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In one of them the wife of the former chief of a warehouse of the major Lukyanova Natalya Ivanovna complained of the wife of the warrant officer Babenko Natalya Ivanovna too. "What for nonsense?" — Zuev thought, "What can be the general between two of these women? "— he thought and decided to specify at the first woman who is written down on reception. Natalya Privezentseva, the wife of the chief of storage of paints and solvents (in that number and alcohol) which was received by the warrant officer Babenko was her. This Natasha worked in Zuev's part as the chief of guard, the woman very active, liking to sing, dance and in general in every possible way to show the female delights. And still said that she about all knows everything "Here now I and I will ask this know-it-all" — Zuev thought, having noticed Natalya who appeared in doors. — Hello, Natasha. You pass. I am glad you to see cheerful and healthy. With what did you ko grant me? — Fedor Fedorovich! Yours Babenko self-willedally rearranged me in the list on plowing of kitchen gardens on the penultimate place, a delivered the Natalya to the first. — A as was in the list approved by local committee? — Zuev smiled. — I stood the first, a Natakha Babenko of the second — is good, Natashenka. I will accept measures and justice will be restored. No as it is told, slightly open to me the truth on Natalya Ivanovna Lukyanova's relationship (the wife of our former chief) with the wife of the warrant officer Babenko of Natalya Ivanovna, our chief accountant too. Here the first Natasha complains of the second that that doesn't write and stopped returning debts. Don't you explain to me, o than goes the speech? — Fedor Fedorovich! To me, the best girlfriend of these Natash and not to know? No it is a long conversation. The day after tomorrow I have a day of the birth, a from 14 to 17 — 00 I tomorrow will be in the settlement Pacific, it is necessary to me koe — what to buy. We can meet at my girlfriend there, and I everything will tell you It the long conversation which isn't demanding witnesses. Goes? — I will try. Adresochek girlfriends you will give? — Of course! — Natalya smiled, transferring to the chief the copy of a visiting card of the stomatologist famous to all settlement. — With the help of this leaflet it is possible to ask for leave from work — Natasha explained, made laugh smiling. "Clever, however. I guessed my thought — Zuev lovely smiled and I released the woman. Na the next day with 14 — 00 to 16 — 00 there was a meeting with the chief of service in the base back. In 15 — 00 Zuev asked for leave at the chief under a pretext of visit of the doctor and I went to the apartment of the stomatologist. When, on his call, the slapping steps were heard behind a door, and in an open aperture of a door there was a pretty person of madam Surikova, the fifty-year-old woman with whom he spent two years at one table "The evening university of Marxism - Leninism" where pretty vrachikha, on the quiet, I pinched it under a table for a knee, allowing to understand that she needs a crib on that or other question. He felt that, exactly, it is necessary to fall in love with such women. She thus so lovely smiled that the young officer not in forces was her to refuse. — A, Fedor Fedorovich, own person? What destinies? — zakudakhtala vrachikha, but Natasha who left in a corridor, explained: "It ko to me ". — Well, then I to Zinochke descend. Long ago I promised — he is quick-witted I nodded vrachikha and left to put on. — you Pass, Fedor Fedorovich and feel yourself as at home. Alla Nikolaevna my old friend and she will understand everything pravilnozuyev pulled out a bottle of cognac from the diplomat and put on a table. — A of a liqueur glass will be? — mechanically he asked. — O-O-O! The young person the true gentleman — Natasha approached a sideboard and brought three crystal glasses, the cut lemon and three cakes from the refrigerator. — Natashenka. I weigh attention — the officer told, spilling cognac. — you, the subject from where I know these Natash for certain interests? —! I noticed that both Natalya Ivanovny are very similar the friend to the friend — Differently and couldn't be. They are cousin sisters and were born in one day — A from where it is known to you? — That day and I was born, the third Natalya Ivanovna