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It began, about, half a year ago, with insignificant hints on rough folklore, and requests: "to be liberated", "to help voobrazheniyami", "to call parts of a body the words" these abusive nouns and verbs, of course, were known to the Radical townswoman and the Muscovite. No them to hear one business so the parties, an another, to say aloud in a bed with the favourite person. And Nina Gueorguiyevna resisted the spouse's request as could. I refused. I asked not to force "to tell it" .no difficult to refuse to the favourite man such "trifle" and here one time, it, through "I don't want", I executed his request. Since that time it was also led. Polyakov didn't ask any more, a demanded a pussy to call pizdoy, a phallus — a dick, a copulation — ebley. And, hearing it from the wife's lips, I fucked her without were tired. Yes and itself, Bestuzheva felt that it was got. I made upward movement and groaned under the husband's pressure violently as if again I came their honey mesyatsutrom to her it was a shame to look to the husband in eyes. As if the day before she did nepristoynoyepotom Polyakov began to dream. I thought up that all ballerinas before an exit to a scene do to male - dancers the liberating blowjob. At first it was unusual to hear how she, allegedly, sucked foreign dick. And not one. Then I got used and patiently I accompanied the husband's questions on this subject, understanding what helps the husband to reach the erection, necessary for the sexual act. However, today, he demanded "to play" in a new way. I began "to stack" the wife under other man, claiming that that fucked her on the business. Also I received energy from this unusual imagination and udovolstviyeu Nina Georgiyevny there was a feeling that the husband himself pushed her on treason. And with someone? With Bolshakovym! It in their bed scenes didn't happen yet. And she (what shame!), I didn't keep and I began to flow as "razdrochennaya the bitch" .imenno so defined the state Bestuzheva, remembering sweet spasms from incredibly strong orgasm and vague vision of the one to someone the husband finished her otdatsyaprislushivayas to the feelings, the wife of the lieutenant colonel didn't find any panic, but burdensome surprise was present. Didn't charge with such freight of responsibility for the family her yet. Prick A tell about treason, means, are going to charge And from this perception "possible" to Polyakov's wife it wasn't fallen down. Through leaky shifted curtains she saw the dark sky, but in the East was already seen, hardly noticeable strip of color of autumn foliage. It I began rassvetona has a look at the husband sleeping a row. Twilight of night hid lines of his person, No Nina Gueorguiyevna and so remembered, how it is fine when it is quiet and isn't touched by emotions of problems, not distorted by spasms strastinado to get up, prepare the spouse a breakfast. Trying not to wake, carefully I lowered both legs on a floor, on oshchup found house slippers and quietly I rose. At a window I was late. The clouds driven by wind, quickly moving painted in crimson color of the invisible sun looked agressivnona to Nina Pavlovna's soul was nasty and empty. — It is wrong — she told. — So shouldn't be. — A was pleasant to me! — Polyakov grinned, driving on the faultless teeth which are plentifully squeezed out "Pomorinom" .vosstanavlivaya, forces lost by yesterday's activity he overslept a little and as at an entrance he was already expected by the car, hurried on departure. After cleaning of teeth, the lieutenant colonel dexterously shaved, refreshed cheeks with strong "Shiprom", put on a clean shirt and, admiring own reflection in a round wall mirror, combed the pride — a thick wavy hair. Having noticed that the wife watches closely his preparations, I told: — For yesterday's evening, especially thanks, expensive! Long ago I didn't experience such rise Well, you know, o what I And, judging by everything, was lucky you in our imaginations Long ago so too didn't relish. Truly? Na the beautiful person of Nina Georgiyevny the frank fastidiousness was reflected.— All right, all right — Polyakov reduced turns, don't accept too to heart Plaid pranks a little, popridumyvali a miscellaneous That here special? How the husband and the wife, do we have the right to afford In the following time we will think up what-nibud pokruche For example you with two at once Suddenly to be useful — You it what? — convulsively Nina Gueorguiyevna swallowed. — How it with two?! — Yes calm down. It I after our yesterday's By inertia, so skazatpolyakov, zastyognul a sword belt. — By the way to tell, yours Bolshakova, recently, directly from eatery sent to the ground. Chto-to to paint there. You especially-to be not upset. For a while — I approached the wife and I tried potselovatnina Georgiyevna it was discharged — for about ten days. Even you won't manage to miss. How did he help you yesterday, a?. Here Polyakov it is inappropriate I winked and here I received ringing slap in the face. In dark eyes of the wife I sparkled genuine rage. — Oho! Beat, means — love — the lieutenant colonel reduced the arisen incident on a flat joke. The experienced political leader, was able to keep on plavu and not in such incident, and when it is necessary, easily taxied to rules secular comme il faut. — And one more reason — he continued, unperturbably, already being in a door aperture — be not strict to this soldier. Probably, he is required to us in further So far, my incomparable! Bestuzheva tried what-to to say, but Polyakov managed to send to the spouse an air kiss and left, having shut for himself — loved upholstered with leatherette entrance dvervykhodki the husband and the message that the artist of her performance is involved in other place, couldn't promote a normal condition of Nina Georgiyevny. Having accompanied twins in a children's garden, she didn't return home as usually I did it till the beginning of occupations of ballet studio, a came to the gym and examined in what state there is a design work of future ballet. The back for "the Swan lake" was ready half. Na doschatom to half of the gym the cloth with the forest lake and a lunar path on a mirror smooth surface of water lay. The thicket of the opposite coast was penetrated by bluish fog. With chyorno-zelyonogo the sky the flavovirent moon shone. Incomplete were two large trees on edges of the front plan, and a near edge of a reservoir on which background there had to be a model of a bush of a low brittle willow. The idea about separately standing tree belonged to the artist and Bestuzhevoy she very much was pleasant. The brittle willow became in natural size a separate requisite and was put before a back with easy shift in the left side of the stage. Carrying out dance, girls could move between a brittle willow and the drawn cloth of a back, creating for the audience from the hall additional illusion of depth of scenic space.