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Brazil and Argentina played, America, a semi-final as — a sin it to pass the Cop in any way. As the match was played on other side of Earth, it began late, about 4 mornings. The benefit there was the second month of summer vacation, and Sashenke it wasn't necessary in school, so that it didn't sleep all night together with us, I slept more precisely if to perceive this word in figurative sense. My wife Natasha was also awake, but ee soccer not too interested, so that she watched series in the neighboring room. The match hardly managed to begin, for about a minute as. Georgy only, certainly, of any vaginal penetration we didn't assume that terminated on the daughter's buttocks, the act of love came down only to the fact that Zhorik moved plentifully slobbered dick between legs of my child. I each time watched closely that it inadvertently didn't slip in one of the holes attracting Sashenkinykh. *** in general night visits of my friend and colleague Zhora began in the last week, how Sasha was 18 years old. We noticed earlier how he is lost in contemplation of our child, and when Sasha reached majority, decided to make by her such improvised gift. We with Natasha understood long ago that sexual life of our daughter needs to be controlled as much as possible that there were no surprises, and ee the first partner the adult checked man would become more best. We decided to begin with small that won't demand from the daughter any special efforts — oral caress. Georgy with pleasure agreed with an opportunity to do to kuna of my daughter, Sasha also was in delight and each time thanked Georgy for the presented pleasure, squeezing in a cam his dick several time. Usually after such gesture Zhora plentifully cumed directly to the girl on a t-shirt or a dress, she hesitated to meet the guest naked so far, a here for some reason removed panties for kuna without confusion shadow. And yesterday Zhorik decided to terminate suddenly not on clothes of the daughter, a directly on ee the lovely face framed with light ringlets. Sashenka hardly I managed to blink — okh, it was necessary to see expression of a maiden attractive face when cheek ee, the nose and even hair decorated cum drips. I enthusiastically laughed, turned on the cam and made couple of photo for memory. Having seen that I photograph ee in such look, the daughter with insult inflated splodgy sponges, jumped and ran away into the room, however, having taken away with herself Georgy that very encouraged me — means, she wasn't angry with him at all for the fact that he so splashed ee. I, certainly, went for them. Having come, I saw an idyllic picture — my daughter, having put the head on shoulder Zhorika, with might and main sobbed, telling what I bad, hate ee, the uncle Zhora good and as she likes his caress the Typical teenager. A Georgy tenderly caressed ee soiled by a cum of a ringlet and whispered on an ear that she is beautiful even and in feature after the termination on the person. When I entered, he parted with hands, a pier, well you everything ponimayeshna for offense of the daughter didn't remain the next day also a trace. I showed her a photo and she even smiled together so me. We decided not to delete them absolutely, but for the sake of safety put a password in the separate folder. It is necessary to tell that the girl was happiest all this week, she stopped arguing when we forced ee to remove the room and to read the literature set for the summer. Only the yesterday's episode saddened week after day of birth Sashenki, yes and that only till today's morning a little. When I told the daughter that Zhora will come popozzhe today and it will be necessary to watch soccer till the dawn, the daughter just began to shine a smile and ran in the room to choose a dress. I even before Georgy's arrival decided to dump tension, so as, to the shame, the daughter's games with Zhorikom fairly made horney me. Today there was my turn to prepare, so that I called the wife, took vegetables and sat down at a table to cut them. Natashenka that time embraced me, kissed and habitually slipped under a table, previously, of course, having laid a pillow that it was more convenient to her under knees. Sasha in one pajamas with pingvinyatami rushed into this time for kitchen. — Mothers, where my yellow sarafa — she stopped short on a half-word. Be a this week ago, I, certainly, would be covered with the newspaper, but now Sasha was full age, to hide to anything from her some aspects of matrimonial life. So that our daughter, having seen mother's a foot, looking out because of a table, didn't jump out a bullet of kitchen as would make more than a week ago, an on the contrary fell by knees that it is attentive to consider everything. Certainly, Sasha watched a porn all this week and perfectly presented to herself as blowjob in the theory becomes. No she, naturally, had no practice, so that she looked in all eyes. A Natasha, having noticed that the daughter observes, it began to be stuck on my dick with the doubled energy. At first she as usually, I made several flitting movements over a head. Then hardly I touched by lips and a tip of a uvula the top of a penis, I slightly opened a mouth also I made a look that is going to ship him completely. No, without having graduated from the movement, I recoiled, having smiled. A then repeated it reception still twice. All these games weren't slow to cause in me a sigh of desire and a regret. I furtively mowed a look on the left. The daughter on knees looked behind all it, having reddened with shame and having at the same time opened a mouth from admiration. Lewd thoughts in the relation of own child which I hasty drove away and I focused on pleasure which I gave me got into the head favourite.A Natasha that time put the palms to me on hips and began to be strung bravely by the narrow neck on my not too long, but quite wide dick. especially for thus she published remarkable minetnye sounds that-to it seems "glyk-glyk". I looked at Sashenku again, it for the first time saw deep blowjob alive and already heatedly bit sponges, an ee cams compressed fabric of pajama panties. In observation process, Sasha, without noticing that, I drew near us almost closely, so, that already I began to feel ee faltering horney breath in the region of the groin. Having again caught itself on a forbidden thought, I tried to be removed, but there was no place to move — the stool stood closely to the right wall of kitchen. Having reddened, I turned away and again focused on Natasha. The spouse's A already pushed my penis in the mouth almost to a half. Saliva alternately so tears ran on ee to the reddened face, the girl already and itself lowed from pleasure, feeling as the husband's dick in ee a small mouth pulses. And here I felt approach of the finish, reeled up the wife's hair on a fist and furiously spread ee, having stood up on a stool, pushing a dick is even deeper though it seemed that more deeply there is already no place. Natasha zaboulcala, has a fit of coughing, trying to be discharged instinctively, but I continued to ram ee gentle lips, at last finishing. The spouse diligently began to swallow everything, she wanted to show to the daughter a master class. And here my stream ran low, Natasha took a dick still some time, gently rolling him in a mouth a uvula, a then with a silent chpokayushchim a sound released from the captivity. The wife got out from under a table, an I returned to cooking, listening with half an ear, than they tell o with the daughter. — Wow, mothers, a droplet I didn't spill! — Nothing the daughter, you too so will be able, it is necessary to practise only a little — Natasha winked at the daughter. — With someone? With the uncle Zhora? No we with him not Well that are he yes, I — So a someone disturbs a? — my spouse smiled. — I thought that you mind! — the girl blurted out. — Minds? Someone told you such nonsense? Well it is fine, went, we won't disturb the father.Ioni left kitchen. A when came Zhora in the evening, the daughter didn't become as usually after a dinner to pull together panties for one simple reason — panties on her weren't today. Under to become football events the girl decided to put on my t-shirt of the national team of Argentina with a surname of Messi on a back today. A except a t-shirt, on it more was nothing. Therefore for kuna to the girl there was to lay down enough on a sofa, to lift up a T-shirt and to place legs. Zhorik it was already joyfully attached to perineum ee. We that time in that room with Natasha settled to play A a prefix on stools (the sofa is occupied) — my spouse on surprise not bad played the DOLL though I was absolutely indifferent to real football matches. Under accompaniment of sighs and groans from a sofa, we rolled couple "Ale - klassiko". In both matches my Barcelona with a crash was taken out by the wife's Real. Horney shouts of the daughter whom with might and main drakonil my old friend Zhora mixed up with joyful shouts of Natasha after the next goal. And here, when under a final whistle Natasha hammered to me the third time in the second match, I didn't sustain. Nesmotrya on the fact that even after defeats the mood at me didn't deteriorate I wanted to compensate unsuccessful result somehow. I seized the laughing loudly and beating off wife and incurred ee on a sofa, that most where Zhora stopped humouring our daughter. Natasha already knew what needs to be done in such cases — when I wanted to terminate on-bystromu, just found an emphasis in a type of a pillow or a back of a chair, put or stacked Natasha there and without any delicacy rammed a tender mouth of the wife. Here and now I wanted to make that most. Zhora that time brought A Sashenku already to the second orgasm only one lips and language. The daughter shouted so strongly that, we have no sound insulation, neighbors would call the ambulance and law-enforcement bodies long ago. Natasha took seat so that ee the charming head rested against a sofa pillow. She took away legs on a floor not to interfere the daughter and ee with a gift. I quickly undid a fly, the dick got and pressed to Natashenka in a mouth. The spouse only also managed to vzmuknut hushfully when I began by wide movements to drive the penis in ee damp sponges. Several frictions were enough for me, I finally especially strongly shook a basin, having achieved from the spouse of muffled indignations, terminated for the second time in a day and, having waited until Natashenka licks a penis, hid him in shorts. No behind entertainments with the spouse I didn't notice at all how Zhora thought up a new way properly otlyubit my child. He put the girl dog-fashion and was attached behind. I thought that he wants to unpack one of ee of holes and even wanted to stop them, but having got accustomed, understood that my friend of the childhood only crawls the dick between densely compressed maiden legs, hardly sliding on a daughter's chink. Actually, it was quite amusing to watch it. Only so far we with Natasha observed, Zhora terminated twice — one time on a sofa upholstery (Natasha discontentedly frowned), a second on the daughter's buttocks — several drops, of course, got on a t-shirt (here I already frowned, to me then to carry it). And only before the third time Natasha guessed to run behind phone and to begin to remove. So we whiled away time before a match. Already passed after midnight, Natasha escaped to watch to herself series, an I was arranged in front of the TV, watchfully watching for futbolno-analiticheskoy the program, the sexual joys developed in two meters from me. And here at last, when prior to a match there were only a few minutes, the couple broke up, Zhora left on kitchen behind chips and lemonade, a Sasha settled to have a rest. However, when Zhora returned and took seat on edge of a sofa, Sasha fell before him by knees here and Zhora for the first time concerned ee of bulk large boobies, though only through the Tut-to t-shirt and that dialogue took place. *** — A you take in a mouth, Sashenka? — Georgy asked, it is furious naminaya boobies of our daughter. Exactly so — even after everything that between them was, Zhora and Sashenka addressed to each other only on "you". — I take in a mouth, the daddy? — playfully the girl asked, having smiled. — Here itself solve — I joyfully patted the child on a head. — Unless that slightly — my daughter coquettishly giggled.— Only I am the first time I do, you, just in case, correct me — Sasha added, settling poudobney. She delayed an elastic band of shorts of Georgy and already habitual gesture took quite large crooked dick in the small cam. Vo all last days she began to squeeze slightly a trunk of the guest and in several seconds he awarded ee with portion of a cum. No in this time Zhorik absolutely I ran low though the dick stood a stake.