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However the shivering hand persistently removes on the page a symbol behind a symbol, and the events which were so deeply crashing into memory gradually dissipate in an oblivion haze, become thinner and die away, madness is replaced by silent rest of ignorance. In a year of a great tsunami all all eyes of inhabitants of Earth were attracted to Southeast Asia whose people by tragic accident appeared on the way of all-destroying anger of elements. Thousands of hands of the help stretched to the affected countries of Indonesia, and gradually life returned to the usual track. I, being in that time already experienced archeologist, I was engaged in studying of cultural traditions of the numerous tribes of Java and nearby islands. The six-volume work "Archetypes in Myths of the People of Indonesia" to which writing I devoted all free time had to become a result of my three years' work. Accident overtook me at the last stage of researches when I studied petroglyphic painting in an ancient cave on one of numerous islands Zondskogo of the archipelago. And now that picture is always on my mind: distant gallery which walls were entirely speckled by images of phallic symbols, wild dancings and ritual scenes. One such scene for a long time chained me to itself, on a rough surface with surprising grace something was represented it from what head hair got up on end and as if in a sneer, the male nature rose in trousers. The local deity represented from itself spherical weight so a cut in the middle. which left party thoroughly got from uncountable touches, a right was half covered with the stalactite which hung from above. However the attentive look without work could make out numerous deepenings, okaymennye an oval of lilies, and in the head only one was born, old as the world analogy — all left party entirely consisted of vaginas. Na to the right party phalli of all sizes and forms, an in the middle were represented, in the place of a gap figures of people, animals, reptiles, birds and all creatures terrestrial, turned in unprecedented dance of ecstasy, lust and debauchery were placed. Here the woman shamelessly snoshalas with what what bore a faint resemblance to a wolf (No from where him to undertake in Indonesia), here crowd of men was weaved in embraces on a back of the killed mammoth, the scene so the snakes braiding human bodies, the women who learned Leda's shamelessness with swans the beautiful dolphins who stiffened in indecent poses with men and women passion, a small shiver of ecstasy and universal lust on the faces of all participants of a bacchanalia my hand foully fingered a lightning of swedes of rage I rejected all diligent curiosity of the researcher, rushes of nature were succeeded by blind, pointless rage, in hands there was scrap. The first blow responded a booming ring in ears, on a wall there is no trace left also, the second had in a stalactite which with a crash collapsed, having nearly buried me under fragments. When dust accumulated, to my look the hidden fragment of the right "men's" side opened hitherto. Interlacings of phalli met to the general center in which I started back. In the head thoughts feverishly rushed, the reason clung to the last thread. There has to be light game from my lamp and a thin film from a stalactite created optical illusion. THEREFORE THAT AS ON OTHER to EXPLAIN THAT IN the WHIRLPOOL of PENISES there were I?! In the next second the earth left at me from under legs, there was a beginning katastrofyiistranno, we got used to think that fantastic vaults and quite real city catacombs — a fruit of the western civilization, people who ispokon live centuries under virgin light of the Sun and stars have nothing to hide from the Creator. As we are mistaken. The first that I heard when I regained consciousness, there was a measured rustle reaching from everywhere and silent murmur of a streamlet. I didn't manage to be surprised to these sounds as the hand was pierced by intolerable pain. In full darkness I tried to grope what-nibud support when the right hand rested against what. Shout escaped from the interior — on the place of the right hand below an elbow the stump dangled. Having gritted teeth and helping itself the left hand, I rested a back against a wall. In despair I began to rake litter and small stones until the hand groped that-to familiar. Ne I know, thanks to a miracle or providence, but my lamp survived. Ne I will begin to tell how quite ineptly I tied up a wound the sweater remains as stuck with a sticky tape of a graze and cuts. I will note only that so far the reason was restored ko to me, I heard a source of a rustle and murmur from myself more and more distinctly at the left. And here I moved along a dark corridor forward, holding the only source of light which visited here so day of foundation of the world in hands. It seemed on which tunnel I went, it was laid by the experienced architect in immemorial times, so here as ideally equal walls on the parties were covered only slimy for a short while, smelling of mushrooms. Having passed kakoye-to distance and having made a halt, I listened: the silent rustle was replaced by a strange squelch, an a sound of a stream was replaced by a non-uniform rumble. The end of a way disappeared at me from the head at all, I remember only as sounds changed: the squelch was replaced by sharp blows as if someone-to was strapped a switch, the rumble was replaced by cries and plaint, fight of drums was added to him. At last, arka of a tunnel extended, in the distance zaplyasali reflections of fire and on me pakhnulo heat. Second having hesitated for a time, I entered light circle. I don't warrant before the reader for truthfulness of what will be written below because hardly mortal, grown in a civilization cradle, will pick up necessary words for the description of the played action.Iiiglaza quickly got used to bright light, a here the reason kept silence till that time until the picture developed before eyes broke up to components. The first on what my look fell, there was a girl chained to a column around whom the crowd of men danced. Na her eyes the dense bandage was put on, hands were pulled together by the hoop which is reliably fixed on a chain. I saw her in a half-turn and therefore well I made out the naked breast rising and falling in a step to frequent breath, strong legs of the native it seemed, didn't submit to her, and that and business were turned in. Suddenly one of men with a wild roar rushed to the native and, having dumped on the course thin nabedrennuyu a bandage, one move moved apart her legs and under the drum coming in fury sharply entered her one move. Wild squeal for an instant muffled all other sounds, a then sank in an approving roar. The girl dangled on a column as if pear for a beating under the boxer's impact, it was visible that the man's tool to her not by the sizes. Sobbing under each blow, she tried to rise on a hoop, but the next attempt came to an end with rough breakthrough down, squeal gradually was replaced by whimpers, muscles on hands relaxed. When the man, a skoree has to call him an animal, I finished business and I let out the native, she kakoye-to time hung nepodvizhno. On poorly waving legs ruby allocations flew down, long hair fell on a face, breath was leveled. Drums for a second ceased, an in a moment already beat out a new rhythm, and the girl threw up the head. Hair a stream zastruilis on shoulders, an on a face at the Woman the smile of the predator stiffened carnivorously-poslushnaya. And males responded to call, in a minute from a ball of human bodies only the top of a column and the shivering hands in a hoop ring was visible. No that was only the bottom of a nasty Olympus. My look slipped slightly above, and light of torches lit an amphitheater with the numerous audience. Naked, they sat closely to each other in the stands, hands of men and women wandered in search of desired places, fingering the friend of the friend and merging in shameless kisses, they didn't withdraw a look from the arena. A occurred improbable there. The ancient old man in the Roman tunic played on a huge fife with bent to the earth of the ends. Bony fingers vividly slid along the tool, pale cheeks by miracle didn't burst from strain. A to a sound of a fife responded a huge python who executed the dance of a predator. From stands pushed out the low fellow. With a cry he tried to climb back, but tens of hands got up at him on the way. Music was replaced, and the python spread in the party of the poor fellow. The pursuit lasted not for long, and here already couple of rings were twisted around heart-rendingly crying out native. The old man got up and broke into a rough dance, without releasing from a fife mouth. The tail of a snake for an instant stood at the anus of the young man and here dived inside. The young man screamed, the anus ringlet as it seemed, contracted with an incredible force, and the tail for an instant stopped, but only for here to continue the movement. Fight ended, and the snake entered in the young man more and more deeply. With wide eyes he looked at stands, instinctively tried to get up, but without having mastered weight, was filled up on one side, having opened stands a show of invasion of a dragon into the back pass. The amphitheater burst in a roar and an applause on what that to an invisible signal snakes from above fell down, lizards and other reptiles who found to themselves the victims here and crept in depths of human bodies were twisted around the penises standing a stake and entirely plunging into vaginas. And everywhere the instant fright was replaced by delight, delight a pleasure grimace, and, at last, rough shouts of an orgasm. So all stands liquid flew down in superficial fillets which a spiral reached in the center of the hall, for a huge hole in a floor. a porn рассказыВ to the party from an amphitheater the crowd of men fought because of what-to armful of a grass which went on hands. Everyone tried to bite off a piece more and then departed in storonku, diligently chewing. Practically at once the dick of the person who tasted a plant inflated to the fantastic sizes, the lewd eye was fixed slightly at some distance, there, where the flock of women of all age fussed. Women rubbed themselves with what-to balm, trying to rub more to causal places. First I didn't understand this part of a cult until because of a vial of balm the quarrel broke out. One of women tried to pull out a glass vessel from hands of the high mulatto, and, I till this time think that all it was only delusion, the hand of the mulatto was extended as if it was made of rubber, a then accepted a usual form. At last, action began. The crowd of men with huge phalli surrounded women, on distribution left kakoye-to time, in a result it was the share of one woman on five-shest men. Drums replaced a rhythm again, and during that instant the hall was announced by cries of poor women. And again I didn't believe eyes when the half-meter dick entirely pierced one of girls, an a second later two more pierced in an anus and a mouth. The jaw of the girl moved down down as if at the nutcracker, but as it appeared, it wasn't dislocated, so as half-minute later snake language of the girl slid on the dick up and down, caressing balls and back pass. The roar of pleasure of hundreds of men who at the same time lowered in rubber vessels because it was difficult to call these stretched and bent figures women became the final of this scene. The orgasm lasted minute, and bodies of women were inflated as an air sphere, in that time as men shrank and exhausted, an on their persons ran a spark of the lived years. And here men fell in exhaustion. From all cracks seed liquid which gathered in channels at once rushed and rough I directed to the center of the hall. Continuation follows