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For Harry Hogwarts, but not the hated house Durslya was the house, Hermione's parents were on vacation abroad, and Rhone there was no wish to receive the next sweater and to listen to mother's morals in an environment of all the numerous brothers and sisters. During the lunchtime the smart Halloween feast in the Main hall after which Harry with Ron decided to make the way a secret passage in Hogsmid took place, and Hermione, without changing itself even in holiday, went to study textbooks in library. Ron borrowed a little potion of aging at Fred and with his help in Three Brooms pub it was succeeded to manage to get at madam Rozmerta a lot of the most tasty creamy beer. And when the general degree of fun in pub rose, sold to guys even hard liquors. Having notably become tipsy, children returned through secret pass to Hogwarts. As it appeared, drunk to climb the moving ladders is that still an adventure. Cheerfully stirring, they came into Gryffindor living room where before a fireplace Hermione sat and thumbed through the fat volume on magic stories. Guys I sat on different sides from the girlfriend and began to play a trick on the favourite know-it-all, sometimes passing line and hinting that you won't especially kiss with books and from them you will bring offsprings. – Boys, please, leave me alone. You are such opposite. And now from you also alcohol smells why I in general am on friendly terms with you, itself I can't sometimes answer myself. – Can because we are in general the only boys in Hogwarts who agree with you to be on friendly terms? – as usual silly Ron answered. – And yes the truth, Hermione, someone is pleasant to you from guys? – I asked Harry. – Not your business! Hermione took obviously offense, wrapped in a cloak and buried in the book. Here drunk Harry remembered occupations at professor Snape, quietly got covertly cloaks a magic wand, directed it to Hermione and shouted: "Legilimens!". In Harry's consciousness scraps of memoirs and Hermione's imaginations rushed: here she receives the first letter from Hogwarts, here she receives next "Perfectly" on a transfiguration, sits in library, one long-windedness of Harry does moral effort and gets into reminiscence which Hermione obviously tried to hide: she in the closed toilet the 6th floor is kneeling to Victor Crumb and greedy his fat dick sucks. Harry sees it Hermione's eyes and he will feel ill at ease from penis sizes of the Bulgarian champion. Crumb's hands clasp a magnificent head of hear of Hermione, he does several sharp movements and cums her in a mouth. Then draws a cloak and runs away, leaving Hermione to sit on a floor and to cry together with the Crybaby Mirtl. By Harry it is dumbfounded looks at Hermione, Hermione in horror hides the face in hands, Ron just looks at them in turn and understands nothing. – Hey, you what that happened? Harry, what the spell is you used? – Ron, there is our girlfriend touchy person not such and sacred. It she just is on friendly terms with us, and she gives to other guys much more. But she is a girl clever, finds to herself dogs with big dicks from other schools that nobody floated rumors. – Hermione, is the truth? – I. me it is so a shame to me, Victor was such polite, told pleasant words, nearly wanted to marry, and then Well Harry everything saw that to me already to hide. Then he used my mouth in a toilet, got on the foolish ship and departured with all students. I didn't see him since then any more. – And you slept with him? Or only it? – No, only it. – That is while we here with Harry suffer from the shortage of female attention, you, our best friend, suck dicks to our enemies? Ron who was secretly loving many years Hermione couldn't forgive her this treachery. He jumped from a chair, directed to her a stick and shouted "Be dumbfounded". Hermione's hands were extended on seams, she moved down from a chair on a floor and could look at angry Rhone only scaredly. He sharp breakthroughs began to break a cloak from Hermione, took off linen and even shoes with socks, having left a thin beautiful body of the girlfriend completely naked. – I dreamed already so many years of you, loved, but thought that study is more important than a relationship for you. And you are just a whore who loves big dicks? Time to take that I want came. How many it is possible to wait. Harry, you are with me or not? When Harry saw reminiscence of Crumb, was at once made horney. But now he cautiously looked at the developing situation and understood that it is necessary to make a choice: to stop madness Rhone or to take part in it. Harry hesitated. He slowly passed a look on a body of the naked girlfriend on a floor, since accurate fingers standing, then along thin slender legs to the attracting pussy and a red triangle of hair on a pubis, to a flat stomach, admired accurate hillocks of boobies with sharp nipples, fine-molded clavicles, angry mumpish chubby lips and this voluminous hair which were roughly held by Victor Crumb, cuming her in a mouth. Harry himself didn't notice at what moment he began to caress the dick which is sticking out a stake through a cloak. Ron only grinned in reply and told: "Good fellow, right choice". Guys raised an immovable body of Hermione back on a chair, gave her a usual pose and long studied her body hands, caressing, slapping and thrusting a finger into various openings. Stripped to the skin. The dick at Harry was longer, than at Ron, but is a little thinner. Each of guys took one palm of Hermione in hand, put to himself on a dick and began to jerk off slowly, touching the second her breast. In a few minutes Ron climbed with legs on a chair, slightly opened Hermione's mouth, moved on lips the dick and began to fuck roughly her a throat. If she could, then obviously began to resist such address. Harry went down on a floor and began to lick carefully a pizdenka of the old girlfriend, caressing gentle-pink lips and a clitoris, having connected then and fingers. – Hey, Ron, and our doll began to flow. You represent, even it is pleasant to it. – Here pancake, real magic. And what it hid from us it. Having enjoyed many gentle mouth of Hermione, Roth went down on a floor and asked her: – Blink two times if you want that I removed a spell from you. But evening on it won't end, you want it or not. Therefore I advise to relax and derive pleasure. Hermione blinked twice.