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Now Olga's turn came to sigh. She closed eyes and slightly threw back the head when Sergey began to kiss ee a neck, an of his hand, slightly touching skin, began to go down on a body down. At the woman hips when the light sliding touch reached the middle of ee of a stomach trembled. She involuntarily began to move the hand which clasped a dick, backwards-vpered, but Sergey recoiled back, then developed Olga the person to himself, and they merged in a kiss. Naked bodies adjoined, the firm dick rested against the pubis so far still covered with panties. No here Sergey's hands undertook their elastic band and dragged down. Olga, without doubting that she arrives correctly, I helped to lower them from buttocks and slightly I cramped legs, without squeezing them. Panties slid off on a floor. Maxim or Dima in such situation the first business would sit down nearby, covering with kisses a bottom of a stomach and gradually approaching the sponges shining from moisture to start between them the slippery trembling No language Sergey of it didn't begin to do — between the woman's legs suddenly there were his fingers — gentle, skillful Olga obediently moved apart legs, enjoying touches and feeling more and stronger the desire inflaming in her. Sergey slightly pushed ee in the direction to a bed, Olga sat down on her, having raised knees and having parted hips. While Sergey left the remains of the clothes, it, looking directly to him in eyes, put the hand on a vagina from above, and began to caress herself fingers. And Leshku it always especially brought Dima, they both other times even asked ee not to stop and reward themselves an orgasm independently Sergey was more similar to Gena — the similar show brought that too, but he always came to Olga to the help Sergey quickly hung over her, sent the tool to a target, and his dick, nesmotrya on the decent sizes, easily moved apart hot lips of a vagina and got inside, sliding ("! ") on elastic lubricant. Olga fell a back to a bed surface, highly threw legs. When at last the extreme delightful fullness forced Olga to moan in a voice, it for several seconds stopped to give an opportunity to the woman wholly to experience this delightful moment, a was slowly taken then by the dick to an exit from peshcherki, for a second stood, and again shipped him in Olga. Also it began to be shaken — rhythmically, widely; removing a dick honor to a head and then returning inside at all possible length. O, this man conducted himself absolutely differently, than the boy by a nickname Tim! The skilled lover, as if the born musician, he perfectly knew how to conduct the main melody; unmistakably, without being false, I took from Olginogo bodies the correct notes. And thus I didn't forget o to myself. With each movement it gradually increased amplitude and the dick entered more and more deeply. Energetically, powerfully (crescendo, vigorozo, forte!) The rhythmical movements of legs Olga attracted a moving body of the man as if driving in it into itself, and made upward movement hips, nestling from below Sergey everything increased speed, his dick worked as if the piston of the racing car going for overtaking No amplitude of pushes I decreased, and the man achieved in such simple way that Olga who almost reached an orgasm still some time trembled absolutely nearby with top, not in a state it to appear on her. Quickly, even quicker (allegro, presto, prestissimo!) The woman came to full fury; having practically lost control over itself, she bit Sergey in a shoulder. And here at last ee a back was slightly curved, legs stood at attention, an of a hip squeezed the lover's body. Olga coiled and fought under him. Falteringly shouting in a voluptuousness paroxysm, edge of consciousness she noticed everything how Sergey began to roar as if an animal, and I felt easy pushes of emission of a cum deeply in A can, she just imagined it to herself. I thought, we will fail not only through a bed, but still and we will punch a floor and we will appear in the cellar — Olga rasslablenno said, he is lazy stretching all body. She turned over on a stomach, feeling as the cum exudes, following from her on a sheet (well and a demon with them!) Sergey, smiling, I stroked Olga on a back fingers. — not to call you Gentle — I continued Tochilova. — No it is pleasant to me. It is pleasant how you behave, truly as a real man. — Yes, I samets — with deliberate southern accent smugly spoke Sergey. — A you unusual — he told delightfully at once after it, having quickly changed tone. — My god, yes you such passionate, I even couldn't present to himself You directly such beat, Though the plate hang up ten thousand volts, hundred amperes — don't get, will kill — Yes throw I the weak woman. How can I kill? So that get, be not afraid. — No, you are strong. In you there is purely female force if I though that-to in it I understand! Olga awfully wanted to know what Sergey on the business understands. She already could adapt quickly to "style" of the Bollard, and it is impossible to tell that it appeared difficult. It is more than that, it was even pleasant — to be her conducted, to be in a certain submission at the strong man Taky as he, it is just impossible to present in women's stockings and in a passive role. Olga passed in a shower. Having directed to a body of a stream of water and being thrilled with pleasure, she suddenly saw the Esmarkha mug hanging on a hook which after the yesterday's easy procedure simply I forgot to remove. There is an ill luck! The body became covered with "goose leather", nipples became unpleasantly firm. It is interesting whether Sergey noticed this piece when came here for the first time how they only came from the street? It is difficult not to notice to Hide a rubber bag with a tube now was already more than silly, yes and there is no need, probably A can, it and to the best? Olga returned from a shower and while Sergey in the turn, was in the bathroom, estimated whether there is a sense to show him that-nibud from an arsenal of sexual toys. And, if yes, then when? Directly now, slightly later, or at the next meeting? At them it is the first time! A how many still the concerning episodes ahead can appear!. Looking to Sergey in eyes, Olga slipped along his body down, sat down on knees with him nearby, carefully took the sticking-out dick in the right hand. Blinking from pleasure, she fingers of left began to stroke-oar his balls, an a head of the dick — to drive on the person: on cheeks, cheekbones, a chin With the tongue hanging out, I clapped on it the lower party with a bridle — the similar trick usually forces to be thrilled any man. — it so is pleasant to You? — without hiding joyful hope, Sergey asked. Instead of the answer Olga kissed his dick on a head and moved a tip of language in opening core. The man suddenly moved to a back part of a bed (the back wasn't there) and the inviting gesture clapped on sheets. Olga understood everything, jumped on a bed, settled on a stomach, so, that the dick of Sergey standing on knees looked directly to her in a mouth. — I never did it — she told. — I have such position in a look. At me can what-to to go not so. — Everything will be excellent. I won't begin to try to come far. Just in case, push me here so — he showed. — If on the contrary, you decide what can be continued, you will make in a different way — Well, my mister — the woman made a purring sound, beginning to catch lips a dick. — it is A little not so — Sergey told. — Try to put out tongue slightly forward, only don't strain it Here so, da Rotic poshire, a neck weaken a completely Yes, now at us with you everything has to turn out! Sergey moved forward, and his dick plunged into Olga's mouth — it is delightful warm, gentle and at the same time firm and heavy the Head slipped quite deeply, but no discomfort was felt. Seconds five the penis was nepodvizhen, then slowly went back. To Dove Olga to make several breaths, the man began to repeat occurrence, then still time, still Each time the dick entered a little, but further. It was already not that blowjob with a licking with which Olga got used to please the men: ee really fucked in a mouth, and it turned out so disturbingly and excitingly that it began to flow already after the first three-chetyrekh movements there and back. Sergey carefully moved more deeply than usual. The head rested against a throat, and at Olga reflex spasms began. She pushed Sergey with the agreed movement, the man removed a dick back. At Olga from eyes tears flowed, she convulsively swallowed and sobbed. — Ne goes? — Sergey asked it is sympathizing. — Can, we will stop? — No — Olga stubborn answered. — I want it. It is pleasant to me, but I have to get used to new feelings. — Well that Only let's long not pull. — I ponimayuolge so strongly there was a wish to bring to the man pleasure that she would agree also to more unpleasant feelings. She believed that the discomfort has to through kakoye-to time to leave and concede the place to pleasure. In the general, so also it happened. Olga suffered fiasco twice, and the second time with work was succeeded to constrain her stomach spasms. But the throat wasn't reduced by the third calling of ee any more, and Sergey could pass to wider movements. Olga began to be given to this rhythm. On ee to lips and a chin saliva flew down, a fingers of the right hand she began to caress Sergey's balls. Of course, it was a little difficult for her — some sexual tricks really demand skill and a certain persistence, an also and shreds samootverzhennostipriblizhayas to an orgasm, Sergey everything excessively vigorously began to drive a dick in Olga's throat. Ta felt slight pain, I schuffled a body, and here suddenly I understood that the man grabbed with ee by hair and began to tighten the head closer to itself. None of Olga's lovers afforded similar, and probably, only immense surprise and shock didn't allow Olga to reach nausea. Sergey's dick pulsed and shot a cum at a throat. Caused a feeling of the shuddering men's body in a mouth familiar empaticheskoye pleasure and completely blocked all negative impressions. — I Think, still several times, and I will learn it so that you will descend from mind from delight — Olga spoke, erasing a napkin saliva and a cum so the person. — I just adore you — Sergey said, eating ee eyes. — Do you though itself-to understand, kakoe you a treasure? — Хм — Olga vaguely murmured. It was very pleasant to her. Let she not for the first time heard similar recognitions, but unless they can bother the woman? Any of women