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Fukh, as I love them, on quicker to show the door, yes not so it is simple. Maxim won't get drunk pulling out him for a leg in podyezd yet, won't be expelled from the house and kicks, I know him. Probably I a little priuvelichil his opportunities, but after all somehow so. A Vera where without him. Voobshchem it is necessary chtoto to do with them, so as I still planned rough nochku with Yulchikom in honor of her holiday. I began: — And so, sweet I will look already all gorged on, to play already too there is no desire, it would be time and disperses. — Yes well you it, what, I shas still slightly, cheerfully. — Maxim quickened at once as it was expected. After what anew I took, lines him pobral, a vodka glass. — Give and to you I will pour, well what you, the friend, support the brother, we will drink for your passion. — For Yulya. Also isn't present, will be enough already, you know, I don't like to drink. I you of course, the friend, respect, but give-ka be swept out already, a? — he somehow discontentedly looked at me: — Here you as so me, so the buddy! I came means, for a holiday what wons the gift presented to your girlfriend — he on skoree pointed all presented to him by someone-to, an after the set of ware brought to us in the victim — a you to me to those here, "Be swept out". Do you know that, my friend, a wouldn't go you you know where? Beliefs, give with you we will drink still. — he told again adding both himself and her. Vera looked at the glass mistrustfully: — Max, also the truth can, give already, and Ania already turned sour, and we strain guests. there Is no — well you heard? And you there. Lifted up. To me what, on praznik already and it is impossible to drink? What, probably will you call the drunk still again? Yes I can throw into any moment, don't doubt! — Max blurted out. — here also throw A! — I threw in answer Vera. — Here I will take and I will throw! — Throw! — You give me here don't use cunning. See I was what. — he added the remains from a bottle. — Here from tomorrow's day I will be as cucumber. — Max drank the remains to a bottom: — Give gather. Probably here and the truth we aren't glad to us! — he told, glancing at me askance. Koe-kak rose so a chair to steam of times slightly having reeled and walked in a corridor. The glory to god, a problem solved itself. Though without adventures would be chosen. Vera told: — I will go to a taxi call from house, it is possible? — Yes. — I told. That time Yulya addressed ko to me: — Listen, can we will send Ania with them? Na taxi. — Oh, please nenado. — Ania moaned. — I with this bukhy miracle don't want. Let there Vera understands. Yes and me all the same in other party. Yulya can I will remain a? Please, so there is no wish so far peret. Give as earlier, a pajama party and all it — Vo times of pajama parties nebylo the guy and we remained with me together as you remember. Tembolee I have no place to lay you. We have one bed. Ne in a chair you to lay down. — strictly Yulya noticed. A became already interesting to me. Whether Ne she hints that she wants to lay down with us, in one bed. This small gentle beauty, with dark hair, this idle dream of many drocherov, so me and my girl in one bed At me even on a back ran goosebumps. Yes neet, so it definitely doesn't happen by me. I of course like Ania, even very much, voobshchem as usually and is when you sink down on the girlfriend of the girl. No that-to seksualnenkoye related to her in real life and it is difficult to me to present it. Happened of course that I remembered her when the porn actress, similar to her, in time of my night lonely sessions alone with the Internet came across, but in real life it is simply impossible. That time Ania told: — Yes I will lay down together with you. It isn't anything here. A bed at you big, we will move. And nenado so to look at me, anything there is no terrible here. I not sex offer you, well you. — I heard as slapped a door, it even without having said goodbye left Max and Vera.Yulya looked at Ania suspiciously: — Yes I know you, a tigress you our insatiable, she tells "not sex". Well-well. All right, you of course remain, but look to me, to my boyfriend also you will get yes — tyknula she to me — you know her badly, but I know her if begins to stick to you, send away her at once, a won't be unhooked. — Yes this your pansy gave up to me. Sorry, not in obidnu it is told, but there are guys and pokrupnee the truth. All will be chiki-bunches. — she threw wearily. — If you don't mind, Yul I will go to sleep already now, such sleepy already, the truth, I am just cut down. — Ania told. — All right, send I to you I will lay. — Yulya led Ania in our pomnatu. In our bed. Ania will sleep in my bed. A of times to sleep, means razdenitsya and will be in the lower linen. With us odes a blanket. Well it that-to with what. I that time removed A so a table, and — hid what can be spoiled in the refrigerator. I went to watch what is done by Yulya with Ania. Yulya Kakraz left the room: — I laid Ania, to a campaign she vyrubatsya vpochti became at once. You would remove a table so far, I will go to a shower so far I will climb up. — it also is clear, day was long, cooking, acceptance of guests while we played games, especially a twister, she is sure I was tired, very much even.