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The thunderclouds which were periodically terribly gathering over the heads bashfully ran away then out of the city somewhere and there were discharged, giving small simplification to summer residents. This Friday evening, having dragged from work, I sat naked near a table and tried to understand why the payment didn't work. There was something imperceptible and very obvious feeling that the solution somewhere is near, but it was impossible to catch it. Brains, vskipyachenny a heat, refused to work. Olga, the wife my favourite, dangled on the apartment with the magazine and couldn't choose, where to her to lay down or sit down. Everywhere her was hot. Despite the fact that all her clothes were made by the crab keeping head hair in a bunch to her was very hot. Even the shower taken by her on return home from work didn't take off this effects of a heat. - There will be a thunderstorm, – she told, having approached me and looking through a shoulder. - Of course, as well as last time, – I agreed. – Will rattle and will feel again as... How where? - Yes throw you this piece of iron, – Olga advised, settling is closer to a balcony. – Look as potato more better there. In kitchen of heat I was even stronger. The pan with potato put on fire didn't want to begin to boil at all. Having covered a pan with a cover, I brushed away sweat from a forehead and left to Olga. The magazine already lay aside, and Olga sprawled on a floor. - Hot, - she whiningly complained and turned over on a stomach. - Olyushka, the darling, - I was tenderly driven to her, – but whether you are afraid that will attack your appetizing buttocks? - The aggressor will be hit on an impudent muzzle, - she muttered and I turned over on a back, having shown the beautiful breast with exact circles of brown light. - Yes? - Delano was surprised I and clasped with lips of nipples of the next breast. - To lag behind, - Olga poorly beat off, – the sex maniac. Hot and it is opposite... Well... Outside the window something whistled, in the opened windows and a door of a balcony fresh wind flew, and pulled dampness. - The thunderstorm, - was delighted Olga, pushing away me, – now will bang. Really, powerful wind brought a cool. It lifted high columns of dust, goodness knows where from appeared, rushed into apartments, fingered linen, tore foliage and stirred all this in one cacophony the name of which – the moment preceding a storm. The lightning sparkled. Banged so that even stuffed up ears. And outside the window the rain rustled at once. The rain came a wall, and soon on glass of windows and a balcony zaplyasat droplets. - Oh, - Olga jumped, - and my undershirt? Having come from work, she washed an undershirt on hands and hung up on a balcony with words: - Rural lands you won't dry yet, but no later than evening that was dry. I amused me her manner of a rare conversation with things to which it set tasks as if to living people. I work in shop with computer and other such equipment and, owing to the specialty, I am engaged in the fact that I repair, I test, I assemble various computers. And when something doesn't leave, I become angry and I mutter. She, at her conflict with household appliances, speaks gently and persuades to work. And what strange – at her turns out! - Witch, precisely witch, – I joke then. - I am not a witch, and the sorcerer! - Olga speaks in reply, does terrible eyes and moves fingers as if scratches a tree. We are married the third year. During this time we managed to marry, squabble, part, gather, to buy a big sliding wardrobe, to replace two computers, to go to holiday house and still she managed to deliver me a black eye. When I was seen at work by children, they long giggled, and didn't believe that SUCH bruise was delivered to me by my wife. Fragile, gentle, with a breast 3 sizes. - The student, the member of the Komsomol and just beautiful girl isn't capable to put such shiner, - our manager of a warehouse noted. - Hand not that. And he was right, it was not the hand, but an elbow. Elbow of a fine hand of my wife on which I safely also came across during the merrymakings beds. We lived in the apartment which was conceded to us by my parents. They moved far away from the center and are closer to garden economy to the apartment which got from the grandmother. In the summer they, in general, lived in this country and invited us to themselves on Saturday and Sunday. Parents of Olga lived nearby, in a quarter and she often ran to them, as well as her sister ran to us. Here it would be desirable to stop and in more detail to tell about the sister.