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35andrey raised two hands a liter can birch soka and deep drinks I devastated it. In the head there was fog, the morning bacchanalia flashed before eyes. Nastya was replaced by Veronika, that was hit a belt on a bum and ran with a roar from the room.
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I am called by Andrey, the person with ordinary appearance, average prosperity and accurate vital ways. I am married to the amazing woman, Natalya, and our marriage passed a mark in "chertovu dozen" years. The son Tema only fastened us, and I am very
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It is my first story. I hope, will we aren't especially strict. I am not able to write beautifully. There was it in the summer 2001 if I am not mistaken. Definitely I don't remember. I then went together with the company to Koktebel to have a rest. I
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I decided to spend today's compensatory leave for repair of the car. Since morning I went on the Volga to a garage which is on the region of the city. Gate he comes to the highway. In the afternoon I carried out being picked under a cowl. My work was
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Nesmotrya that friends saw in me povyshchennuyu danger on "beer" didn't cease to invite. And here, on day off, we gather in our pivbare in which had a rest not one year. After the fifth glass it became absolutely even not bad. Jokes fell down, I reme
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I, generally, on life, the person cheerful. Humour from me прёт directly a stream, in figurative and direct sense. My cheerfulness brings so many difficulties to me, will be enough for the whole story. A here of conveniences so probably on the whole
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Nina Sergeyevna kneaded dough for pancakes when the call to a door was distributed. Having wiped o hands a towel, she approached a door and glanced in a peephole. Only the tow-haired top was seen. — Andryusha, darling, it you? — she guessed. — Yes, a
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I want to tell you the history. I am 21 years old, and this story happened to me quite recently, names will be changed... Everything began with the fact that looking through a porno I began to represent myself on the place of the woman who is tastefu
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On December 30 my parents blew in boarding house for a week, an I sat at home and missed. Soon New year, an I so could phone to nobody. And here a call to a door — Lida and Tamara, my former schoolmates and school girlfriends came. Both finished stud
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they lay in the bedroom on a large matrimonial bed. Maxim had a rest on a back, a Vera lay nearby, having put the guy the head on a shoulder. Ee fingers gently stroked the guy's breast. They lay bared on a silk sheet and seemed very happy. No, there
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I, generally, on life, the person cheerful. Humour from me прёт directly a stream, in figurative and direct sense. My cheerfulness brings so many difficulties to me, will be enough for the whole story. A here of conveniences so probably on the whole
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Today I decided to begin to go to fitness. Almost one and a half years after the divorce at me was nobody, but I understood that it is necessary to keep itself in a form. In this gym I was for the first time, specially for trainings I bought sports c
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Agir after that case I decided for myself that found that wanted. The only thing, oppressed it this how quickly he released her. In thoughts he made with her many everything. It was necessary to hope for continuation. Aja who so helped it in last tim
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Dear readers I will write for you one more the already 53rd story about the adventures. I will shortly remind o to myself. Call me Ilona. To me now 24 years, a so I am an ordinary Ukrainian girl. Average growth, slender, quite charming, with a breast
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Okh was also lucky me with the fact that the bathing room in my house has an adjacent wall with the storeroom. I bought the two-room apartment in a mortgage not so and long ago, but repair is already almost absolutely ready. Besides all other at me i
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That summer to us with the friend was till 18 years. We carelessly walked, aimlessly wandered about streets. Sitting on a shop my friend, called a him Sergey, I saw a strange subject, I stretched to him and I understood that it was the pack of cards.
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in the morning the head of Vera also truly hurt. The big amount of the drunk alcohol, sleepless night affected. A still was madly a shame to it. When the woman remembered events of last day (don't even think of o Max — she got used to it long ago), t
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Even how I ceased to worry and I fell in love femdom, the specifics of our relationship with Oksana continued to confuse a little me. In that time as houses I with pleasure accepted flogging and selflessly I licked that order, on public I wanted to a
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Hello, I want to tell you a story which happened to me, it is a little about itself: I am a professional tennis player, I enter a top of the 100th world ranking and many of you sometimes watch me on TV. Recently, when I came back from another tournam
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Only when wheels of the plane concerned a runway strip, and it began to reduce speed, Katya released a hand and said the first words since the moment of the announcement to fasten belts at the beginning of calling on landing: — I nearly upisalas for
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In the morning I, certainly, overslept. Night reflections don't promote early rise. Therefore gathered for a fast hand: yesterday's jeans, an undershirt - the alcoholic and a negligent bunch on the head. Na a breakfast served porridge with sandwich.
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Fresh production was morally broken at a capture stage. She even hadn't to be connected hardly, there was enough adhesive tape on wrists and ankles to hold crucified on a cross. Her head powerlessly dangled, light hair got down on a forehead, tearful
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Work of insurance department was interrupted for very valid reason. Svetlana Ivanovna and Oksana sitting at the next table on the Internet looked through and without disappearing discussed Kym Kardashyan. All little girls were captured by interest an
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to the termination of a lunch break, Vera sat in the working chair, imposingly having leaned back on a back. In ee to a hand the cigarette smoldered, a didn't descend from lips a blissful smile. Just five minutes ago I left Max. ee of an office, corr
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There passed a lot of time after that unpleasant case. Margo's behavior didn't change in any way and I already began to forget o which happened. As time on a lunch break she told that to me that she needs the help with the computer. — won't You be ab
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Ilya Romanovich in the next time looked through an old family photo album. In 45 years he remained to right traditions and this album was not electronic, a quite to itself paper, in an ancient dermantinovom a cover. The oldest photos, the seventieth
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That summer to us with the friend was till 18 years. We carelessly walked, aimlessly wandered about streets. Sitting on a shop my friend, called a him Sergey, I saw a strange subject, I stretched to him and I understood that it was the pack of cards.
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There underwent half a year more less quiet work. In in time of another meeting Andrey Petrovich reported that Establishment will be checked controlling activity by the higher organization. Oksana recognized by the sort ee of activity ee checking wil
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/Этo the second story from the cycle "Saturday Evening at School". The story is translated from English personally by me, however I am not a professional translator therefore I ask to forgive for some roughnesses in the text. The second part shouldn'
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I am twenty three years old but I look for about seventeen years. Once I got up in the morning, I needed to go to hospital. And without looking in a mirror I went to hospital. Already returning from hospital, I passed by bar. Near her the foreign car
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Work of insurance department was interrupted for very valid reason. Svetlana Ivanovna and Oksana sitting at the next table on the Internet looked through and without disappearing discussed Kym Kardashyan. All little girls were captured by interest an
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This story began when I in the next time decided to go from the husband "on the left". In ours with him sexual life everything was just fine, he is hot, beautiful and hardy. I am good myself too — in a measure slender ryzhevoloska with the fourth siz
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Nastya went with the father and mother along a corridor of school to the director's office, to resolve an issue of her progress and behavior. Nastinu buttocks new, semisantimetrovaya the stopper inserted by her beloved daddy instead of an old shestis
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Na to big change Nastya as usually, I went down to the cellar, to the subsidiary room. There the eighteen-year-old eleventh-grader was already waited by three such eighteen-year-old eleventh-graders: Mischa, Sasha and Dima. The first Mischa noticed l
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Maxim suspected that the wife changes him almost since the beginning. The despair and rage was the first reaction, of course, from their wedding didn't pass also two years, an Angela already jumped in a bed to another. It wanted to arrange scandal he
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There was a sunny spring day, the winter already left, a here here will rush summer into the lawful rights. The station Na of one provincial town, near the main thing, an entrance there was an interesting person. The girl of average growth on high ka
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Working day was crumpled because of the office party which is coming in the evening. Alexey could escape from office before all and at once arrived to restaurant. He imperceptibly made the way in the rooms closed for all, having opened them the key a
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All characters fictional, all coincidence are casual, all characters ñoâeрøeíoëeтнèe._______________________________________________________________— Yes what is with you today? I tore off a look from phone and looked at the girlfriend. Ta it was obv
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The woman already realized all futility of resistance and stopped attempts to escape from fetters. A fetters were that it is necessary, thanks to my helper Nikto, it put the knows on ten of ten! Ropes pulled together the body tied to the standing ver
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It is cast by a situation from life, evening viewing "The devil carries Prada" and listening of the first 6 chapters of the book "Play to Live" of Dmitry Rusa. ********** he sat in a big leather chair. The basis from solid wood prostenko varnished, b
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I wrote as went to the camp. On arrival my relationship with Stas Zhenya and Lesha proceeded without looking that they graduated from school we often called up and met. Stas and LEShI had girls but children called periodically. Somehow I called me Le
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This part is not new history, an only continuation of the fourth chastiandrey quietly left the shelter on a balcony, trying not to rustle he started wandering to himself in number. He came number, thoughts were confused, a heart in boobies fought hea
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This story began with the fact that in January of this for about one years from resources where my stories are published, I received in a private message the letter from the reader. Here it, practically without notes and with permission of the visito
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At our institute long before to mine here emergence there was a remarkable tradition. In the first autumn days students left on base where competed between themselves. It gave an opportunity to show itself and to strengthen communications between pup
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I welcome you dear reader! The opus will be long, but an outcome as I consider costs that, sit down poudobnee. This history occurred on the business. I describe later long time what-to details are for certain missed, but its basis is kept completely.
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Seroe the haze of November dawn enveloped the gloomy ground with sticking out of the earth is similar to torture tools shells of a strip of obstacles. The faded grass shining from the first hoarfrost, foully slid under soles of state low shoes. Mouth
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Boys, as usually, gathered on kitchen at Vova. He had a big kitchen, not at all his friends of the apartment could brag of such sizes. Na a table cards were spread out, there were beer bottles and plates with simple food. Distributed cards and began
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Summer evening, heavy closeness preceding a storm I crept in the slightly opened window shrouding in sticky moisture. Having embraced knees I sat on a sofa, to me it was bad. Big eyes in a frame of long eyelashes went out, a thick hair looked not ash
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Dear readers I continue to tell you about the adventures and in 51 stories I will describe one more. For those someone else I don't know me shortly I will describe myself. Now I am 24 years old. Call me Ilona. And so I am an ordinary Ukrainian girl.
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— Well Andrey. I think, I will be able to help you. — Thanks. — Yes there is nothing yet. There is a contract. Read. Payment at once, there is the account. From the basic. I will make that you want. But reverse motion won't be, and I think your life
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Our city was small, and was located on the river. Nevertheless, to drink this water it is below on a current where the river follows from the city, it wasn't recommended if you didn't want to get sick. Some dealers all the same took her to cook some
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The second history was already provoked by my friend. Having got a lot of rough emotions, on the verge of failure, time of a visit of his friend to the wife, he looked forward to suitable minute. He decided to look on how many his wife can far come i
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Maria Aleksandrovna already half an hour as woke up and now rolled on a wide bed in the number, enjoying freedom. Somewhere in the distance, through the slightly opened window the ocean surf and scraps of some popular melody was heard. There was no w
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Prolog. Nami dexterously and quickly was active a uvula, processing a bridle and a trunk of a curve swarty dick. This was the last for today. Having understood that the guy on a limit, she dexterously spread the curly head on his elda to the most kor
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It is unlikely it was possible to call it blowjob when it just snoshat her mouth without feeling sorry for the darling. Ania decided to look furtively again, her hand involuntarily was between legs. Angela came off the tireless husband and a sparkle
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I sit at the laptop and I finish the scenario. Night. She sleeps. If we weren't mistaken, a we seldom are mistaken now, then we won't bad earn from this scenario. Only, eyes were tired, and the back hurts. And the dick four orgasms in a night and mar
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This story is written at a request of the constant reader of this resource. His imagination and my execution. Olya woke up sharply. Dizzily looking on the parties. The last that she remembered, it as the fact that did her a prick. She lay in appearan
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In this story which happened so me I want will share can at someone-to was that-to similar. The speech will go o to my young wife Olechke which executed this year 23 years. To me 26 years Igor with Olya we already together call me 2 years. Everything
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Prolog. — Kiss a boot. Well, kiss! And you won't evade for anything from shoe gloss. Ne you will turn in side of a face. Ne you will turn therefore as hands are broken for a back and their pull everything. Above. Even higher. Gradually, on slightly.
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— Hallo! Hi, Dashka! Went to cinema today. Show in 5D, there such effects - as as if itself you are in the events! Went, we will look! The call from Wicky, my girlfriend and just good little girl found me on approach to an entrance. — Give, don't bra