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Here this modest studentochku with earphones in ears and the abstract before eyes? Or this red bitch with scarlet nails and not less brightly made up lips? A can, here this person, the fatal female - vamp, whose deathly pale person sharply contrasted with hair of color of a black wing? As not so! Tanya was the puny blonde, blue-eyed and pale, in an unsightly jacket and trousers as classics of the 19th century, so traces of former beauty on a face, and pretty decent age would write. "Here that former — sjekhidnichal an internal voice. — And what 55 more? — I added after about age. — Here under 60 if not it is more". And I was already ready, without special internal torments, having exchanged greetings and remarks of o to weather, to express the joy of acquaintance and to say goodbye till the next Thursday at once after dozhdichka. And I came the first, I wasn't too lazy! "Easy production" I thought and even I was upset a little that everything is so simple. There was a wish potrudnee. The not less, Tatyana kept chilly and watchfully too. "Probably the old woman on a live dick was starving, An not often manages to be taken in hands yes a head to suck! — this parasite, my ENEMY (an inner reasonable voice) continued to mock at us. — You what, on grannies pulled, gerontofilom became?". No suddenly, in the answer to my absolutely ordinary phrase (it seems, about free places in the subway on days off), she smiled. Also there was well not the fact that at once young and beautiful a what-to attractive, nice, here that not the grandmother, the woman with whom still it is possible to play pranks slightly! "Understood, isn't present? Stop up the fountain!" — the ENEMY received a rebuff and obediently I became silent. And correctly I made! A is that, I represent how he would scoff, having found out that on Saturday on blyadki not only we decided to descend with Tanusha in the afternoon, but and many other residents of the capital, are free places in hotels known to me isn't present. Also it was necessary to resort to announcements on columns. that is written for Na the first time most. "Already handed over", "you approach tomorrow", and in the best case "call a watch five or six evening" on what Tanya made terrible eyes and it is resolute pomotala the head. Well at last! Having told long-awaited "there is free number". the girl cheerfully called the address in Otradnoye (is crossed out) to Balashikha. I threw the estimating look the lady sitting nearby so me, commensurating my desire of sex with her with a stopper size on Saturday in the morning on Click. I doubt in the summer, a so as a country season was already almost closed, the gentleman won me. And we joined the mass movement for the city. And quite quickly arrived to hotel which was placed as it is strange, not in the certain building, an on the 1st and 0th floors of the ordinary inhabited building. Received number without windows. Na the first look — everything is clean and tidied up, fresh and is silent. For the second it is necessary to call Elena Letuchuyu from "Revizorro". Well ee nakh, here the old woman to cope with one! A a jacket, appears, the figure at Tanya concealed very tempting bends of a body.A, it appears, and at all is similar to maiden, especially if to look behind. A linen on it, appears, refined and silky as the magnet, pulls my hand.A not bad remained. Also kisses pleasure without false affectedness of young growth. And obviously I missed the man. A is sucked by her just remarkably! It was necessary to change to me couple of times I am sensitive a pose to distract and bring down the rising orgasm, differently really I could terminate, having hardly started caress.A a fucking in a pose dog-fashion really cool! I rummage on a body, I squeeze to the priest, I shake heavy boobies. And all it under easy, almost illusive ee breath - postanyvaniye.A the granny probably looks at cinema for adults. Having caught proximity of end, Tanya comes off the dick, is developed and so deeply swallows mine "the kind good fellow" that else slightly and will reach eggs. The muscleman, the second, third and streams of a hot cum one for another join it a mouth, plus still she what-to inconceivable pirouettes does language B the general, feeling of a boundless high in time and blissful devastation after.A having had a rest, we repeated still time! In my opinion, precisely so, as wrote above, an if that-to missed, then absolutely insignificant. When we left hotel, I returned to Moscow, a she went to the area further. Here it turns out why to her it was convenient "Shchyolkovo". No Tanya not only was remembered by it to me. Though there was she, in difference from many other representatives women's to a sort - the tribe, much more actively in sex, than in chatter, but not to lie silently in breaks to and later, managed to tell something o to herself. The widow, to pension worked in savings bank, now helps one of daughters to spread cosmetics, doesn't complain of life, o Brezhnev's times and with indignation of o Gorbachev with affection responded. The most interesting in this misalliance was the fact that she was mother having many children of five (!) daughters, the grandmother god knows how many granddaughters and one grandson - the student, there is actually without five minutes a great-grandmother if he appears from young people yes early. A now, passed 7 years, so for certain! 5 daughters to go crazy! Poor ee the husband how pulled such strap? Here also I left this guilty world before term. Be silent, a radish! It I not to you, an internal voice regained consciousness and sings "You are alive still, my old woman? Also I am alive, hi to you, hi!"