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In 19 years that she lived on light, in their small town only once stopped the wandering circus, and that Diana (which was during that time of 8 years), then had scarlet fever. ee wouldn't release mother anywhere, yes the girl also didn't seek — you will think circus, nonsense what-to, it, has to be, for malyshni, a she-to already adult and goes to school So that Diana didn't see representation, but became the witness to something another. 1926. The girl lay in a bed, lit by dim light of a paraffin candle, and fell into a somnolence, came up in reality. Between a dream and a reality a thin side In darkness of the nursery it is unexpected that-to began to move that-to huge that-to with heavy breath it seems, the feeling of danger became almost tangible. Vzdrognuy, the girl opened eyes. In the most dark corner of the room there was a clown. Diana quickly began to blink, trying either to banish vision, or to help a look to be focused on him. No, this clown wasn't similar to those whom the girl saw on pictures. Te were bright, cheerful, they smiled and did any ridiculous nonsense.A this clown didn't smile. He didn't move and did nothing, only panted as if on a breast to him invisible weight pressed. His person I hid a layer dirty-serogo of a make-up, about a mouth and around eyes — the dried stains of black and red paint, on a nose — a scarlet ball, an elastic band on which he I kept, stuck into hollow cheeks. Over the greased red wig the clown put on shabby and corroded time a cylinder. Ridiculous creation unexpectedly started and grinned, having shown to Diana curve, predatory, for some reason ideally-belye teeth. Having blinked, the girl began to pray mentally that terrible vision disappeared, and prayers of ee were is heard. The clown was dissolved in darkness as if it also wasn't, Dee's a since that time began to hate even a word "circus", without speaking already o of those people who on a fun to public reincarnated in merry fellows with noses - tomatoes.1937. Time erases children's fears, but for some reason when to the city there arrived the vagrant circus again, Diana wasn't delighted, a felt disturbing feeling. She was absolutely already adult girl and even gathered in marriage for one suitable her (in opinion of parents, of course) the guy, but, laying down in the old bed and lighting a candle, suddenly again felt herself as the eight-year-old little girl. Only now the girl understood that from that day she (more true, nights when she, sick with scarlet fever and it is obvious in fever, so that that all incident not more, than nonsense), saw in a corner of the children's terrible clown. The candle trembles with an easy breeze, the book so and strives to slip out hands, eyes stick together. Dee drank cold water directly from a jug, hoping to freshen up a little, but the taste seemed strange as if water not from their clean deep well, a from the swamp. "It is necessary to close a window" — about herself the girl inertly told. "Oh, a from where here this decanter?" — rushed in the head, and in a moment she already failed in a dream. a porn rasskazyzapakh dust, horse sweat, powder, rancid oil, manure This mix unexpectedly got into Diana's nose, and the girl began to sneeze. She could razlepit eyelids, a not at once, having opened at last eyes, saw only blackness. Suddenly deafeningly loudly the match struck, hissed sera. The candle was lit. The girl, squinting from light, not at once I considered the scratched male hands, then I swallowed and I translated a look above. Panic poured over ee as a wave, having forced to get off breath. Gryazno-seroye person. Red and black stains. The scarlet, gleaming in not clear light flame, a nose - tomato. Dusty hat. Huge, smelling of tobacco and a fire, the palm covered a half of the face of the girl at once, without allowing a cry to escape outside. The terrible clown brought closer the painted person to Diana, and now she saw his eyes directly before the. The black eyes sparkling, devil eyes — I joked! — unexpectedly the man shouted and laughed loudly as clowns on the arena laugh loudly (on-krayney a measure, so it was imagined by Dee): it is rolling, neestesstvenno, senselessly, very loudly. — Orie, if you want! It is possible! Here here already to her it became terrible not on a joke, even the voice was gone. No for a while. Through couple of minutes of burdensome silence the room was announced by ee desperate shouts. Directly so, at peak of a cry, the clown seized the girl and shook for shoulders as a doll, the head of ee dangled, an in her, in the head, the thought dangled: "It kakoye-to devil vision, My God, let it will disappear" — You remember me — having sharply ceased to laugh loudly and shiver, the clown became very serious. — You prayed then that I disappeared the Girl so scarlet fever. No now you don't know one prayer. All know, there is no you. Ne you remember. Diana herself also perfectly knew that she doesn't remember. The damned freak, seems, read ee thoughts, and in it it noticed what-to devil trade too. And here he bit ee. Painfully, is more sick, than a dog. For a shoulder. Na to a white night shirt the scarlet spot began to creep away. Curve teeth of the clown which he showed again were in blood now. A moment — and they stuck into ee a breast. The stranger in a clownish appearance (a, can, this is indeed a devil in a body of the person?) it was high, and Dee felt how ee of a leg come off the earth, an a nape fights o a wall. He raised ee and so, holding with one hand for a collar of a shirt, an another — between legs, began to torment with teeth the girl's breast which isn't protected by anything except thin linen matter. The crash was distributed, and the shirt a rag hung on a waist of Diana losing consciousness for horror and pain. The clown giggled and from this snicker at someone it is necessary would run a frost on skin. The girl suddenly felt that she flies, and, without having managed even to hold up hands, softening blow, crashed down on an earth floor, having hurt lips and having soiled in dirt. — Well, remembered? Yes her had no time to remember! She didn't understand at all how she till this time didn't wake up from this nightmare, everything can't zhee occur it in reality!.— Ne it turns out? The poor, poor babe Ne turns out — the man scoffed, quietly and slowly tearing apart rumashku Diana, wet on a breast from blood, in shreds. — Please Disappear — the girl began to whimper, and it were the first ee the words told aloud turned to dreadful night vision. it seemed, he doesn't hear ee. Rough hands, all in small cuts, turned ee on a back and widely moved apart Diana's legs, jerked thin fabric of modest white panties. A being if and being once the person, then long ago lost the memory of these times opened sponge fingers between which the bead of a clitoris and dry, nobody till this time not touched disappeared, shchelochka. Diana the shiver banged, nausea drove to a throat. Language of the clown, damp, red from blood, slipped on sponges, a then as if a snake, I got into a vagina, making the way so deeply that the tip him even groped a thin barrier, the testifying o the fact that Dee is innocent. No the circus actor and so knew it. He took off the trousers wiped to holes and all in old spots of brown blood, and the girl who long ago already confused a reality and a dream saw his brawny long legs and quite human, only too big, men's body. From an opening on a crimson head the transparent drop acted and, shaking, hanged, a fell then on a barefoot foot of the girl. — Remember, Diana. Remember. Ne you can? — the terrible clown settled between the moved apart legs of the victim and roughly ee disgraced. Having painfully howled, she felt in herself his dick entered approximately half. Between legs it was hot and sore, a still — is wet and slippery from blood. The man not without pleasure noticed a pain grimace on the face of the girl and even more deeply forced the way inside, feeling as elastic muscles of a vagina squeeze him so all parties. Shuddering with shame and disgust, Dee poorly tried to push away from herself these evil spirits with the painted person, but, the more she resisted, the his pushes were sharper, stronger and more rigid. Having squeezed Diana's throat a palm, he was so and so stuck inside, changing the direction, increasing amplitude and speed, and soon naked spinadevushki began to burn and bleed from continuous fidgeting on the earth and small stones, and then the circus actor turned the victim and took seat on thigh ee, again pushing a dick, crimson from tension, in ee a hole, directly between almost close hips. "Very amusing, has to be, the show" — rushed in Dee's head. "I lie all in dirt, a muzzle in horse manure, an on me — the good-natured person - the clown, the favourite of children. And I can't even make anything. It is a dream, just a dream, a terrible dream" is not a dream, Diana — the torturer nasally sang and pulled down the cylinder on ee, having pulled it on the girl's eyes, giving her very amusing (though skoree pathetic) a look. She didn't see now him though and before I could behold only askance, nelovno twisting a neck, but but felt how the dick inside as if boiled and that-to hot poured down in a vagina that-to nasty — Remember! Remember! — the man as an animal growled, furiously throwing up a cum in this young creation exhausted so that o resistance didn't go also speeches any more. She almost relaxed, tension in muscles weakened, she allowed the man to move apart ee strong, almost as umalchishki, buttocks, nearly breaking off flesh. And only in the bottom of a stomach at Diana as if the stone lay. The clown was discharged, and his cum mixed with blood began to flow from the hole burning from fresh gaps flatwise of the lying girl. He raised ee for hair and stuck with the person directly into the accumulated puddle.