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Sasha, the groom, I of course know not the first year, but other guests in the principle were seen by the first time therefore the smile on duty should work still today. And here we at a wedding. While all only approach, I didn't go to a ceremony, I don't like these snivels and saliva with the aunt that sent not one "ship" to the sea. I greeted couple of familiar persons, it is nice that I didn't even remember their names, well and it isn't terrible, people they for me not such and necessary. The wife departed somewhere, roofing felts behind wine on aperitif, roofing felts saw someone. One is good, restaurant behind the city, is fresh and it is beautiful here, is where to put a look, but not this evening! Literally to the arrival of young people when already to restaurant the last guests rose, I noticed ee!!! It was Ksyusha, well or as earlier tenderly I called ee "young fox" .ksyusha I knew long ago, at my last work at us an excellent relationship was given up her, she was as a storm, to guess that she will throw out, it was impossible, she as the child I took offense, was more gentle than a cat, an in a bed was even more mad as if the woman without the principles and morals, but only for me. I ee loved, yes and it me, probably, too, but we dispersed somehow silly, already and I don't remember what-to not so powerful moment, but two rested rams brought everything to a point. Today, as earlier she was a goddess. Na the long closed dress with a high section on a hip, the easy make-up which isn't hiding ee the natural beauty and long hair sliding on ee to shoulders at all was it. As I saw ee, me as if transferred to a bath, the heat spread on all body, the head convulsively remembered, those our moments and from it still it was only hotter. She noticed me too, even stopped for a minute, probably at this moment she tried to digest tuzhe porridge that was at me in the head. We so also stood, having stared the friend at the friend until ee was straightened out by the husband, this moment eternity seemed to me. Here already ko I suited the wife, and we not to be confused cold greeted and entered the hall. The case or isn't present, but seating on tables was such that we sat the friend opposite to the friend. Having already accepted the fact that it here and at me as earlier at one ee a look everything is lit inside, I as could, conducted myself extremely quietly, trying not to be lost in contemplation and not to confuse neither itself, nor ee. Celebration began, in sides drinks were already poured, toasts rose, and everything gradually began to go the turn. The first break for dances and our half began at once scattered someone to familiar girls someone to drink at the next table. Here we also remained on some. — Hello — I interrupted with the first our silence. — Hello, an I thought you so and you will do a look that for the first time you see me — with a small derzinkoy and the burning look she answered me. There was no wish to find out a relationship to me, yes and I didn't love it therefore that I began to aggravate nothing and just I smiled. Eye Ee already began to look for my weak point, it was a big fan to fight a look, but so me this trick didn't pass, years of work as the lawyer and not for it were prepared. Already all returned to this time at tables and continued to walk. stories the sensuality Began a time of "entertaining" competitions where we with it appeared together, not at the will of course. A game began, but we had it the, we devoured the friend's friend with the eyes as then at work, passing along a corridor and furtively looking the friend at the friend. It very much was pleasant to me, at such moment everything simply grows dumb, such feeling arises before the first kiss, you just burns from all situation and excites.Having already accepted game ee conditions, I tried to be to her as it is possible closer, at one moment we together danced, having already absolutely forgotten about all around, I accurately stroked ee a back, inhaled ee aroma and just enjoyed it. Out of nirvana I was brought by ee a hand which moved mine on ee a hip, having so carried out by a hand from a back and along a hip I didn't feel ee of panties and she straightens out my hand at once, music comes to an end and we both return to the places. Sitting at a table, she noticed my puzzled look and began to smile cunning, knows that I die of curiosity now. Having a little tormented me a fox, I shot the eyes down, hinting that the answer not so and it is far. It is impossible to look under a table that others will think? "Excuse, at me urgently business under a table!" I take phone and accurately I photograph ee, having secretly looked, I see that on ee slender legs only stockings, there is nothing any more. Very interestingly, in ours with it the past it didn't allow itself such liberties, but subjects more interestingly. Closer to the middle of evening until all already as much as possible were fond of circulations "to smoke, talk", I secretly dragged away ee to the hall. As the restaurant was in the whole complex, at him there was also a hotel, many guests removed to themselves numbers not to try to go at night by the taxi, a then still to return for the second day, and I was not an exception. From the hall I am silent, brought ee to the number, the fox also didn't resist, probably it was pleasant to her that I any more not o than don't think except her. As only we came, I closed behind us a door, and we began to kiss greedy, with such greed I kissed nobody yet. Our languages met and caressed the friend of the friend, a my hands walked on all ee to a body, I so missed him. Having developed I delivered to ee the person to a case with a big mirror and having raised ee a dress began to caress ee round buttocks. The buttocks as earlier, I was in an excellent form, tightened and elastic to slap on her there was a huge pleasure. I quickly undid ee a dress and removed him through top, then released ee a breast and put on a bed. Before me the queen on whose forces was to tempt any someone will look at her lay, and today she will be mine. I quickly undressed and laid down to her. One hand I embraced ee, an another caressed ee a breast, caressed nipples and, without ceasing kissed. She stretched the hand down and took my dick in a cam, so as if it always was only ee and she won't release him any more. She turned me on a back and began to kiss, slipped down and began to caress my dick a breast, then settled at me between legs more conveniently and began to work the mouth, caressed a head, took him for a cheek, tried to take him as it is possible more deeply. Then I sat down on me from above I bent and I continued to kiss me, I raised ee buttocks and the dick put on the. The pussy was so hot and wet that it was possible to burn. The fox began to groan, I moved an ee up-down, she as a wild cat slid on my dick, one hand she reached eggs and was enough, caressed them. I knew how she loved when I fucked ee behind therefore I delivered to ee on all fours, began to caress ee a wet crack the dick until she shouted that I fucked ee and only after it I inserted the dick. We both groaned from excitement, at our peak I implanted a finger into ee poluraskrytoye a ringlet of buttocks and continued to fuck so so far all ee didn't fill with a cum. Having recovered the breath we still kakoye-to time caressed and kissed, but could lose us and therefore it was necessary to return to the others.