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At the same time I already began to worry about Nastya - why her already second day isn't present at work? And morning of the same day I took her:" - the Sun, hello - well what is your state of health? In reply I heard her still a sleepy voice:" - I only that got up - yesterday the whole day terribly was ill me the head, but today all is already good. I still decided day to be alone at home, and tomorrow I will already come to work." I answered with a vigorous voice:" - My dear I after work will come to you to visit you today. I for you worry." And she burst out laughing in a tube and told:" - Of course, the Leveret, come, your Darling will wait for you." We at the end of the working day met in a corridor Svetlana Sergeyevna and I told her that I after work go to Nastya and she, having taken me by hand, quoted:" - Lyubov runs from those someone is driven for a neyu of subjects someone away runs throws oneself on the neck. "And she embraced me hands for a neck and, having kissed me on a cheek, added:" - You don't wait for me - go itself, and I somewhere for a couple of hours will be late today. "Approximately at six o'clock in the evening we with Nastya sat at a table in kitchen at her place and had tea. Nastya was dressed on house - on her there was a pink miniskirt in a large cage and a short violet t-shirt from under which the bottom of her tummy was visible. She already felt fresh also healthy therefore, having hardly drunk up tea we passed to a sofa at once and began to embrace and kiss there. Her a little smuglovaty and thin body was smooth and elastic to the touch. But instead of my girl scenes from our yesterday's meetings with her mother in library and the park were always on my mind. Nastya was discharged of me and quietly asked:" - Andrey why you such held down and you are even a little cold today with me?" I decided "to take occasion by the forelock at once" and answered:" - Nastya, and you know what to me was told yesterday by your mother?" She smiled and looked down:" - Yes, I then saw you. I couldn't keep not to peep at you." Now I reddened and felt as if in a skin of the beaten dog. And Nastya took my hand in the and quietly said:" - Andrey, I now too will try to explain all to you. Understand - my mother already long lives alone and it is very difficult for it to find for herself such as well as she the intelligent man. She for the last three years had only two boyfriends but one them them was a drunkard, and another in general was married and just wanted to have a bit on the side." Having made a small pause, she exhaled and continued, having stroke-oared me:" - Andryush, I don't remember that she was in such admiration as that our evening - it didn't happen to her any more long ago. And when I saw that you have sex that at first I became angry a little, and then understood that from it it will be good also to mother and you, and therefore and me also. Do you understand? To all of us from it it will only be more best!" She, having already a little got excited and having reddened, I added:" - Yes - she once told me as they with the father were helped by my grandmother. And me it was always very curious how it happens not according to stories, and in practice. Therefore I finished it that at you to it it happened - well what happened. Got that?" I already calmed down and looked to Nastya in the face and suddenly felt as far as my bride and her careful mother are close to me me. And Nastya whispered:" - She to me very much praises you and today I want to try with you sex. I will take a shower now and then you descend and come back to the hall to our sofa." Soon I fresh and naked only with a towel on hips left also the bathroom. When I came into the hall my girl sat on a sofa in a short white sundress and white long golfs. Her hair were collected behind in two small ridiculous tails. Hardly I approached her she slightly discharged me and told:" - Sit down on a chair and look!" And when I sat down that she at once, having got up before me, turned to me a back and strongly bent, having exposed the buttocks. Her sundress highly rose and I saw fine bends of her smooth smuglenky legs which are smoothly passing into buttocks - it was without panties. I was captured at once by the strongest desire to fuck it. And I jumped from a chair, but it to me made the negative sign that I sat further. Then she sat down on a sofa facing me and, having drawn in legs under herself, widely placed them and lifted up the short skirt up. Oh it was for me a marvelous show - the pink small pussy with a black strip of hair on a pubis looked it at me. She as if called me, and Nastya, having licked the finger, began to drive on her and to groan. She groaned all louder, having entered into the pussy already two fingers and having all over curved to me, actively masturbated. I didn't sustain such temptation any more and having broken from a chair attacked on her as a hungry tiger. I got the dick and Nastya at once the beginnings him deeply at once and to suck greedy. In several seconds I already bended over her and, having slapped few times in a hard and swarty bottom, the dick began to enter into her pussy. There was so closely and hardly, and Nastya already almost shouted under me. And then having recovered the breath she said:" - Andrey, not so quickly you will tear me on a part now." But to these she brought me also I breakthrough having pressed her to herself even stronger, the dick on all depth entered and began to cum violently in her. We already together loudly shouted and Nastya coiled under me as a snake. Later a couple of minutes we already tired and sweaty lay in an embrace on a sofa. Here the sound of the unlocked door was heard and in several seconds to us to the room Nastya's mother glanced and whispered:" - As I am glad to see that mine Romeo and Juliette already lie together on a marriage bed! I won't disturb you." And she having closed a door I went to myself to the bedroom. And my girl turned to me and told: