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From such caress the dick of the husband began to gain quickly fortress, raising a sheet. — O! As you me vsrechayesh! — pleasantly Nina, pomyatuya was surprised to o the fact that in the mornings they practically had no sex because of problems with the husband's erection. Therefore everything came to an end with a cunnilingus and the wife's orgasm after what usual day began. Nina Ivana shifted a hand in the party of a perineum and having clasped his balls began to touch gently them, looking as darling absorbs toasts. Then she shifted a hand on a dick and having clasped it, began medleno to masturbate. Itself, already long ago made horney, Nina touched with fingers a clitoris and having covered eyes sighed. In several seconds she opened eyes and saw that darling already set aside a tray and watches the spouse. — Can shetdesyat nine? — Ivan dared to offer. Continuing to caress Nin and the husband and himself, I smiled. A then having approached it in dense, I kissed a lobe of an ear and I whispered. — A can be you me you will fuck all? — having slightly squeezed basis o the husband's dick. — And how you want that I made it? — by the shivering voice Ivan asked, feeling breath of the wife. — As itself you will want. I want to be yours. You hear! Become, at last a male! Take me without asking as and what needs to be done. Just take and fuck me! — the spouse hissed continuing to masturbate darling. Ivan thought several seconds, pushed with a then breakthrough the wife and she pervernuvshis fell on a back. The husband appeared from above here. Having thrown a leg through her, he brought the horney dick to ee to the person. — Suck sexytales my dick, the bitch! — by the voice shivering from excitement he said. Nina smiling I looked to him in eyes and having opened a mouth, I clasped with lips a head. Having licked a bridle, she began to suck a dick of darling. Ivana it got. He was inclined and having leaned on hands, ee in a mouth just began to fuck. The small sizes of the dick, allowed him to enter completely him into the wife's mouth, resting a pubis and balls against lips. The spouse it is noisy I breathed, involving a dick and creating vauum as would exhaust him. Understanding that he can terminate any minute, Ivan pulled out a dick from a mouth and put the balls. — Lick them — the husband hissed faltering by voice and Nina with the tongue hanging out began to lick a hairless sack with balls, clasping them on one lips and soaking up in a mouth. No and here the husband decided to go further. It moved even above and having bent odzhnu a leg in a knee, slightly sat down, approaching the anus ee to the person. — Well and what you wait for, whore? — with irritation the husband asked. — your order, darling — Nina answered. — Well so lick to me a bum, immediately — without having sustained Ivan shouted. And having seized the wife by hair, I pressed lip ee to the opening. Nina put out language and walked it from below up, having taken a bridle and having slipped on an anus. — Wow! — the spouse moaned. — Yes! So! Still — feeling ee language on openings of back pass, Ivan groaned. The woman, itself was brought and already with what-to greed caressed buttocks of the beloved husband. Ivan was in delight, from such caress and from feeling of the power over the woman. Still yesterday he couldn't afford so obrashchats I the wife. It served as a push for his orgasm. Nina everything still continued to lick his back, the member Ivana already pulsed pushing out a cum from a head. Streams you pleskivalis and here fell on a face, hair to Nina. Having felt hot and sticky substance, she wanted to stop and be indignant that he so early terminated, but Ivan held ee by hair, pressing ee the person to the anus and she obeyed, continuing to work with language, without turning attention to the cum which is flowing down on ee to the person any more. Having waited when darling weakens a grasp, Nina pushed him from below and Ivan fell down in a side. — I Am happy, darling? — with sarcasm the spouse asked skoree rhetorically. — Yes, very much — Ivan answered, without having understood sarcasm. Nina was inclined over him and Ivana began to kiss, having clasped with the right hand his already sluggish dick. — A as I? — having inflated affectedly sponges, she asked. — do you want A of what, darling? — I took an interest the husband, looking at the person splashed by a cum. — Well for the beginning, collect everything that merged, an I will think so far how to punish you — having smiled the wife answered and again I leaned back on pillows. The spouse turned over and laid down nearby. Having inclined over the face of darling, he collected by a language tip the cum which didn't manage to dry up yet and sent ee to a mouth. A hand he caressed Nina's breast, pinching from time to time ee of nipples, than made horney ee even stronger. When on a face and a breast of the spouse there is no trace of his orgasm left also, he kissed ee on lips, having given a part of a seed to her. Having tasted nectar, having taken Nin lyubomogo for hair, I inclined him to the perineum. Ee sexual sponges were already slippery from lubricant. Ivan wanted to settle between legs of darling, but Nina developed him in a pose sixty nine. Having thrown legs to him on a waist, the wife substituted him the holes, and Ivan with pleasure began to lick them. Nin was touched by the sluggish dick of the spouse, sucking him and balls. Having moistened the fingers in saliva, she began to enter at the same time with it them into buttocks narrowed, than caused positive reaction of his dick. Flesh began to bulk up directly at it in a mouth. Having groped a prostate, Nina gently caressed ee until the dick accepted firmer state, a then, having slapped the husband in a buttock, forced him to turn over. Having quickly put a head to sexual lips, Ivan easily slipped in the prepared vagina of the wife and began to move. They kissed and embraced the friend's friend, however through kakoye-to time his dick lost hardness again. Then Nina already horney to a limit pushed off the husband from herself and asked him to become cancer. Ivan was surprised, but executed. Nina quickly reached a bedside curbstone where in we string a box toy ee lay, and having chosen a small anal stopper and lubricant, returned to it. Having greased buttocks of the husband and a stopper, Nina accurately entered ee into an anus Ivana, having noticed that the dick began to harden quickly. Having clasped with a hand his hardening dick, she began to squeeze him at the basis and a message up, pumping up his flesh blood. Having brought him into fighting position of the spouse, having smeared residues of lubricant on a trunk of his dick, I laid darling on a back, an itself rode out his hips. Having entered into itself his dick, she began to jump on him, biting and pinching from time to time his nipples. The member Ivana was never firm as and Nina understood that at this moment the stopper actively stimulates his prostate. Having accepted to data the fact that for achievement of positive result in buttocks of the husband there has to be an anal stopper or a dildoe, Nina continued jumps. The small size of the dick, everything delivered udovlstviye to her though also not such as Oleg's dick. Having curved in a back, the woman clasped edge of an anal stopper and began ee to twist accurately, pulling out a little, again entering to the basis. Ivan himself also felt that existence of an anal stopper significantly increases the hardness of his dick and began to move hips up-down, forcing a stopper to caress his buttocks from within. — Mmm, darling. Teperya understood what wasn't enough for you all these years — having covered eyes from pleasure, Nina moved hips, having as much as possible nestled sexual lips on his pubis and balls. — What were you silent earlier? You know that I am ready for everything for the sake of our mutual pleasure — continuing to finger an anal stopper one hand and to caress a breast another, said Nin. — I also didn't know that it so will be pleasant to me — darling answered. — I learned, only when you began to enter into me the fingers. — Mmm Esli I would know earlier in our first night I didn't leave your buttocks without attention. That more that now is cream and lubricant which can increase the size of your dick by several centimeters — continuing to move proizneslanina. — it is safe A? — Ivan took an interest. — Quite. I think, tomorrow I will bring several types of cream, an at the same time and anal lubricant that it was more pleasant to you. Do you want that we continued further? — the spouse, having opened eyes interrogatively I looked at darling and that nodded in the answer. — If you only don't consider it what-to perverted — the husband specified. — Well that you, the little fool! Everything that between us occurs, it only ours, and we dvoyem solve, to be to it or not to be. So? — again the woman asked. — Yes, darling, so — Ivan answered and accelerated movements. — Mmm my kid wants to terminate? — улыбнушись the wife asked.