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From personal sexual experience, from more than 400, a can also about 500 mouths and cracks to which I had honor to be allowed. Na memories only 3 — 4 cases, well can 5, here so with the course, when writing this story, remembered two cases when I wanted what that the married whore, but didn't receive from the lady of access to her delights. Why didn't give probably approach didn't find in these 3 — 4 cases or just silly women got, one legs squeezed out front glass in the car, how sucked away, a suddenly remembered then that she the married and faithful wife, another told the husband of o my hints, in the general absolutely extreme cases. So here, very often it is necessary to read, yes and in communication there is an opinion in the men's environment, o the fact that a pier that, it was precisely lucky, the faithful companion / between that not away where the one someone if not to fuck, then in a mouth to merge got to me/. So here, it is forced to upset if your spouse wasn't fucked yet, then not therefore that she such true, a therefore that in her environment real Yobar didn't get. I am 49 years old, sexual experience even through edge, externally nothing outstanding, the size of the dick not from giants, growth 1.78, lysinka, a beer tummy too. After army I began the labor activity the driver of the dump truck in one of motorcades, naturally someone I could there priboltat on fuck, yes the dispatcher, the young married whore. In the basic it were meetings on evenings when I worked in the second change and its husband was at work in the second or night shift too, left on KamAZ in landing and went, then she the neighbor, too such housewife with babes the married whore, acquainted with our joys, here so in turn and poyebyval two married coevals. I want to notice that there were many different sexual cases, but never humeral I used services, as that on the married pulled all more interestingly and more safely. There was an interesting case as I came by KamAZ home for lunch, the aunt from the neighboring five-storey building approaches and asks, to blow a column from a deposit, the pier to her was advised by the master in repair, there is KamAZ, there is a compressed air, well I to her also blew, and still long blew in all holes, her then was where under fifty-kopeck piece, the husband all time was in business trips, an I didn't allow to grow her pizdenke. No fucked only by her rules, me in a mouth, then to put dog-fashion, to put, merge and dump, an is necessary for her slowly, without hurrying to saddle me and to fidget slowly on a dick, an I hands have to caress her big velvety boobs, then fucked her more and more rare, but years three it lasted until women tumbled down a stream. it is written for vbabe.mobiposle heavy driver's everyday life, a was necessary to work also in three changes to earn, what the senior, skilled companions closed to themselves in one change, went to work as the master of production training in school. I long waited for the first hole, type all teachers, decent while looked narrowly, but joint drinking of alcohol accelerates process and for new year fucked the teacher of history most klassuyu the girl of this educational institution, such doll all from itself, she was fucked only by the director, well and the husband naturally, an I the milksop of 23 years delivered dog-fashion on a chair in what that to a utility room, lifted up a skirt, pulled together tights with panties and set in this married decent aunt of years 40. O, it was great sex, such smart lady, strict, beautiful, with big boobs, richly dressed, in expensive lower linen Then in her office stories or at me in a workshop repeatedly fucked while I not vlupashilsya in one of colleagues, am sensitive is more senior than me, is married to what that the factory chief. As that got together persons on duty on the hostel, a for holidays a big part of pupils parted, here we also somersaulted all night on da comnatam's floors. The affair with the new whore lasted, periodically didn't forget the teacher of history regularly to fill her mouth with a cum so it was necessary to ask, a here was simpler to be put a crustacean and to put in a wet perineum. Then so I was worn out by this work with morons / on the skin understood what to be a teacher / that left back to twist a steering-wheel. And someone I had on the new working place, it was already necessary to grow and not to be exchanged for dispatchers and other ITRsh, correctly, the secretary of the chief of the shop. It is clear, that in the majority of cases the secretary, is the inaccessible, attractive, beautiful woman easily available only to the husband and for the chief. Na the moment of our acquaintance she only divorced and the chief of the shop and the chief of operation fucked only her. In the general pearl her these uncles happened also on two, the truths so and I didn't tell, but I dare to assume that divorced for this reason. In that time I already began to be engaged buy-prodaystvom, week at the main work, on days off to Moscow behind goods. One colleague told the secretary, the pier is the person who each day off is wound to Moscow and can bring who that the necessary goods, she ko to me with questions. Talked that yes сё, I just was shocked from such chance to fuck this whore, agreed that I take her with myself, I pay journey, accommodation and food, a she ko to me will be very favorable, vauuu, I even in the most erotic dream couldn't imagine it that I will fuck this goddess. It is necessary to give due to this beautiful whore, in the first night in Moscow I received all o what could dream nadrachivaya on the secretary of the chief of the shop. Our relationship lasted about two years, all were whispered, the administration looked koso, she wanted a serious relationship that wasn't in my plans of the young married man therefore it was necessary to dump and become completely on commercial rails. In that time at the plant there were also other sexual plots with married ladies. One of chiefs of other shop, where I was sent for delivery of freights showed signs of attention and directly the married whore initiated our the first perepikhon at herself on the apartment, again, fat to nobody the interesting gray mouse, jumped on me too didn't wet pants yet as I then young yes not skilled thought. On such Moskovsko-tovarnoy to the scheme I worked with the very young girl from archive, recently there was in marriage all such correct, fucked prior to a joint trip on her working place, on a table in archive, inclined on a table, lifted a blue working dressing gown, lowered panties, let's insert, an is dry there as in the desert, let's spit quicker on a palm yes didn't decide not to grease pizdenku yet, fucked in all holes further, it was that rare case when it was pleasant to the whore serially in both holes. Working at the main work, on days off I was wound to the different cities of our Union behind various goods and so gradually it became my main work, for this time much as married / in this story the speech only o of the married, so and divorcees in different places, a compartment, the platform, a toilet, a high-rise building roof, entrances, just on the street, parks, cafe, utility rooms and other extreme places was fucked. So gradually the shop assistant from commercial department / lump/, the married girl from a parallel class, all goods through them became my colleague on commerce, take goods only from the, the aunt all such of themselves, fucked not long as that not pyorlo, more and more on joint work communicated. And there came the critical moment as in business, so and in sexual life, I put the commercial booth and began to fuck in general all someone came to work what messages or account it wasn't represented possible any more, in day could put in three-chetyre holes, about blowjob not a question, it so on the course, between business at all. Na reception for work already at the first conversation I tried to find out someone will give, someone won't give a, the benefit the choice was though arrange a casting. By the way, about account. At first I conducted the general quantity then when passed for hundred someone advised to conduct account by years, couple of years chtoto it turned out, a potomv the main worked as the lieutenant Rzhev, it is possible also on a muzzle, a can and be fucked, asked how you into the account of a small cocksucking or as to you on a sex of shyshiki, yes сё, hi-hi ha-ha, a when I already threw out the economy before a nose at future or real workers, they already and had no options, it was necessary to suck and believe all sucked. Or other option, you give to the entrusted worker a task to report that tomorrow that and that go with the chief to a sauna and everything for someone red days of the calendar work to the following time, not concordants for a frost. Here so such high percent of HE of refusals is also reached. Someone I fucked, age categories everything, from young unmarried girls / never nravilos/to and I don't remember extreme age, but there are such ladies who already and grandmothers, but will give odds to any young woman. Percent in a ratio the married and not the married / divorced/, where that 60/40. Where fucked, everywhere, in the basic at office and a sauna. At office it is absolutely simple, since morning presses sprema in the head someone that I attracted to the room, I undid a fly, she already costs on knees, the horney dick, warm sponges here as here, I took for a head poyebal got and terminated in a neck, lifted, kissed, slapped in buttocks and go work. When it a little there is also a wish for someone to fuck, a wants always someone the newcomer, you are closed in an office and let's persuade, in the answer usually, a that a pier all will think, well a that they will think, all and so know everything, at first in a mouth, then knees on a stool that the deflection for the best disclosure was more best, yes and it is possible to hold by the dangling boobs or simply nagibom on a table, you lift a short skirt or lower panties, lower panties/tights, love stockings / and insert into a warm bosom when wet fly at once till the end, a when dry to have to spit out on a hand to grease and gradually to enter. I fucked, I terminated, I pulled panties, I corrected clothes and I went to work further. In a sauna, as that not прёт, all stark naked, the sauna is more and more on gruppeshnikam when I so companions and my workers, well there where someone and as, all an avalanche. Here I like to observe more or in a mouth will be attached when fuck the accountant or the seller. There was a case, when one shop assistant brought the daughter into a sauna, who worked for us too that was very unexpected, but is extremely exciting, to here fuck both at once it didn't turn out, so poyebyvali in turn. By the way, there were also other cases. when fucked mothers with daughters, so here the most interesting that also mothers and daughters always set one question, a someone is more best I or mother / dochka/. I always liked mothers, girls had to lie, an in general it is blooming great as makes horney poyebyvat both, especially, when both know about it. Yes, in these cases there were only mothers of the divorcee. Friday, favourite day, after successful or stressful working week it is necessary to relax, drink in a campaign and it is obligatory so the ladies, what they lied to husbands there I don't know, but on Friday in the end of working day binge and the obligatory program, good fuck with the married whore. As give in buttocks, by my experience very not willingly, especially senior generation, young maids as that on more simply, absolutely small percent goes from an anal, tell many, a pier even the husband in buttocks isn't given, here I give a to you, here I trust in it. The husband can't and give, an on blyadkakh it is necessary to be in all form, here and suffer, a don't receive a high. Too concerns blowjob, all suck in general, it is unambiguous, there were many stories o the fact that I don't take from the husband, the pier even pulls on vomiting, too I trust in it, but all suck, don't swallow of absolutely small percent, try to spit out if in time for ears not to pull, a so take, swallow and on a face with pleasure receive, the husband that is possible also noodles on ears to pull, here and spouses a pier my not such think.Very often husbands came by the end of working day for the spouse, it in general takes down a tower, to give in a mouth or to fuck the married whore when the husband already topchitsya in expectation blessed, then you observe a how at a meeting she kisses him only that obvaflennymi sponges which only that accepted your cum or having undertaken under handles go together, an at her between legs your cum. In an occasion of condoms, never I used them and I don't use, one lady suggested to put on a condom, there were requests not to cum in her, but on a booze someone hears it. Here now poyobuyu accountants, I came ko to me many years the girl / tselkoy/back then roads dispersed, left in marriage, gave birth to children, during that period was true didn't take and didn't give, years five as we work together again, long didn't give, years two!!!, so to tell I revenged, but I fuck when in the head the cum presses down, an in a mouth not a beret in any way, otakoye happens. Today I brought / very seldom it happens, it was just necessary pomoch/the new worker, the divorcee, almost coevals, with big boobs, I ask how it about a small cocksucking, smiles, everything means will be in an order/cum/.Ктo will think, mudilo, polzuyeshsya the situation where it and so, but and mine davalki aren't offended as at least normal, timely payment of work and a side job if return, means well. For those to someone this story is addressed if your spouse had the lower linen which obviously doesn't pull your family budget, it is worth thinking of the fact that someone that her already ebyot, a can not simply ebyot, a made of her spermopriyomnik. Here phone rang out, talked to one of the former workers, the freaky married whore whom we a pearl the campaign, years three where that I wandered, looks for work now.