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So to speak, combination of circumstances. Specially I wouldn't agree for anything. But, all in stages. So, one year prior to the described events, we with the husband and the two-year-old daughter the first time went to have a rest to Turkey. Very much it was pleasant to us though I already was abroad, and the husband, till a marriage, in general the half of world visited. We had a small hotel, but very cozy and hospitable. It was in the settlement of Chamyyuva on the second line. But to the sea there were minutes 5 hotba. All personnel with us were kind, especially night hotel manager the elderly Turk who as I felt, wasn't indifferent to me. However, it concerned me a little. Besides, he spoke only on Turkish, English and German. And I didn't know these languages. Sometimes, in the evenings I played with him in a backgammon, and alcohol was always whereas for others, the bar was closed at 23:30 available to us. Rest so was pleasant to us that we decided to arrive surely here the next year. And at us it turned out. And it is even more, than we expected as with us there went our friends. Too with the daughter, the coeval of our girl. By the way, someone read my previous stories, remember about my sexually liberated girlfriend Irina. And so it she with the common-law husband Andrey and the daughter Alyona kept us the company. They, by the way, in general went the first time abroad therefore the question at the choice of hotel and the vacation spot didn't arise. Children completely trusted our last year's impressions. The supervision manpower of hotel remained the same. We were recognized and at once lodged in just repaired rooms on the top floor. Besides sent us and friends to number a tray with fruit and a wine bottle to what we were pleasantly surprised. Rest, as well as it is necessary in Turkey, I proceeded lazy serenely. Our friends, however, went by an excursion as were for the first time, we saw at the sea to a lunch all the time, and at the pool after a lunch. And in the evenings sat in bar of hotel. Everything happened for the tenth day. We gathered for a dinner as the husband, suddenly, took an interest when I am going to keep the promise. - Do you want right now? – I asked, being annoyed that Oleg remembered. - Yes! – the husband answered. He was slightly drunk. But this usual condition of men in Turkey, in hotels where all inclusive – Legs that at you sunbathed for a long time. - Well, I promised time. Only I won't understand why you need it. Suddenly, accidentally someone will see. That will think about me and about you too. - And let think. Let envy. - All right, itself I wanted – I answered, thrust hands under a sundress and took off pants. Probably, the above described dialogue demands an explanation. In a week before departure to Turkey, we decided to buy me a light sundress. Having wandered on shopping center, found, what suited me. - And you look in him sexually – the husband when I tried on a house sundress told. He was on buttons, with a corbel on a waist, the skirt was free, extending to a bottom. It was length overknee, the middle of thighs are slightly higher. If low to bend down, then it was lifted up, giving the chance to completely see my bum. - It is necessary to walk in such sundress without pants. - What for? – I was surprised. - More sexually – the husband answered – Promise me that in Turkey you at least once descend in him for dinner without pants. - I don't know, there it will be visible. It is necessary to leave still there. - Well, you unless it is difficult. And it will be pleasant to me. - All right, we will look! I, of course, didn't understand why Oleg needs it. Really, you never know what situation. It will accidentally be lifted up, or I will bend, and somebody will see. What will think? But men have whims. And, with another, the parties to spit. I will see these people at most two weeks. Let think that want. To me with them not to live. In the elevator Oleg thrust a hand under a sundress hem, rumpled my naked rolls.- How feelings? - I don't know yet – I answered, and suddenly I remembered, how long, I then was seventeen years old, went to the girlfriend (the same Irina) without pants (I their washed everything, thinking that I will spend all evening houses) in one dress, and than all this came to an end. These events are described by me in the story "The First Time in Buttocks". (Is on Interestingly, and now something will occur. Not special and what is wanted It is necessary to be extremely attentive. But I what continuation will be would know! The dinner passed as usual. I was sure that nobody noticed that under a sundress I have nothing. After a children's disco we from Irinkaya led daughters to put to bed, and men remained in bar waiting бинго. When we, having laid girls in our number (they so liked to fall asleep together more), put on sandals, Irinka, suddenly, lifted up a hem of my sundress. - Ha! And Sorokin was right – she told, having seen my naked ass. - In what am I right? – I asked, quickly turning to her – And, and here Sorokin?