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I didn't keep and imagined how would be to bury cool in this shock the person and to inhale a spicy smell of her hair. She suddenly became silent, having noticed my fixed looking at her appearance. - So, what circulation of your newspaper? - I took an interest somehow to support her monologue. - 10,000 copies. - she smiled, having bared a number of magnificent teeth. Whether we talk a little more concerning advertizing, but the conversation by itself for some reason began to jump on absolutely abstract subjects, so happens when you meet the person working with you, kind of, at one frequency and it seems that you know him already one thousand years. I suddenly suddenly felt change in her look, just it was the look of the person performing the routine work, but suddenly turned into a look of the interested woman, I think not one male won't confuse this moment in relationship with an opposite sex. Just there was some invisible barrier and it isn't here. For check I delayed it a hand slightly longer while she gave me the pen for signing of the contract (I decided "to give in" on arrangements by an advertizing occasion). I felt heat of her skin, it tore off the look from papers and looked at me so that no doubts in inaccuracy of the conclusions I had. As is well-known the workplace isn't really convenient for continuation of similar acquaintances therefore I kind of accidentally told that I should go now and if to her to the center, then I will be able to throw her by car. It became clear that the next meeting at not on the Nevsky and to us on the way. With fragile heart I took the wheel and having driven off from office of meters on 500, having murmured something about malfunctions, parked the car on Neva Embankment. She looked at me with small surprise, but I didn't pay attention to anything any more. Having attracted to itself, I stuck into her hot lips which right there became soft and pliable, and her sharp tongue began to work for me in a mouth, other hand I began to undo her coat and in a second my hand already wandered at her under a blouse, I found a fastener of a bra and released her breast. For diminutiveness of her body the breast was even excessively big at what it it was as speak a maiden breast, elastic, perfectly holding the form, the woman's breast not knowing still some milk. As the madman I began to bite and caress her nipples, feeling as all her body trembles with my caress, and breath at her so became frequent that I thought that she is close to an orgasm. At this time her crazy language got to me into an ear and an opportunity to think for some time I lost. Nevertheless out of the corner of the eye and I began to notice that the passing cars began to slow down somehow speed, having overtaken us, and finding nearby of office created danger of acquaintance of my subordinates with features of "carrying out the working day" of their chief. Having hardly come off her excited body (unfortunately still dressed) I focused the look and the shivering fingers began to button a shirt (and when she managed to cope with them?). Her breath still too not absolutely calmed down, but she didn't fail opportunities to take an interest in what paragraph of just signed advertizing contract I found such rules of conduct with the advertizing agent. I told that it somewhere was in the section of "additional agreements of the parties" and in turn took an interest since what sum of the contract it is necessary "to thank" the client thus. Actually my thoughts were directed to the solution only of one question, in the sounded look it sounded "WHERE?". I feverishly thought that it is necessary to make to bring the matter to the logical end.Any free, as they say "HUTS" in mind weren't, I made the decision that the car can descend for these purposes too. But there was couple BUT: 1) On the street day 2) glasses aren't tinted. Having estimated location of areas, I suddenly remembered that once my driving instructor "trained" me in this art near the Sports and Concert Complex (in abbreviated form SKK). For those someone weren't there it is the huge waste ground on which there is once powerful indoor stadium which is successfully converted in next "flea market".-We will a little drive. - I told Lo. (So mentally I called her, having reduced a part of a name) - And you are sure that you will be able to operate now? - she took an interest. - Well, if you during the trip strongly aren't fond "of the second handle of switching of speeds:" - I parried. - OK! - I said Lo and I put a hand on camber of my trousers. At this time I already successfully overcame "traffic jams", getting out of the center. And actively I used the right hand which is exempted from the gearshift from time to time to investigate smoothness of kapron of her tights on the internal surfaces of hips. It is necessary to notice that I didn't experience special objections, even when reached much povlazhnevshy panties. At intersections, expecting a green signal, we as mentally ill people kissed until back cars didn't begin to beep, reminding that it is already possible to go. Drivers of the next cars grinned, and approvingly nodded. Having referred that at me absolutely dried up in a throat, I stopped at some stall and together with a bottle Borjomi bought a pack of "rubber friends". Зарулив on the waste ground near SKK, it was necessary to choose the place more without people and not to sit down at the same time in a snowdrift, I changed on passenger sitting and put Lo to myself on knees. First of all I lifted up her blouse and began to study her breast in more detail. I didn't even suspect that it is possible to be made horney so, just looking and caressing this female part of a body. How Lo began to bang from my caress, I assumed that this part of a body is not the last from her erogenous zones, and it can all consisted of one big erogenous zone. Breath at her became frequent, clouded eyes released povoloky, she whispered some phrases which essense to capture wasn't possible, but it was clear that in receiving pleasure from occupations sex she can handicap much. My trousers already went to all pieces when Lo suddenly distracted from the feelings a little and stretched by a lightning on a fly. My "tool" can and wouldn't pass at a competition of participants for shootings in pornofilms, but complaints to him from partners didn't arrive yet. I noticed how her body strained when she took it in a hand, having got over on the next sitting, she was inclined over me and I felt weightless fluttering of a uvula on a head while her hand slightly squeezed and unclenched a ball sack, slightly rolling balls. Having collected the will remains, I pulled out from a pocket a pack with elastic bands, she understood and, having broken off packing on one, began to roll a rubber ringlet along a trunk of my dick. I in turn began to pull down from her tights that in the conditions of automobile narrowness business was not simple. Through joint efforts we managed to cope with this accessory, but under tights it was hated me baud. I always absolutely poorly represented the lower fastening of these clothes, roofing felts a velcro, roofing felts hooks there, and can in general it puts on through the head. A word I stopped in preparations a little, but she already, it seems, didn't notice it. Having pushed me on a back of sitting, Lo just jerked the lower part of it baud and all оказалосьпросто and is available. She took seat to me on knees again, slightly raised the buttocks, exactly on so many that my trunk appeared directly before an entrance to her hole and itself sent the tool to the body. After that she very slowly began to fall by me. I understood her sophistication, only the orgasm can be compared to sweet of the moment of the first penetration. I felt each millimeter of the immersion in her vagina. As I also assumed, judging by her constitution, the hole was small and narrow. Having filled her everything, I felt how the dickhead rested against a back wall of her uterus and slightly pressed it. The Leningrad Region closed eyes and stood for several seconds then began the movements. The position in which we made love such is that the woman herself changes tactics, depth and speed of immersions, the main task of the man just to become the observer and to freeze the feelings of the coming orgasm. You just see how waves of voluptuousness capture your partner, don't cover with the head yet. They covered the Leningrad Region, it seems, with a large supply, than just with the head. Her movements all accelerated, her claws stuck to me into a back stronger and stronger, and having suddenly stuck on a dick against the stop stood, having stared at me nothing an unseeing look, gradually her grasp began to weaken, eyes became more comprehended. I understood that my turn came and began to set speed. She understood without words, gradually dispersing and, increasing the speed of frictions in process of approach of an orgasm. I tore off from her a blouse, and it was the final, the type of her naked breast became top after which it is impossible to stop already. My dick was killed in her, throwing out a cum in the excited vagina, than caused chain reaction of her new orgasm. In a couple of minutes the brain started over again feeling sources of external signals, and I felt a delightful kiss of the satisfied woman on lips. Having somehow made toilet, I carried her for work. After this case we several times exchanged calls, but didn't meet any more.