit the gym on 2 — 3 times a week, I don't seek to be a muscleman, just I keep a body in a tone, thus I like to drink in days off beer with pizza or with what harmful,
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The easy and fast glider rushed on wide streets Neositi without concerning the earth. Ne looking at late time, the street was bright is lit. Besides street lamps, the street was lit by a set of advertizing screens. Advertizing was everywhere, beginni
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In life so happens that you plan one, a you will come across absolutely another, sudden and unexpected. Ne I managed to be issued in a stock from my thirty-year sea service and to arrive in the native Sevastopol as on a threshold of my house (I lodge
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(for motives of the eponymous movie) Chapter 1. Znakomstvovdaleke from a noisy and fussy stream of modern cars in the deaf region of Georgia the narrow mountain road framed with black-and-white columns and multi-colored road signs wound. On her the l
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I didn't like the first option of the second rasskazadubl two! I remember as all nachinalosvse was for the first time and again (c) As all began? 2000, me to 24 Alyona 22. Though isn't present 1996, I then under the contract served after srochki, to
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You will be the first … I worked somehow the IT specialist in one of the Moscow offices, the new chief of sales department Alla of a sergevn came to us, my God at all men saliva at her emergence flowed. The woman, that is called in juice, about 33-35
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The idea to fuck what-nibud nice and innocent little girl excited mind long ago. I already tried myself with professional priestesses of love and somehow time even with one swinging couple where I perfectly tore off the wife of one fat hubby with a s
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I loaded plates into the dishwashing car, a Sam that time left on the second floor, is similar in a shower. Heart knocked in ears, I tried to calm myself but it didn't cease. After our contract, in Sam there was what other note, his look and business
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He didn't know that he with her will make. It seemed to him, he knows her for all 100%. He was mistaken. What bitch! His confidential contract. He heard knock of her heels. My God!!! He knows her years 5, but this knock always concerns his blood. She
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Sasha, was included into cafe in about five minutes, the ambassador Lery. They agreed that he will sit down separately and will observe so the parties. Na the proposal of the husband, for time to remove a wedding ring, Lera answered, categorical refu
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From the author. The presented story was once written as one of parts of the big story "Cult of a Female Body". Its first chapters are published. Being the first author's experience in an erotic genre, the story doesn't look successful. However, in o
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Every year, on December 31, we with friends go to a bath. I joke. Of course not! Ne 31-go. And not December. And not with friends. No in the rest — it is almost right. I am called Nikolay. I am 32 years old. I am married, my spouse call Wal. We have