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All House of officers could frighten! Didn't you descend from mind? And you, Eva, too?" — "I probably descended from mind, but as to me it is good" — is bewitching Eva licked the chubby sponges. A you, my such sweet hero - the libertine?" — "Isn't present, I am simply happy" — is hardly heard Igor whispered and women laughed. "Here to you keys, mine in Volgograd, also you don't rustle there" — and Vava stretched to Eva a small sheaf. And soon there was this miracle! Ee the white skirt a flag of the given garrison helplessly hung on a back of a chair, an ee the most beautiful legs were moved apart and Igor at last learned what is it — "a feast of winners" .bozhe what is a high — sex with the favourite woman! Igor understood that he descends from mind from love and bright feelings. When the more you give, the more you receive. When two of your breathes, becoming frequent, suddenly imperceptibly become one and during what-to instant unexpectedly fade. When the bodies tied in platonovsky unreal knot, escaping from hot and damp prostynnykh labyrinths, untwining contrary to all laws of the Kama Sutra, lose both shame, and weight, and orientation in time and space. And it is so sweet-sladko inside and here — explosion - an orgasm to a full eclipse! Badly only the fact that this amazing woman who made horney in such conglomerate of love and passion — foreign wife, a your happiness — stolen though also it incredibly fine and sweet is mute! He looked incredibly wonderful nakedness, an unrealizable dream of many officers of garrison at ee and couldn't see enough in any way. It is simple kakoye-to delusion and a miracle! Then she stood at a plate just absolutely naked and cooked coffee. She could conduct herself so that even nude and barefoot I seemed dressed from the head to legs. Muffling up in one-edinstvennoye wedding ring, she innocently smiled, baring incredibly sexual dimples on cheeks, an if turned, then and on buttocks. It is good that I consisted in sportrote, we were usually not put constantly in a system and not recalculated on several once a day and still and in the evening. Therefore that Eva suddenly delivered to the Turk with hot coffee on a plate and rushed to a bed as the rescuer from the mooring. And all was laid by hot fog of passion. It stunned Igor again and again made horney him. Feverous passionate whisper — "Cum A ee in me", at once I brought him to a rough orgasm. In the beginning it cumed and Igor clamped ee chubby sponges a hand. Well a then it growled from the strongest orgasm and Eva clamped to him a mouth hands or lips, otherwise he would howl and groaned so that he would be heard by all house. He nestled on the most desired body in the world even stronger and felt as his hot seed flows down in ee a wonderful bosom. It was such improbable feeling and he was just in the seventh sky. Women in still short, but full passions of life of Igor were his Achilles heels, his Sizifovymi callosities and other mythical weaknesses. For the sake of this unrestrained passion he ruthlessly spent the youth since the most young years. And suddenly she is Eva! She had him under a heel, but the heel considered the crown ee. It was impossible to win against ee. To lose to it was happiness. He with pleasure did it a kunilling, feeling great pleasure from the fact that she fought in orgasm paroxysms. The only thing that confused it — so is that they weren't protected at all. All in her was magnificent. Ee beauty, ee charm, ee mind, ee the feeling of humour, feeling of a measure and ee of feeling, a measure and borders which weren't knowing — all in her was not from this world. The more she opened, the became a bigger riddle. It seems only that it was bent in sweet languor of an orgasm, but here this beautiful pagan to sit down on it from above, and Igor learned all delights of the Amazonian matriarchy.No here ee order: "Company, rise! All in a shower!", then already they refreshed with hot streams of water drank already cooled down, but such wonderful coffee in Turkish — from ee of hands though poison! And as it is told — "on one in the different parties!" And this happiness lasted more than a month! To enter Eva is not a high, this happiness. a porn stories to See this her magnificent beauty and know that this wealth, this heat and joy, all to you — it means to feel itself the happiest in the world! Igor understood one — he was simply happy, he understood that his future wife will be similar to Eva. Only so and not differently! A waited for it now one more improbable test, o which he didn't know yet. Only Vava with ee frankness I could tell and make it. No all it slightly later! Eva reported that she goes with the husband for two weeks to parents to Primorsko-Akhtarsk — to enjoy last days of him the holiday. "Caress Vavu, well, Igoryok? She so suffers!" — suddenly whispered so sweet ee in a farewell kiss of a sponge. Unless it is possible to refuse to the favourite woman a request, even here in such? Here Vava it appeared simply ekstremalkoy. To they met on the coast of Kuban, in dense thickets. The easy sun, gentle caress of a breeze on their half-naked bodies. All stood, birds stopped from their groans. When Igor came to himself, his hearing began to caress loud continued clatter of grasshoppers, nearby with their cover ants in the unknown world scurried about. Lepota! And such passionate woman is near. Vava never I took off a stocking in sex time, so it was pleasant to her more, da and to Igor too. No talk Vavy on their relationship! He even reddened from ee of words and recognitions a little. It turned out that ee strongly made horney Igor and Eva's passions. If Igor begins and to stick to her, she precisely would concede him to brutal harassments. Well a he conducted himself so culturally! To impropriety culturally! Just villain! Yes, the female logic is a separate subject of a conversation, especially in affairs of love! She still and vychudila: quietly I came into the apartment when Eva dashingly "jumped "on Igor. From what was seen the head of her suddenly began to spin, palms sweated, a from under heart, fragile is so frequent-chasto, to the bottom of a stomach such unusual, such mysterious and such pleasant warmth spread that could warm a floor - the world! Vava stood and I descended from mind from groans of passion and I wanted too! Still she asked A, slightly reddening what — Igor had Eva in buttocks? When she lay on a stomach and so gasped? I too so want! Here I want also all! — Yes, Vava that still the feature, is precisely said that in a silent whirlpool Well that, hussars never give up! Igor long caressed a uvula and kissed ee a back and full buttocks, then the contracted hard hole of her cool buttocks which soon calmed down and began to accept his persistent finger, an after and two. And here he safely, but carefully enters this the virgin, but so wishing to learn his dick such wonderfully hard and hot hole of an anus. A soon slowly, a then quicker and quicker it began to ride round ee, is elastic-myagkoy to buttocks, feeling in general unreal feelings. If around there were fishermen, they the groans and moaning would disperse all. No here already finishing, just deafening alarm of a bell, the announced o to a victory in this wearisome, but I am crazy-bozhestvennom passion derby. Igor was happiest "equestrian". Yes and Vava I was very happy, I told that it is so unusual, it seems and it is painfully a little, but so sweet pain! Then they indulged in passion in a lunch break in library, tzatem in apartment Vavy. Here here Igor was just in blow — Vava receive also to kuna, and kolenno-loktevy, and as it wanted again — "in buttocks with caress and lubricant"! When they half-naked sat in kitchen and Igor satisfied the usual brutal hunger, a Vava drank coffee and coyly-mechtatelno stretched, he suddenly asked o the fact that everything "pricked" it a little how a splinter — it seems as they deceive Eva now, isn't present? Vava long I was silent, then somehow extraordinary-zvenyashchim-voiced I told that in life all it is simpler and more difficult at the same time. To both it seemed to them that their youth departs, but that so the rough passion wants, not these an of "matrimonial duties" to steam of times a month. A now they very much want to become pregnant, so as with husbands it doesn't turn out, well and to give birth to the second child. Except that — life prose: soon construction of the new house comes to an end and it is possible to receive the three-room apartment. Such prose of life! No from her you won't get to anywhere, it just grieves a to miss such chance — all is such big apartment in the new house! Czech project! "By the way, Eva became pregnant, you know?" — Here so, simply a butt on the head. I, by the way, too, a delay already ten days, so what more in library it isn't worth appearing, well, my sweet and such beloved? Be a clear head, Igorek!" More Igor didn't meet these extraordinary women. They, it is possible to tell, used him, in direct and very sweet intim and desire to become pregnant, but he is simply happy. To be engaged in sex, to blaze from passion at intim with such women is a bright dream of all men! Here at it she was executed by A! At Vavy and Eva — too. They gave birth to healthy girls and received such desired apartments. Igor was happy too, seeing though we published the parents walking with carriages. Life is so unusual is already diverse! It his daughters with pleasure sleep in carriages! To be mother is to be a live every second miracle. Engendering new life in joy, a secret and a sin, the woman becomes the carrier of a great mission. And all depends not only on the woman real on the earth, we are men, too we put to it the hands. And not only hands! And Igor was happy that he though he secretly and in a sin, but participated in creation and origin of new life, he loved! He was in the seventh sky! And even for the sake of it it was worth being the soldier our huge and invincible! Here such he had just tremendous army days and nights! The main — he loved A! It was a miracle — his love and passion!