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Well personally so it seems to me — she low growth, with wide buttocks, but not so what would look ridiculously. A breast, on a type of the size, the third with a half. The brown-haired woman, with a hairstyle kare, years already began to affect her, but it only added her appetency. Blue, eyes. In general eyes differed strikingly. If Christina had a silly look of big eyes, then her mother of an eye had less, an a look more penetrating, and not silly. Acquaintance took place quietly, smiled, communicated much. Drank tea, I told it to mother of o that someone I work, having learned that I at a good position and that I live in the apartment, in the city the million plus city (they live in the chiliarch), she quickened even more. I laughed the matter off that a pier: "There was at last a husband of my Kristinke! That nobody wanted to take it to A in marriage". Christina shy answered a pier: "It's not true" what her mother with a smile answered: "Yes it is fine to you, тыж at me the ninny!" I guessed as far as Christine who got used to be far from mother it is awkward now. She on people "noblewoman". — Mothers, don't put me about such awkward situation. — Before someone? I and so know you. Yes and your dear groom understood everything already long ago. — Well that you, Svetlana Igorevna, Christina lovely and the truth, fairly clever. — Okh, fairly clever, you will tell too. The meeting took place in whole quite to itself not bad. We remained with her mother for two days. She restrained the heat, and especially didn't call me "groom" it is visible understood that she got excited me it confused. At Christina monthly began and was not before sex. The not less, for the clear reasons we spent all time together. Giving Na had nothing to do, chatter of her mother bothered me with order. At one of the free moments when Svetlana didn't get me, a Christina crushed by oppression of mother sat down in a corner and began to read, I wrote to Elza. It turned out that Elza spent days off quite saturated — I went to an excursion to St. Petersburg. Inspired, she told me o of those much the ideas which came to her to the head in this city. The ideas concerned as creation of the movie, so and in the intimate plan. There was she visited also local BDSM club where she was taken new experience. When discussed a big part of subjects, I decided to tell Christine's o, but is the most careful. I: "How you by the way treat bitches? A to silly girls, but thus bitchy?" Elza: "A as I has to concerns them? They were, is and will be. The world, an is so arranged that?" I: "Well here we will allow I know one such. Silly, lewd, but bitchy also builds of itself the tsarevna whom it is difficult to achieve" Elza: "Well don't communicate with her if it isn't pleasant. In what a problem?" I: "A if to re-educate? To make not bitchy and pliable" Elza: Whether "Your A put her to re-educate? To you the fact of her bitchiness doesn't allow to live?" I: "If I re-educate, will be an excellent girl and the mistress. A nipple on 10 of 10, can, even, will come to your BDSM clubs. Together so me" Elza: "Key question: she doesn't mind a what she would be re-educated? She wants it? So as if isn't present — that I will repeat, whether your business?" I remembered how Christina exchanged, after couple of slaps in the face and master's tone, just couples days ago. I: "Wants as times in it and salt that wants, and even somehow asked for help" .elza: "Well then to what this dialogue?" I: "To prepare you for the fact that the new mistress" Elza can be, appear at you: "haakhkha pancake, I shout, conduct her here, don't scratch a language. As I will have her then and will talk" .pogovoriv to Elza, I got up and approached Christina, stroked on the head. — She will finish me — Christina by the trembled voice whispered — I hate her. — A what is with it not so? — As we will leave from her — I will tell. It wasn't succeeded to leave from her plainly. More precisely everything was quite sad. We, having stayed for a while the promised two days, began to gather home as Svetlana, gathered too. — give A I will live with you day, everything equally days off till Tuesday go! I will check how my daughter copes with a role of the housewife! In a result she went with us. Na the person wasn't Christine. At this moment I forgot o all lewd merrymakings and about all it, it was just a pity for it. I embraced it for a shoulder and pressed. She with alarm and frustration looked at me. During this instant I felt in her the native person, but this feeling not very long lasted. — Everything will be good — I whispered to her on an ear. Svetlana, with a cavil threw the room, on arrival and criticized the dinner made by Christina. Ta any more nearly I cried. When Christina left to watch series, Svetlana remained so me in kitchen. — you Understand, Christina, she is such. Well she wants to pose very much as the status girl, but the silly fellow rural on the fact. She is a quite good daughter, the truth. No I don't want her on to release long, and sometimes I come to her with check. I think even more often to come. She is dependent, helpless. Without me she will be gone. — Maybe you will give her chance? After all she tries. — Oh yes it is fine, tries, I am her mother, I know her all life! As only I learned that you live together — at once decided to arrive here, with "inspection" to check as it here. Well so far, it seems, tolerably. — All right, I understood you. Probably you are right. Will you allow, I will help to wash up ware? I tried in everything to it it is pleasant though every moment it was given me more difficultly and more difficultly. After it I decided that it is necessary to deal with her mother too. As also her daughter, she — just the woman. So the weaknesses. To find on her a compromising evidence, to pressure her, to bring her at others to emotions. And everything, main — to destroy her authority. Na the next day, in day of her departure, I left to take out garbage, a when returned — made it quietly and imperceptibly, they didn't hear knock of an entrance door and stood in the room, talking in polgolosa. — Christine, the main thing, remember — you can't lose such young person! He is in the chips and intelligent, well where you it still will find? — Yes mamul. — Just here even look. Someone at us here in the city? Drunks some, jobless, yes just rude fellows, cattle. A is your chance to leave from here. The city the million plus city is big opportunities! Yes иЯ heard as she goes to side of the hall, and I hid behind a wall of the corridor conducting on kitchen. Having convinced, I am absent and skoree all I still take out garbage, she continued: — Yes and if you leave in marriage, well — she even more quietly — the apartment if told that we will seize then, well, chance! — Well mamul, I don't know. — What? You that, silly woman? — Forgive mamul, yes, we will seize if that. It is necessary to survive! — To-to! Nitwit! Where my bag? I is sharp, but trying not to rustle I approached an entrance door. Quietly I opened it and I made a look that only that entered, on this time is noisy: — Okh! Na the ladder to what-to grandmother should help have to dragged the cart in the elevator! Forgive that was late. — Yes nothing — Svetlana — nothing smiled, you help seniors, it is correct! "Akh you suchye tribe! Here mrazota!" I thought, smiling to this bitch. When she left, Christine became polegche, but she stayed in an awful state. I took seat to play in Sims of an I thought over what to do with this spiteful pizdoy, on a name Svetlana. In whole I decided to act in two directions. The first — to expose her the hysteric woman and the silly woman in eyes as Christina so and her own girlfriends. For this purpose it is necessary to gather at one table and to bring dialogue to those subjects at which discussion she loses self-control these are, of course, subjects about Kristinka. Yes it is also possible for o than-to still, the main thing — what in eyes of people around it would become the hysteric woman. The main thing to make everything so that I didn't look a provoker. A the second direction was too that and with Christina. For certain