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To the 30 at me was already the certain apartment, the inexpensive foreign car and the excellent pumped-up figure for what thanks to the gym where I visited 3 times a week. So, I the woman, free, wealthy, attractive and ready to adventures) I decided to celebrate Birthday in the way, unusual to me, in club where there was last time about five years ago! That it wasn't so boring, I decided to call the girlfriend Katya, we together studied at institute and since that time happened went together to coffee to chat. To Katya too here here will knock 30, she is married still I didn't manage to visit, lives in the pleasure and as far as I know, goes to clubs quite often. I decided to put on a brand new dress which I bought a few days ago, it perfectly emphasized my figure and fitted, all that it is necessary! Plus rather deep cut bared my elastic breast a little, with the husband I couldn't afford such dress. We met Katya at club and went inside, Katya looked too stunningly, a silk blouse in oblipku and the skirt fitting hips and a bottom. And in general it seemed to me that on such girls men only so also peck, all is strange that Katya till this time isn't married. We came to club in the region of the 9th evening, to the people there was still absolutely a little, lonely couples at the tables and couple of girls behind a bar rack. We decided not to pull time and at once ordered couple of cocktails with rum. After couple of cocktails we started with Katya enough a frank talk concerning men. She admitted that so how to fuck she wants as also everything, gentlemen at her are found, but as long-term satellites she doesn't consider them. erotic rasskazypoka we stirred, the club began to be filled with the people. In the area of the 12th night the young person Oleg wanted to sit down by us, he was 28 years old driven, suntanned, from him still smelled what-to fashionable male aroma madly delicious. To honestly admit when I saw him, I understood that I want that this night he properly fucked me. By Katya's type and her vivacity in a conversation with him I understood that he was pleasant to her too. — Little girls, a you not lesbians accidentally? — suddenly I asked how for fun, Oleg. We were already rather drunk that to answer with chorus: — Well generally yes))) In Oleg's eyes sparks instantly played. — prove A! And here Katya not long thinking I began to kiss gently me in lips, it appeared so pleasantly what I didn't expect at all. I moved forward and began to touch breast ee accurately. — Well you little girls give! an I thought that you joked! We weren't interrupted and continued to kiss absorbed the friend by the friend, in a result Oleg without having received our attention left. — A went ko to me? — suddenly Katya told — Went! — I whispered to her on an ear. We rather quickly reached to Katya and when came I asked: — Did you before with girls have A? — Well yes was to steam of times, I know what should be done. Katya began to kiss me again, it was really incredibly exciting, then her hand slipped on my body and got to me into a brassiere having groped the got-up nipples, the second hand raised a dress and Katya got the manicured fingers ko to me into panties and began to finger my inflated clitoris. I began to moan from pleasure. Katya led me to the bedroom and laid on a bed, Pulled together from me a dress and I remained in panties a brassiere and in shoes, she lowered cups of a brassiere and began to caress gently language my nipples, slightly biting them. Between legs tension increased, I felt that mine pizda begins to flow. I stood up and took off her jacket from Katya. Her breast turned out directly before my person elastic and juicy, I began to touch it and to lick accurately. That time Katya lifted up a skirt to a belt and started hands to herself in panties, I felt that she is already very horney.— Do you want that I licked your pussycat? — Katya — Yes, very much asked! — I answered yakatya instantly I went down down I pulled off from me panties and I stuck lips into my pussy and the beginnings vigorously to lick ee, she thrust two fingers to me into a mouth that I licked them and then inserted them into my vagina and began to move slowly them there here. She coiled all body and it made horney me even more!