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Looking at all this, Marina was delighted: - The darling, when I look at you, I want to insert to you, I want to set, fuck to you you – to bend, break hands for a back and properly to otymet you, - she heatedly spoke and I was happy that I awaken the real men's desires in my Goddess. The marine however and did - fucked me often and always unexpectedly that emphasized her power over me. It was so disturbing – there was a wish her and she bent me. For example, when I washed the dishes, brought order to the house or left a bathtub, having turned back only a towel. I approached, I embraced, I kissed on a neck – as though a usual noncommittal matrimonial kiss. But then her hands suddenly began to rummage on my body, it reached buttocks, squeezed strongly, but is gentle. Having felt her hands, I already gave up all the affairs, waited when I am taken. It was pleasant to her this male active role – when she took the initiative, and I played a role of the confused schoolgirl: I pressed me to a sink, I lowered panties to knees – houses I went only in female panties – and, having greased with me a hole, inserted without excess talk and preludes. The whore has to be ready always to move apart legs and to hold up buttocks. I and did. And even if it was also sometimes unpleasant to me – I suffered if only Marin it was good. She thought up to dress me in suits of whores from the pornowebsites which we often together looked through. For example, we played "the Japanese schoolgirl". I put on knee socks to knees, sports shoes, a tweed checkered skirt and a white shirt, braided the long hair in two braids, painted sponges in brightly scarlet color and we played. The marine put on spacious trousers and a men's shirt – such clothes hid her female delights and she looked at the same time we suck as the boy, besides she had a short hairstyle. I was just frightened by a time of her transformations. Generally, it was a man, and I – it is clear someone … - Mmm …. You look so indecently, Yanochka, you would know as … go, look at yourself in a mirror, well it is simple not to distinguish from that brunette that we saw the website yesterday. Other game was in a pornostar. For this image I put on shoes on the high and wide platform – such translucent, the shouting scandalous flowers what dress these babe from the American or Brazilian porno. On one ankle at me the chain gleamed. I had no breast, of course, but we solved this problem simply – bought in an erotic shop latex which was inserted into a bra by 4 sizes. I put on a short translucent topic with a big cut all this economy ….-Ah …., - I looked at myself in a mirror and strolled before Marina, wagging hips, in my opinion it turned out super, Marin's truth? I also felt that I look as on tests, to move with such breast moreover on heels there was … already it enough to feel like the vulgar maid. The marine didn't cease to be surprised to both my talents and the ideas which so unrecognizably changed the ordinary young man in the scandalous whore. There were, of course, also stockings in a large grid and tights of bright hallucinogenic shades. But I was not just a whore, I was a slave and somehow Marina bought a collar on a long chain and anal plug on which end stuck out a horse tail. She inserted a plug to me into a chink and drove on the apartment, holding on a lead. I naturally moved on all fours, as well as it befits the slave at Madam. - Yanochka, you have to move gracefully, bending a back and to try to wag buttocks, - Marina demanded. She liked to hold a chain tense while I, standing dog-fashion and having bulged buttocks, I licked her the pussy or I caressed an anus. Or I sucked fingers standing. She forced to look her in the face while I in a mouth had her magnificent fingers with a faultless pedicure. - It is pleasant to you how I fuck you a leg, the darling?, - Marina was brought. - Mmmm….ochen, - I lowed to the yaena there was a wish for more and more perverted games, but Marina never followed of me the tastes, and on the contrary always anticipated my desires own. It is amazing as she felt me – when I wanted humiliation – she organized me toilet sessions with offensive, but absolutely deserved treatment of me. Well as it is possible to treat the one it is pleasant to someone when Madam urinates to him in a mouth and someone being kneeling, pinches from a foot to urine? I think, you understand about what I. The marine dipped the wonderful leg in the pool which formed from our games, then brought to a mouth and smeared on the person. I with greed pinched these saltish droplets, holding up both a mouth and a face and hair – if only is under it wonderful legs. Under legs of my favourite Madam. - The kid, - Marina in a toilet called me. I resorted. - I didn't begin to use toilet paper, thought that for you it will be simple, - the Marine got up from a toilet bowl, turned to me a back and moved apart buttocks. To my look the seductive soiled rozetochka appeared. - To me long to wait?! Quickly lick everything, a creature there!, - she shouted at me, but I so knew the work – the anus of Madam has to be clean and as not the slave has to be responsible for it. If it is the slave – the feminized and lowered husband. The marine derived some sadistic pleasure to spit in my mouth when I licked excrements from her buttocks. Looking at my language soiled in her shit, she fastidiously bent and tastefully spat. - You are a dirty pervert, Yana, - she kept saying, - I lower you lower and lower, and you dream to fall even below. Once Madam Olga came to us on a visit again, and only then I understood that she was specially invited by Marina to povospityvat me. I left Olga and as it seemed to me, she was in low spirits. Cold having nodded me, girls left on kitchen. I followed them, but Marina puffed that I didn't disturb. I was upset. At last they came into the room, at that moment I sat at the computer. - As I am glad you to see, Madam Olga!, - I got up because of a table and went to her to a meeting having stretched hands and shining. But Madam Olga didn't smile in reply. - Yanochk, Madam aren't so welcomed. Absolutely not so, - I said by an ice voice and it was visible that she hardly restrains what not to pass to shout. Here reached me that I stand on the feet, but not on a lap and legs gave away by itself, I understood that I blundered. On a lap I spread to Olga, muttering apologies. The marine stood, with interest observing, what will be farther. Madam Olga didn't move a little while I at last didn't jump to her legs and didn't begin to kiss shoes. - The muzzle in a floor, an ass above, - was shortly told by Olga. I looked was on the Marine, looking for at it supports, but right there received slap in the face backhand. - You what the bitch, didn't hear that ordered you?!, - I never saw to Marin such … .taky rough and such imperious, strong and ruthless. I understood that I always wanted it. I wanted that treated me here so, roughly, as with the slave that ordered me. Because it is simpler to execute commands and simpler to please. For Marina I became a sexual toy, but we had a pleasure at the same time mutual. Still I thought a little that such as I it is worth thinking less of himself – more pleasure of the Hostess. - Where your collar, bitch? You have to wear a collar! A marine, you indulge it, she needs to be leashed as a doggie. - Yes, you are right, I indulge, sometimes, you see this creature even got out of hand. I bought a collar to it, - the Marine loudly and painfully lashed me on a bum, - quickly, the bitch, on all fours behind him, you will bring in teeth.