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Somehow after a disco Dima invited me to them in a lodge on a visit. In the company us was much. There were both guys and girls. All began to disperse to 1 one o'clock in the morning closer. Dima had to see me to my lodge as always. But he told that I didn't hurry and waited so far all will leave. It turned out that friends left too and it is unknown when are. Dima suggested to remain, to drink still wines, to chat. Practically at once he got to kiss to me. I having already fairly got drunk I accepted his kisses and caress. Gradually his hands began to caress my breast and a stomach. Then tried to caress my pussy through panties. I was very much made horney and was ready to anything. Strange, but me it wasn't terrible in spite of the fact that I was a virgin. He put me on a bed, removed panties, an undershirt, the brassiere on me wasn't. I didn't wear a brassiere, I have a small breast, but a fine form, and nipples always sexually stick out. I remained in one short short skirt to the Scotswoman. He lifted up a skirt and tried to enter me at once. But my plenochka wasn't torn. It was very sick. I began his hands to remove from myself. He began to press accurately on my hole and suddenly sharply entered. I screamed. He closed to me a mouth, having told that more better quietly groan. I understood, on the street we can be heard. On my legs and under me warm blood began to flow. He began to move vigorously in me. Then he turned me on a stomach and told that you shouldn't be afraid of anything that he will teach me how to satisfy men. He raised me for a stomach and moved apart to me buttocks. I covered it with oil and quietly the dick began to enter into my buttocks. It was very sick, but I obeyed. He asked that I was stronger curved on his dick. He began to move rhythmically behind. Alternately inserting a dick to me into both holes. In a few minutes it terminated to me in buttocks. I felt as the cum filled my intestines. 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To me it was sore, as it I didn't feel pleasure. But it was madly horney that I was so humiliated and lowered. They in turn changed as a result of almost at the same time began to cum to me in a mouth, in the pussy and in buttocks. Only after that to me allowed to have a rest, put on and to leave. But it was not the last appointment with these misters. All change I couldn't keep and went to this lodge where I was fucked at once by three guys.