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Thirst is strong I forced the girl to get up from a bed and to reach kitchen where she met Vadim who is eating up salad and editing what-to photos of Eric. Vakhtang, Sergey and Dima, judging by everything, managed to leave somewhere that couldn't please their captive. Victoria refused the aerated "Perrier", having preferred her usual water from under the filter after what I was going to go to wash, but she was stopped by Eric who suggested to the friend to make several juicy pictures, so far he still here. The idea was pleasant to Vadim in connection with what to Vika didn't allow even to descend in a toilet, having ordered to suffer and be engaged in a photoshoot which will prevent her to go to police or to refuse continuation of communication with guys. Vika understood that she got finally, but it wasn't necessary to choose any more. For the first picture she had to get up a crustacean, having bulged buttocks and having slightly parted legs in the parties as much as possible to open the review on an intimate zone. Na the second Vika lay on a back, supporting by hands the legs which are lifted up to a ceiling. Na the third she opened fingers a vagina, continuing to lie on a back, the second hand showed the standard gesture suggesting him to lick. The girl performed all operations purely mechanically from what I didn't even hesitate till that time until Vadim took away her in a toilet where seated on a toilet bowl and ordered to move apart legs widely. The girl long hesitated and couldn't pee on the cam, but the physiology after all won, having presented to guys several especially humiliating pictures. Na it mockery didn't end, a to her ordered to shave an accurate intimate hairstyle. It was made only for that having laid the girl on a bed, Vadim wrote a black marker the word "Bitch" at her on a pubis, an Eric photographed all it. For the last picture her forced to turn over on a breast again, having written that-to on a waist after what to get up on knees, having slightly turned and to smile. Later, in front of a mirror, Vika so shame found out that the inscription says: "I give in an anal!" plus sootv. arrow. Allowed to be washed by it, but inscriptions were made a waterproof marker and, by Vadim's words, had to descend in a week. In time, free from mockeries at the girl, guys conducted themselves on surprise gallantly therefore at Wicky even it didn't turn out to hate them, the ordered most tasty dinner finally reconciled her with a role of a house toy. That more what to publish pictures if she behaves well, nobody gathered, a they and without them already managed to have her as wanted — to lose-to what?. After a dinner Eric left on work as it appeared, except money of the father, he also not bad earns, being very popular nu - the photographer, a Vadim suggested to play it GTAV the late Sergey and Dima won't return yet. Funny coincided that already in the second mission the girl carried out a role of the assistant to paparazzi who removed the popular star which is engaged in anal sex with the lover at itself on a lawn. Vadim, definitely, not in vain chose this game before the forthcoming walk, the mood at his new toy was considerably lightened, a fear practically disappeared finally. June 25, 2017. Slightly after midnight at last the security officers who dragged three opaque post packages of inscriptions a marker approached: "Doggie", "Sportswoman" and "Whore". To Vika suggested to choose any of them and she, of course, pointed to the second. In a package there was a minimalist fitting suit consisting of the shorts which aren't reaching even the middle of a hip, and a t-shirt which came to an end slightly above a waist. Vika tried ponyt o the fact that similar things had to lie in the third package, but having received the predictable answer of o the fact that she can go naked — everything put on offered.In special holes behind, Dmitry inserted four suckers with electrodes after what I forced the girl to scream from pain — the effect of current was similar to wide blow by the pair soaked birches. In addition to the instrument of punishment, put a thin collar with the capsule of sleeping pill and the sewed indicator on her geolokatsii after what all company went to walk to the nearby park. a porn stories Casual passersby not well looked askance at Vika, but seeing three guys nearby, were rather afraid to shoot with phone, a when the girl hinted new acquaintances at possible troubles with the drunk companies in the park, Sergey silently showed her a gun, than, without looking at a situation context, considerably calmed her. In opinion of guys, problem zones Wicky had a waist and a bottom, a more precisely insignificant excess fat on them, than they also planned to be engaged in quality of the first training. Introduction test was thought up by Vadim, he ordered to the girl to run three circles around the lake in twenty minutes, under a condition that it was long one circle slightly more than a kilometer. In a case of failure, Vika had the right, at own desire, to deserve forgiveness by blowjob, but only in that case if she manages to force Vadim to terminate in a current of five minutes. In an opposite case or at refusal of blowjob, the girl was forced to be hit ten blows by a stack on a bum, but already at home. Victoria vigorously ran the first circle in seven minutes, but already the second took away much more time, a third it, pomyatuya about a collar, reached already and at all on foot. Ten blows in a bottom didn't seem her what-to serious therefore the girl refused street blowjob. To her surprise, nobody began to insist, more that, guys even threw her shoulders with a warm plaid since to go on foot after night jog everything was a little cool. Having reached a workout-ploshchadka and having banished from her the company of the thumping teenagers, guys suggested Vika to work on exercise machines, but she safely refused, having reminded that the speech went only o problem zones, in the answer guys laughed a little, but didn't begin to insist still. The second test was thought up by Dima, now the girl should swing a press, swallowing a dick, the guy standing opposite, a that she accidentally didn't scratch him teeth, the dense silicone inserts greased with special gel were put on them. The task was considered executed only in that case if she is able to force Dmitry to terminate. In an opposite case, it is necessary to suck everything equally till the end, but the choice was given: or voluntarily to swallow of all cum, including also that that didn't get into a mouth, or to receive houses ten more blows in a bum. Already in Vick's process I understood what to force the guy to terminate in such way it is almost impossible, she in a result didn't drop down an of forces even not forty repetitions. The girl tired and dissatisfied with was forced dosasyvat the dick, standing as the last whore, on knees before a bench on which happy Dmitry sat. Himself, none of the guys standing a row hesitated to comment derisively on her sports achievements because of what rather nice girl began to have complex gradually in an occasion of the physical form. Well, a when it from the first time could accept all cum in a mouth and at all the rough applause which finally drove it in paint was distributed. The last test was thought up by Sergey and, first, it seemed to Vika the simplest since she never had problems with balance. While the guy lay on a back, it has to squat on him from above, without touching by hands and trying not to release a dick from a vagina. Actually, a usual pose of the equestrian, let also with the increased load of legs, but in it and all complexity consisted — loading was increased not just considerably, but by orders. With big work having held on slightly longer than minute Vika fell to Sergey, but getting down from him continued to crawl on the dick. Contrary to everything Vika managed to be made horney so strongly that now for the sake of an orgasm it was ready practically for everything therefore without thinking agreed to exchange flogging for blowjob to Vadim and even repeatedly to swallow everything. Her efforts paid off rather quickly and through several she already lay on a breast at Sergey, strong embracing him and relishing o only that the endured rough orgasm. To the girl it was so good that the pleasure obviously compensated compulsoriness of this action, the guys who noticed it decided that she suits them ideally. In a result all company not especially hurrying I went home to Vadim, easy stirring and enjoying night walk. Houses to Vick the first let in a shower, forced to drink the vitamin juice filling the spent energy and laid spatr. S. it is the second part, and I rather long doubted whether it is worth writing in general it since the literary text turns out at me not too well rather desirable level so far. That concerns continuation, in the third part Victoria working week at office with various thematic tasks from guys waits, for the speed of her writing, in the principle, doesn't depend on anything, except presence at me of free time, so that safely criticize — probably, it will allow me to improve readability of the text. What concerns situations, interesting offers will be considered and, probably, entered in a plot, but the general scenario is already ready, so that the probability of it isn't too high.