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I took an interest in the price, me everything suited and here a miracle … The young guy the mulatto volunteered to ride me on the scooter. He had a swarty rolled body, long wavy hair, big brown eyes and high growth. He put me on the scooter and carried. We sailed rather far, he didn't speak Russian in general, to my happiness spoke English. I asked him: "Where we float?" He looked at me smiled and asked: "How I look at that to have with him sex?" I long didn't "break" it is possible to tell agreed at once as he was pleasant to me at once, and during the whole time of stay in Pattaya, I waited for a similar romantic case. He added speeds on the scooter, made couple of abrupt turns on waves, and we went, from his words, to the desert small island which was not far. In a few minutes before us surprising beauty of the wild beach promised them islands opened. And here we sit together on desert, the beach, before us azure waves caress white sand, we are surrounded only by the sea and high palm trees, branches which are hanging down in blue water … I come into cool water, and I lay down on wet sand, waves caress my body, pretty droplets of salty water roll down from hips, a stomach and my naked breast. Looking at it I couldn't keep, he was covered by easy excitement, and at the thought of possible sex pulse becomes frequent … He approached me, villages with wash away nearby, gently I touched to mine of an elastic breast, slightly fingers having squeezed my sharpening nipple, I went down below, I ran a hand over a stomach, hips … Then, stroking internal side of my hip, his hand slowly began to be raised slowly up. Through panties he groped a small knob, and began to mass it slowly. From excitement I threw back the head back, and from my breast slightly audible groan escapes … My body was covered by a small shiver, I couldn't wait more, but. … he didn't hurry. Slowly I removed from me panties, and I continued the delightful caress, slowly pushing fingers in my hot bosom … Sea waves embraced our bodies, our lips merged in a passionate and gentle kiss …. The heat of the scorching sun strengthened excitement, I caressed the slender fingers his suntanned and elastic body, from his unearthly caress at me inside everything became damp, and is very hot … It pushed the fingers more deeply and more deeply, and itself was already unable to keep, he wanted to enter the dick in me. And here the wave of unearthly pleasure captured all my body, even it seemed to me that for some time from the come orgasm I stopped heart … It bent, gently kissed me, moved apart my slender legs and with animal passion stuck into me the firm dick. His movements were smooth, and in too time very strong. He clasped with the hands me for hips and with a force, with each push pressed me to himself. Our bodies merged in a whole, cool waves gently caressed us. We turned over and I laid down from above. I bent over him, kissed him on a neck, a breast, a tip of language went down to a nipple and gently bit him. I covered all his body salty from sea water, kisses, stroke-oaring a head of the dick strained from desire. My fingers slid on all its length, from a head to the basis, спускавшись to the basis of his dick, I slightly squeezed him. Then I inclined the head to him, to the dick flaring from excitement, slightly opened lips, and gently kissed him, concerning a language tip. Then I completely took him in a mouth, is deep … to the basis, densely squeezed lips, and began to slide on him up and down, at the same time caressing him language. His body is strained, and it was covered by a shiver, consciousness grew dim from ecstasy, but it you don't hurry to finish all this pleasure so quickly.His dick became even more firmly and more hotly, that final moment of an orgasm is already close, but having brought him to a stunning condition of ecstasy, I finished oral caress, rose sliding the wet body on his stomach above, I touch him with the firm nipples, caressed his stomach the boobies. Then I straightened a back and smoothly I fall by his dick, immersing it in myself where everything simply boils from unsatiable desire of sex …. I smoothly moved up and down sliding on his fine and hot dick … It held thinking for hips, pressing densely to itself. From excitement his dick irrigated a stream of my hot lubricant …. Animal desire captured me, I strongly seized hands by his hands, having left red marks on his skin … He turned me and bended over … I took me for hips I attracted to myself, sharply I entered me. I was pierced by pain, pleasant pain which borders about a condition of ecstasy, causes lust …. Sharp pushes it had, me, with a force pressing me to itself(himself) … I bent a back from unearthly pleasure, from desire of sex what his dick would push even more deeply … His movements became quicker and stronger, and here … he strong pressed me to himself and his body was captured by an orgasm wave …. I felt as the hot cum fills me, he pulled out the dick, and the cum began to flow from me a thin stream … We laid down on wet sand, and sea waves, the cool caressed our bodies, excited and tired of sex, ….