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Denise very much wanted to overeat from her forward, but she was afraid that she if she begins to move on salon will attract attention of the others. She any more not time noticed the interested glances which I darted back one other guy. Probably so far they were stopped from acquaintance to the beautiful girl to a dog only by presence row with her unsociable Denise. The girl perfectly knew how the brother's friends are lost in ee presence. Yes and the fact that they were two played the role. Usually courageous one on one with the girl even the most impudent of guys were confused a little when girls there were two. It always surprised Denise. So that the girl was sure that as only she otsyadet from Peggy, to her at once to rush at once several guys who were left without couple so far. After all girls went to a fair much less than children. Denise did a look that reads the book, throwing slanting views into a front part of inside of the bus. She very much didn't want to come across accidentally what look be the teenager. He could decide that she invites him to acquaintance. Ahead snickers of whispering and quiet fuss were distributed. Denise hated this noise of big number of the people gathering in the closed space it irritated with ee and disturbed will concentrate. No I shrank now when he suddenly calmed down the girl, expecting that votvot will approach someone them be from guys. It seemed to her that their sticky views burn down ee through clothes. They everything were animals. It is worse, than animals. Sometimes Denise dreamed that everything they during one instant just disappeared what on the earth there is no left no one man. And what mother wouldn't ache o the fact that it is time for her to bring the boyfriend and to go to appointments. My God what boredom and nasty thing! Denise was sure that she will perfectly do also without guys, more that she would be happy. She didn't understand kakoe pleasure other girls find in close communication with men. Embrace kiss them. Especially if the nobility of o terrible sticks dangling at them between legs. The dick of a Labrador wasn't and half such big as penises of some guys of which were known by Denise. Tim's dick in general reminded the girl a baseball bat more. Actually, she didn't meet larger penises yet. At the brother's friends everything was much more modest. The girl several time spied when they bathed naked and perfectly saw everything. However they everything were equally presented to her by what-to ancient torment tools from ee of romantic novels. Denis didn't represent how she will be able to accept them in herself. She either will expire blood, or will descend from mind from pain. The girl was absolutely sure of it. She remembered as once I crept for the brother on his treasured glade in the forest. Business was at the beginning of summer and Tim with friends several girls went in the evening to a small picnic. Hiding in bushes Denise perfectly saw what this picnic in several hours developed into. It smoothly flowed in what-to mad orgy. Drunk teenagers copulated directly at a fire without hesitating of the friend's friend. She saw and heard how girls coiled squealed groaned and fought under guys. Then she couldn't understand in any way why it comes from pain or pleasure. She begged guys to continue. Denise perfectly saw a brawny suntanned back of the brother on which there were long red strips from long nails of the slender brunette, most beautiful girl in a class of the brother and as she with rattle and postanyvaniyem shouted as got — Fuck me! Fuck me! No it didn't prove to Denise at all that she got pleasure. She could fall into a condition of nonsense from pain and just didn't understand that she said. At school of the girl too often in a whisper told each other as it is healthy and pleasant to be engaged in sex. No their lie didn't convince Denise. It simply had no sense. How can bring process which looks so cruelly though kakoye-to pleasure? The equal rumble of the engine changed tonality. The driver with a crash switched transfer. They drove to the small town. — "We will make a stop at Burger King" — he told without turning around. Bring yourself into an order if you are going to leave and descend in a toilet or to eat. Now nearly 7 we move strictly according to the schedule. I will come around on gas station and I will return for you in half an hour. I will wait for nobody someone will lag behind and won't return to that in time it wasn't lucky! I will wait for nobody, it is clear? — Yes, the sir — several guys in a unison as if soldiers on the parade-ground shouted. It caused amicable laughter in salon, but the driver didn't react to it in any way. In a minute they came around on the parking before Burger King. — What occurs? — having yawned I asked Peggy having woken up. Denise explained to her trying what ee a voice would sound as is possible more cold and otstranenney. — Shit! — with feeling I left Peggy, hasty pulling shorts on a naked body and tying on a bikini tape back. Teenagers poured out from the bus as crowd of half-naked savages. Denise didn't want to go together so all. From one thought that ten guys will surround ee when she begins to eat hamburger caused in her nausea. — You what you won't go? — with astonishment I asked Peggy. — I wanted to remain in the bus and to esteem. — You are a madwoman. Peggy flexibly slid off sitting, stretched all body and made several inclinations in pass of the bus, the Labrador got up from a floor too and stretched as also she. — the Devil I want to eat — Peggy muttered wrinkling a nose. No the dinner should be missed from this fat pig. Denise didn't know, o than speaks to Peggy. The aroma of hamburgers and potato of the big-head flew in open windows of salon and the mouth of the girl was involuntarily filled with saliva. — You what forgot money? — she asked the blonde. Peggy is cold almost contemptuously looked at the fellow traveler. — I Have money. There is no time. I have a small business here. This tolstozady the driver didn't want to let Romeo in the bus, it was necessary to promise him something. Now it is necessary to execute a promise.