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But neither you nor I are happy in marriage. And here it. You saw in me not only the girlfriend, but the Woman. Probably then everything twirled between us. The end of April was quite warm and I went already in one suit, the benefit could afford it. You sat with friends told about something when I entered. It is a pity that you didn't see yourself at that moment. You as if dropped out of reality and I am with you. I saw not only the friend, but also the man. Probably then I understood hundred we will have everything. There will be a passion, there will be a sex. There will be what will reduce us to ashes. And here we get acquainted again and again we speak about something. But none of us could remember what we spoke. We looked at each other didn't understand WHY so long we were blind. But here and evening and to us it is time to go home, but that it …. I see that you don't want to release me and I don't want to leave you. What to do? Everything just we go to walk across Moscow. Night. Boulevard ring. Quietly. But I was tired and you were tired. We know WHAT this night will end. But which of us will decide to suggest to leave. It dropped out me. - We can leave in And. If YOU want it. - I yes. And you? - And I want … then went …. And here we in number one of. Some of. Shakes me from passion and nervousness. I don't know you, but so I want. And I can do nothing with myself, you having playfully slapped me on buttocks you send to a shower, and itself you prepare a bed. While I washed you poured to me some Martini, and myself cognac. You accept me from a shower in a towel gently you wipe droplets of water you take away in a bed and you promise to return soon. I drink Martini and I listen as water rustles. Also I understand that all mokrenky you made nothing yet, and I already flow. But here you leave. Suntanned, slender despite age you are beautiful. You approach me and tenderly you kiss. Oh, yes …. It is fine. Your lips soft and gentle they are hot and passionate. Slowly you go down lips to a breast. You play with my nipples, you tickle them language, gently you bite. Your hands slide on a body falling to a chink. Fingers you caress a clitoris and I go crazy from passion. I ask you: "Enter me … don't keep waiting", but you continue this sweet torture. Now language is added to your fingers. Oh, as it is sweet …. A uvula you have me, and your fingers go down below and below and here they already about an entrance to buttocks. But me it is terrible, I never tried it. But you calm me and you say that you will be gentle and careful. Your body already inflated and and asks for me. And my girl wants to accept it, we wash the finger moistened in juice warms up buttocks and carefully slips inside. Oh yes and at this moment you enter me …. But that this, it is so sweet it so pleasantly. And it is unusual. But here you begin to move more and more vigorously. He inflates. You stop to take rest. And I overturn you down and it appear from above. Now I control force and depth of penetration. It is pleasant to you and you already enter the second finger. Covers me with a wave. I shout and I coil, fight in orgasm spasms. But you didn't terminate yet and I offer you that you wanted. The buttocks. It is a devstvenna and I am pure. You overturn me on a tummy and you put a pillow. Your dick, he such big for me, but you persuade not to be afraid and relax. Here you put a head to an entrance and it unexpectedly easily slipped in me. Oh, yes …. It begins to be pleasant to me, you are gentle and careful, but I feel THAT you can't restrain more you cum …. It seems to me there is an eternity. But here you became soft. You whisper gentle words on an ear …. without leaving me you turn over with me and on barrels. And with pleasure you fall asleep also I after you. In a dream he dropped out of me. But since morning he is ready to feats again. I am accepted to him, at first gently by a uvula on a head. Then on a bridle and at last I swallow him entirely. He hot and sweet. You whisper something in a dream. Your hands slide on my body, gently rumple a breast, caress nipples. And you wake up, you put hands to me the head and you set a rhythm, it brings me even more. It inflates, begins to pulse and here the stream punches me through. I drink your nectar to the bottom and it is sweet as chocolate and invigorates as a cup of coffee. You woke up. And that nobody will be farther without knowing yet