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Having called Ivan and having issued instructions that and where to buy what to make on the house, Nina all was late at work almost till nine in the evening. When Nina was already going to leave and decided to sit before leaving and having relaxed to drink a tea cup, SMS sound was distributed. Having taken phone, she read the message from Oleg: "Tomorrow all in force? From me what-to is necessary?" The woman lovely smiled and sent the return answer: "If you take away me from office through polchasika now and you will bring home, we will discuss everything on the road". Literally in several seconds the answer arrived: "I will be in twenty seven minutes". Nina, having read, again I smiled. Having set aside a cup, I got up from a chair. Having closed a door on a key, it went to the room of rest which was equipped except all go other still and a shower cabin. Having taken a shower and vyterevshes, she put on, without having forgotten to put on fresh linen, so as evening can be full of surprises. I approached a mirror, I corrected the working suit and having taken a bag, I switched off light and I closed office. Leaving the building, she already noticed Oleg's BMW and went directly to her. Oleg went out of the car and having given a hand to the woman, opened before her a door and helped to sit down in a car. When they started, Nina asked the young person not to hurry, a to take for a drive him on the city. She wanted to talk to him, to recognize him poblizhe, to feel him, not only as lover with a big and beautiful dick but and as the man and the person in whom she decided to trust. She didn't want to be mistaken. They long rode on the night city, stirred and laughed, made advances and flirted. Nina dared to clasp several time with a hand his dick who bulked up under jeans, than caused groan of the guy. I allowed to kiss myself on a neck and a cheek, without letting further, removing the most interesting on tomorrow. For all this time Ivan wrote and called several time, so as worried about darling, but having received the answer that she now in the car with Oleg, he ceased to call. Home Nina came already at the beginning of the first of night. Light in the hall burned. Ivan sat in kitchen and that-to read in the laptop. — Hello, loved — having inclined over the husband and having kissed him on a cheek the woman said. No Ivan didn't answer. — Wow! Yes you are jealous in any way! Mm as it is pleasant! — Nina began to smile and having approached a teapot included it. Then it was developed near I leaned the elbows o back a window sill and I lit, having attentively looked at the husband. Ivan ignored ee a look and attempt to begin a conversation. Having finished smoking a cigarette, Nina slowly began to undress. Having undone a jacket, she threw it on a floor. Then to legs the skirt fell. Having got hands for a back, she undid and here threw a brassiere, caressing fingers the nipples and groaning. No the husband didn't react, a didn't give a look more true though his shorts puffed up from tension already long ago. Having hooked on an elastic band of panties, Nina turned a back to the husband and slowly pulled together them from hips. Having crossed through them, the woman placed legs on width of shoulders and having caved in in a back, set aside buttocks. Having got hands for a back, she clasped the buttocks and began to move apart them and to rumple, touching by fingers of an anus and the opened sexual lips shining from lubricant. She was so strongly made horney that it was ready to jump for darling herself, but seeing his state, decided everything to finish him. Seeing that Ivan keeps from the last forces, Nina smiled, a then having slowly approached the spouse, closed the laptop. Having moved away him in the party, Nina climbed before darling on a table and moved apart the hips, looking at him from above down. — Well and what you were so brought, sweet mine? — smiling the wife asked. Ivan was silent, looking at a brilliant perineum of the spouse, literally in several centimeters from his person. — Well, darling, be not silent. We agreed to tell each other everything — the woman insisted. Ivan lifted on her a look.— No we didn't agree that you will fuck on the party as the whore — Ivan filtered through teeth. Nina for a second stood, with surprise, a then, having smiled, beckoned a finger and pointed to the perineum. — you check A whether there was someone-to there today or isn't present. You are a skilled lover and you know me very well. Do you know my taste, after that as I cum, whether so? Here also check, times you don't trust darling — all also smiling and stroking a finger the clitoris, Nina quietly answered, restraining not to break from the place and not to run away into a shower. Ivan looked in eyes to the wife and that, having sustained his look nodded. — Give, sweet mine, lick my wet girl and you will understand that I am faithful to you. Well, more safely — having started fingers in the spouse's hair, she gently pulled him to the perineum. Ivan, all still looking in eyes to the spouse, I approached ee of a perineum and with the tongue hanging out I licked a chink between lips. — Aaa, yes! Still, sweet mine — having leaned back on elbows, Nina moaned having released the head of darling. Ivan began to lick slowly fold ee, understanding that taste of ee of nectar all such as earlier, and without impurity of foreign men's smells. Without worrying about treason so the parties of the spouse any more, Ivan began to enjoy caress of ee of a chink and buttocks. Nina moaned, playing occasionally the nipples and pressing legs the favourite man. When she understood that she will terminate now, the spouse didn't begin to stop, a pressed his person to the perineum even stronger. Ivan worked language hard, pinching all arriving juice, enjoying their great taste. When the woman began to tremble and and having shuddered several time became soft on a table, Ivan continued to lick ee, but didn't concern a clitoris any more, licking only folds of lips and a ringlet of an anus. stories about sex — Mmmm, sweet, my as I love you — I sang by a cheerful and happy voice of Nin and I sat down on a table. Ivan looked at her from below up, stroking hips. — I see, you were made horney too, my cat — stroking a foot his dick through fabric of shorts, said Nin. — Do want I to you I will help? — the woman suddenly offered and the spouse only nodded agreeing. — Then lay down a breast on a table — getting down Nina told. Wait for me. I now. — the woman left kitchen. She returned already in a dressing gown and so lubricant in hands. Ivan already took off shorts together with pants and lay a breast on a table. — Mmm, what buttocks — Nina carried out by a hand on a buttock and I squeezed ee in a palm. Having delayed a palm a buttock in the party, she pressed on a tube so lubricant. Transparent liquid poured down on mezhjyagodichnuyu the hollow, on an anus below on a ball sack. Having set aside lubricant, Nina sat down on a chair, behind Ivan and began to smear fingers lubricant between his buttocks and on balls and to the dick. She clasped with one hand his already firm dick and began to masturbate, an a finger of other hand got into his buttocks. — What sweet buttocks — I sentenced Nin. — What narrow hole — again entering a finger into an anus of the husband it continued, slowly moving a palm on his dick. Having groped a finger a prostate, Nina began to caress ee, slowly masturbating his dick. Having developed his buttocks one finger, darling accurately entered into it one more finger and began to advance slowly forward. — Mm, as cool! — proiznelsya the woman also kissed the husband on a buttock. Having slightly inclined, she clasped with a mouth one ball and began to suck round it, continuing movements by fingers and a palm. From a head of his dick lubricant, and Nina gradually began to act, having delayed a dick back, sliznula ee. Then having licked a head entirely, she returned to balls, increasing movements by fingers and a palm along the dick. Long it wasn't necessary to wait. Ivan clasped to hands a table-top and moaned. Nina continued to masturbate his dick and to move fingers in an anus till that time until the last drops fell cums from a head of his dick to a floor. The woman accurately took fingers from buttocks of the husband and clapped on buttocks. Having a little rumpled his dick and balls, she got up so a chair and went to a shower. — Be tidied up, darling, here and we will go to sleep. We have a difficult day tomorrow — I said Nin and I was behind a shower door. While Ivan cleaned after himself orgasm traces, the wife accepted a shower and left to sleep. The spouse went to a shower too. Soaping a body, he walked hands on him still to buttocks, slippery from lubricant, and noticed that this caress with each time delivers to him longer and longer than pleasure. Having washed, he went to sleep too. In the morning Nina woke darling, caress of his dick. Ne looking that they went to bed late to sleep, she perfectly got enough sleep and she wanted sex again. Stroking a dick of darling and touching his balls in a palm, she kissed his nipples. Ivan opened eyes and saw the favourite woman who caresses him. Having remembered what occurred at night, Ivan decided to take on this time an initiative in the hand. He sharply turned the wife on a back and having thrown through her a leg, the dick put to ee to lips. Nina with astonishment looked at him from below up and having opened a mouth, shipped a head. Sucking his dick, she was played with his balls and buttocks, Excitement accrued and the husband decided to change a pose again. Na this time he got down from darling and having turned ee on a stomach, ee on all fours sharply put having forced to cave in in a back. Having put the dick to ee to sexual lips he slowly entered it. Nin moaned, accepting in itself a native dick, but as only he entered all and I nestled a pubis on ee to buttocks, I understood that it hasn't enough its length. Having decided everything not to upset darling, she began to make upward movement, trying as it is possible to catch more deeply him in itself. Ivan, having embraced the wife for hips, rhythmical fast movements ee had standing behind. Having lowered a view of buttock ee, he was hooked by a look for a ringlet of ee of an anus and decided that it is necessary to try to get everything there. Therefore he began to mass a big finger the wife's buttocks. — Darling, what you do? — here he heard. — I Fuck you, darling — I answered the husband. — A why you mass to me a bottom? — Nina specified. — Long ago wanted you to fuck there — he frankly answered. — Yes? — the woman was surprised. — You are sure by A that I will let you there? — she took an interest. — Well I let you to myself in the back — Ivan parried. — A if we already agreed to be honest and frank the friend with the friend, then I want to remind that you any more not time had me to the back, an I to time. — Akh here you are o what! — the woman was surprised and having pushed away the husband got out of his embraces. — A can I don't want! Did you ask me? — slightly angry she asked. Ivan became puzzled, facing darling on knees with a horney dick. — Can we for the beginning we will talk about it? — Nina offered. — Let's talk — the husband, in hope agreed that they will be able to agree and he will get into ee narrow buttocks. — Sorry, but at me the mood was gone — the wife waved away and having got up quickly went to a shower. Ivan still kakoye-to time stayed on a bed, a then, having put on shorts went to a balcony. Nina found him him on a balcony, smoking not the first cigarette. She embraced him for a waist and kissed on a neck. — Forgive, sweet. I wasn't right. It was necessary to tell you in a different way somehow. — Nina apologized. — I don't mind too it is necessary to try anal sex, with you, but to me carefully will be prepared. You understand o than I — stroking his hips the wife explained. Ivan silently nodded. — Darling, well don't pout — the woman begged and I already shifted a hand in side of his groin. — Well you don't mind times, then give today in the evening all it and we will carry out. Oleg will have you in front, an I all will enter behind. All will be happy — the husband offered, having turned the person to darling. — Ne I know. I will think and I will try not to disappoint you. Agreed? — having started a hand in shorts, and having clasped his already again rising dick, Nina answered. — Well it is good. A what now-to to do to us? — Ivan in the party of the dick nodded. — it we will correct A now — the spouse smiled and fell before it by knees. Having pulled together from it shorts, it I raised on it eyes and I clasped a head with lips. Ivan I looked some time at that as darling gently sucks his dick, a delicately discharged then ee the head. — Ne it is necessary. Ne now. We have all night ahead. whether so? If even that-to won't turn out with Oleg, then we will be able to continue together. Truth? — looking in eyes to the spouse, he said. Nina, having licked lips, lovely I smiled in the answer to the husband and having kissed him on a head of the dick, I nodded: — Of course, darling. Rada that you so solved. I want that we got today in the evening such pleasure which didn't test earlier yet. — having risen from knees and having embraced the husband for a neck, she answered and gently I kissed. — A of times so, give prepares for a meeting. It is necessary to make easy snack, to go behind alcohol, to run in drugstore behind condoms and lubricants. It is so necessary to think over dresses. I, by the way, bought recently something to you, well and myself too. At you on the shelf to lie erotic panties. Therefore, blow in shop now, I wrote the list to you still yesterday, you will take in the hall on a bedside table. When you bring to A products, I will prepare, a you will go behind alcohol. You will help me to take a shower in the evening, an I will help you. We have to be clean and gladenkimi — smiling Nina told and having taken for the husband's hand, led him to the house. Day flew by in cares and preparation of a meeting of the guest who has to be the first "not superfluous" in their sexual life. Nina thought much what she wants from Ivan and Oleg at this meeting. She tried to present herself from the different parties, tried to present also Oleg and and Ivana, but in the end of the ends distracted from the necessary affairs and therefore solved — "be that will be". By seven o'clock spouses were completely ready. For removal of nervous trembling and tension of expectation, Nina suggested to drink a little cognac and the husband poured amber liquid on glasses. No without having managed to drink, they heard a call to a door.