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With similar mood there was also Red when that collected all work then to give to the director and to like feeling of freedom till the end of days off (evening of Friday, after all). Having approached a door behind which Reda waited or an award, or still that-to, that swallowed. He worried how and in the last days work delivery. With the shivering hand of foxes it was knocked, a then, having waited for the answer of the director, I entered his office. Inside it was more spacious, than in all office complex. At a big table, clicking a mouse, the director of this office complex sat — the anthropomorphous dragon covered it is white-seroy wool, on a name of Skofter (yes, yes, that most that was in stories). Near his table I sat in appearance ordinary-looking demonka, but very sexual. When Red approached a table of the director, the dragon distracted from the monitor and peered into the employee: he shivered like phone on vibration. — Well - with, a young fox. What did you make for today? — I asked Skofter Reda, trying not to turn attention to a shiver. — In - in - in-vot. It in - in-vse what I at-at-uspel with - with-sdelat — told Red, stammering. Skofter took papers at a fox, carefully I checked each sheet and, without looking at Reda, I gave them to the assistant who was busy obviously not by what I had to. — Lira! Ne you could mass them not then when I accept work of the employee? — the dragon shouted on demonku. The lira shuddered, but after all took papers and put in a box. Then it got up, approached a dragon behind and pulled him a tail. It wasn't pleasant to him. — Still so you will make time — you will be left without work — I told Skofter, having forgotten to release Reda. That nervousness couldn't stand on the place. — I would be pospokoynee if you give me special attention more often. A so, I am free to do all that to me will take in head — having told it, Lira pulled a dragon a tail again and slapped him on a bum. — All right, I give you a break for half an hour. One more client remained with us therefore don't stay out late. Looking after the leaving assistant, Skofter remembered about Reda and addressed it: — Red, you work for me long ago, of any sympathy for my assistant I from you don't see a. You case not blue? As a hand removed a shiver and nervousness. Red took a chair, sat down, sighed and told: — Yes, I the gay.Skofter looked at Reda at the same time with surprise and sympathy. Red to time didn't hesitate to admit everything, o than asked him. — It is a pity that you are a gay, a that I would ask you to take for an award her at office while I work with the client. — I though also the gay, but am able to communicate with clients. Allow me to you to help. For an award, naturally. The dragon smiled. Red understood that it meant consent with his offer, but in depth of soul felt that he will be sent away just about. No it didn't occur. The director only rose so a chair, approached a door of an office and locked it. Then, I returned to a table, I opened a box and I got from there a box in which that-to rumbled. Redu it wasn't pleasant, but having remembered what he had to pass for the sake of career through, he calmed down and going to accept in himself that-to firm and oblong. — Means, so. My client — he practically such as my assistant, only the guy. I think, you already guessed what in a box, so? — I don't know — Red told lies, having grabbed a bum. — A I thought, at you blue happen a variety — I told Skofter, getting from a box the phallus similar on horse — as it is a pity that I so was mistaken. Get up, please. Red didn't wish to argue with the administration and quickly obeyed. The dragon removed a chair to the storeroom, a then got another from the storeroom. — As you have to understand, the young fox, my company very well develops, and it is necessary to go to a leg so time in the plan sex - entertainments. Therefore, I also invited to us our client — to advance his goods in masses.Having attached a phallus to a chair, the dragon greased it, a then got from a back what-to tube. Having attached that-to reminding to bank to her, so that Red didn't notice, Skofter moved up a chair poblizhe to the. — For what it? — Red asked, looking after how the phallus slowly bends in the party of a back of a chair.