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To us on a lecture! — Polina told, creeping out from under a sheet. — Yes — I lowed Lera, without wishing to wake up in any way. — Already end of a semester. To hell this lecture! We will go only to couples? — Here, end of a semester! Will check! Get up and put on. Polina got up, opened curtains, letting in the sun the room. Through very light night dress I illuminated the ee silhouette of slender, almost children's figure. With a growth in meter sixty she weighed 44 kg and so backs of ee could be confused so the schoolgirl, and not absolutely senior classes that sometimes caused certain inconveniences and need always to carry with itself the passport and the record book. She rastrepushila the short fair-haired hair also stretched because of what the small breast was stuck out by ee under a night dress, a tried to confirm the small nipples which are sticking out under thin fabric of all forces that tits here really are! Though also small. She resolutely cast away easy blanket Lery in the party: — Get up to someone speak! Oh, an of what you are naked? — To put on there was a reluctance — told Lera. A you what are such joyful? And horney? — she asked, nodding on the sticking-out Polina's nipples. — Just almost I got enough sleep! Yes and vacation soon — Polina answered, having a little been confused. The day before there was an evening of instructing. Lera taught Polina as it is necessary to look after himself to cause interest in guys. At Lery it turned out not bad, nesmotrya on the fact that on a constitution they are almost identical, Lera looked poyarche, being a brown-eyed brunette, with long magnificent hair. Polina used considerably smaller popularity as I found all time for study and she had no affairs with guys yet. So, small flirtation. Yesterday Lera it taught Polina to be painted. At Lery it turns out not brightly, but on surprise is elegant. After what there was a hairstyle, then another, then they went to a shower to wash away traces of experiments with Polina's appearance. Lera insisted on going to a shower together where she forced Polina to shave everywhere, "to look accurate, attractive and desired". — it is necessary to watch himself! — I spoke Lera — Then you will be pleasant to yourself and the rest! Also you will feel yourself more surely. — A is obligatory to shave everywhere? Scratches! — hnyknula Polina. — you Will get used! To shave all under clean! — I said Lera. Putting on in the mornings, an especially after yesterday's evening, little girls didn't hesitate to go the friend before the friend naked. Here and this morning all was as usually. Polina was already going to be painted when Lera came from a washroom. I threw off from myself a dressing gown under which nothing was perfect also I began to choose that she will dress. Polina observed how she Lera gets things from different departments of a case, accepting thus the inconceivable poses allowing to make out ee a fine-molded figure from different foreshortenings. Polina admired buttocks Lery, noting that ee own isn't much worse. "A stomach she too flat, a here at Lerki more than mine will have boobs "— she thought. — Well here, the clothes are, now it is necessary to improve a lecture somehow! — I told Lera. — it is interesting — Polina was surprised — as you will make a lecture more interesting? — I will just make not so boring ee for me! — Lera cunning I smiled and I got into the lower box of the bedside table, it is new having allowed Polina to look at the buttocks. I got a toy from box Lera. Also I showed a small black cone of an anal stopper to Polina. — What it? — You what, never saw it? — I was surprised Lera. — Ne, never. The rights what is it? — It, Polinochka, a small toy for favourite buttocks! ee it is worth arranging correctly and it is possible to receive a lot of pleasure in any circumstances. Makes horney most, nobody even guesses o your secret! Polina stayed in easy shock. She, of course, played a cunning trick: she knew what the subject is, but never used it. She was a virgin in all meanings. The real dick even didn't hold in hand. That time, Lera got a small tube from a bedside table, I squeezed out a little lubricant on a finger, I bent forward, having leaned on a bedside table and on eyes of the amazed Polina began to apply lubricant on the small pink anus. She smeared skin around, then began to immerse a finger in the buttocks slowly. At first a finger tip, then almost to a half Polina looked without coming off and almost without breathing. Lera took a few lubricant and I began to immerse in myself already two fingers Slowly, gently, groaning from pleasure. Then Lera applied a little lubricant on a toy and I began to enter accurately ee into the buttocks, slightly turning. Polina observed how the small subject disappears in buttocks of the girlfriend as the anus ee ringlet was closed, at once behind expansion and outside there was a small round basis. Lera pulled a toy back, but ee the buttocks didn't want to release ee and she returned a toy again. — A here why it is necessary: — I told Lera and slowly I sat down on a bed. — When you sit down you press ee inside. A if to move a little, then it moves in you! M-mm, what high! Lera began to fidget slowly on a bed, an ee a hand slipped to ee to absolutely shaved pussy. The finger easily found area of a clitoris and Lera began to caress herself, without hesitating of the fact that Polina with huge curiosity watches each ee the movement. Though it is ee especially made horney. No not only Lery had an excitement. Polina looked at the girlfriend without coming off, feeling as nipples on ee small breasts harden and it becomes very hot and wet between legs. Observing as Lera with pleasure caresses himself, Polina started a hand under the night dress and began to caress herself, falling below To a stomach And is even lower there where the desire pea pines Polina caressed a hand the sponges and a clitoris, being made horney more and stronger, getting fingers inside, but is superficial therefore that fingers came across a thin barrier. stories a sensuality are stronger and stronger being made horney, the second hand Polina began to caress the breast while that hand continued to walk between legs. Having opened eyes, she noticed as Lera looks at her, but no confusion for some reason existed also in mention. — Ler, an is pleasant when what-to is in you? — Polina asked, having stopped. — Very much! Even for the first time very much it was pleasant to me. A in the subsequent — I that-to I am afraid to try. I still to time Well you understand.