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No once the disseminated big-bellied man forgot a jacket, and my detective skill was useful for copying of a flash card with three gigabytes of a zoo porn. There were two sections: ddd — protected by the password, and "hunting" — with open access. Na to hunting cheetahs sit in an ambush, attack antelopes, zebras, smother them, grabbing with teeth a neck. The victim fights in an agonal agony, a minute more and a dinner is ready. Lionesses attack young giraffes, black boars - warthogs, an elephant calf, even a hippopotamus. No the most favourite show, judging by the number of video, there were attacks of hyenas and wild dogs on antelopes. The rack of predators broke off the victim alive, without troubling itself preliminary killing. The antelope suffered extremely, sometimes, even half eaten, she gave signs of life. In the separate folder video with mothers of antelopes of a gnu off whom wild dogs fight kids lay and also break off on a part. 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Language involuntarily fell out, licks lips, pupils were gone, maiden groans rise by an octave, finding rhythmical dyorganny character. The girl widely opens a mouth, with astonishment swallows of air, the glass look of widely open eyes testifies o achievement of an orgasm. The mastiff, an indifferent muzzle hanging from above, also doesn't think to stop, he by inertia dotrakhivayet the cuming female body twitching under him which is slipping out from under it falling on a floor in the acquaintance polusoznatelnoy to a manner. Chya-to the male hand takes a mastiff for a collar and takes away from the body immobilized by a narcotic orgasm. Te careful fingers pound gel on balls of a dog. The kind missing eyes barbosa heatedly glance in the party of the following hole. Naked girls stand dog-fashion, having enclosed under pillow knees. The female handles filled under pubises drive a clitoris fold, teasing a dog. Someone will it choose? The black monster doesn't force itself to wait long. 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One combs out withers, another caresses sides, the third climbed under a roundish stomach and two hands caresses a smooth long trunk with we bugryashchitsya by the knob similar to a pink snout of a pig with two holes. At the basis of a trunk adaptation reminding the Key keeper's Ring is fixed. Girls are keen on the events, their hands periodically are distracted by themselves favourite. One beauty comes under the overlapping similar to a high table without cover, bends. At this moment the black fad - gorbunok, having scented the familiar female smell dancing before him becomes on racks, showers hoofs on the machine. His huge long trunk is lifted up as the baseball bat, rests against the girl's buttocks. The stallion impatiently hollows a crack in rolls, and only the careful hand of the girlfriend helps him to take away the first girl. His trunk bends, slips out, hands of assistants don't doze, here return a cudgel knob in a vagina. 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There are no awkward pauses, confusion, girls help each other, hopping, being engaged in itself, with impatience expecting turn. The last helps herself. The pony is discharged in her as the gun. The cudgel begins to jump up, fades, twitching up-down. Streams of a transparent watery seed, direct outside, splash in all parties. Orgasmic grinding in with a ring causes a discharge and in the girl. She falls in a heap of female bodies, losing consciousness. — Here there is a good girl — the voice of the operator behind a shot sounds. The cam approaches a pony, that male hand caresses withers. In a shot appear zatrakhannye the female bodies rolling in straw again. Na the faces of girls the blissful narcotic smiles so well familiar to me stiffened. *** Ne was any doubt that the voice of the operator belonged to the full overgrown man coming once a month to office of "Vireksa" for clarification of certain questions with Shitenkovym. Accessory big-bellied to Sect also was obvious. Here what became valid a surprise, there was how the mysterious Key keeper switched the slaves to a mastiff and a pony. Vo the first he had gel, in the second a special nozzle for a pony which was obviously loaded with drug not in the Temple of Seven Keys. All it, plus the fact that thick I was never present at regular meetings of Key keepers at the Temple guided me at a thought that he knows much more, than the others. Müller, Homich, Posner, Ryzhenkov, I — remained two more. One of them — Vasily Skvorets — got in Key keepers absolutely accidentally. Became, so to tell, the victim of circumstances. His comical history reminded history of the boy Kolya from the movie "The Guest from the Future": — I went for kefir, a here takoyeon was married, the father of three children. I got under reduction of the state, I became interested in network marketing. The first attempts of girls of "Vireksa" to part it on bucks didn't lead to anything. The Starling had no money, he didn't want to fuck on the party even for "so". I kept fidelity to the wife. The starling hollowed a system half a year, hoping for justice, and once persistent attempts of the married man to earn honestly money found a response in souls popechitelnogo council. The unshakable Starling was invited to a meeting of shareholders and asked whether he wants to bring the saved-up Knowledge in the victim Vechnosti. — So also asked, you represent, Dima: "You want to bring the saved-up knowledge in the victim of eternity" — the Starling greedily told the history. — Also the devil pulled me to answer them "yes". At the next moment shaved, greased with mint lotion, balls of the Starling dangled over the Bowl of Knowledge. No the Starling wasn't so simple. Running beforehand, I will tell that he was the latent homosexual leading family life without interest in the wife. Test was given him easily, here the service the Key keeper brought to a continuous sufferings. Now, except the wife, five more maidens demanding attention fell upon him. Ne it is surprising that girls envied my slaves. I, probably, was the only Key keeper who liked to be engaged in sex. Ryzhenkov not in the account, it only completed begun by fighters. Long time I fondly believed that the seventh Key keeper is the Supreme Priest whom I never saw without mask. No Posner somehow casually noticed that the Priest on the status shouldn't be engaged in such things. — Celibacy — he pathosly told, exhaling fragrant vapors of marijuana into the night sky. The old morel didn't communicate so me properly, he made advances to a kitten, learned to catch mice. I looked for an opportunity to be rubbed in trust to fat tomcats, to become the successor of cat's traditions, that someone can entrust a secret of mouse fuss. So I also contacted the Chemist. He had Rasputin's appearance, on Mussorgsky's combining jobs from Repin's picture: the healthy shabby uncle under two meters with the inflamed eyes, a red nose, a black devilish beard. I came always in the end of month, I hung up a jacket on cervine horns and I went without knock to Müller. That day he was secured in a wide gray terry dressing gown wide open and slates on bosu a leg as as if only that got out of the bathroom. He was obviously not in spirit and, probably, is slightly drunk. I slapped a door, on the proposal of the new girl - to wait for the secretary I shouted at all office: — I went to a dick! She was struck dumb, slipped by the ignoramus and began to mince in my party. Na the third floor of open space at us with partitions, all as on a palm. Müller's secretary — neobsokhshee milk on lips — entered Megamind harem in time of the last participle. Classical models didn't arrange psikhozlodeya any more, for a variety he chose the tiny girl, eyes yes ears, kudryash milashi bears are babies. Margarita rode ko to me as she to the only savior, and compassionately whispered: