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It was necessary to cover with three layers, with a concealer, cream and powder, it seems it didn't become visible, but ached preizryadno, reminding o a heavy conversation with parents. I was accused of ingratitude, nonsense and contempt of family values. Whether you see "only the last creature, a not the native daughter, I could substitute so before partners" .rodichi were proud of strong family bonds, an I for day the birth of the father arrived late, and it is a little in podpitii. The main thing, father was angry not with what to congratulate was late, a that him someone-to there on business saw me drunk. Here what was to do to the poor girl who is hardly constraining herself not to begin to squeal and go into a hysterics? It is impossible for A, I am not a suicide, during an instant I will be left without bank card. Therefore left on English. There is a lot of guests, not to me now. I found on feybuke at friends a party, I jumped into the car, only these pathos business baboons also saw me. I inflated cherry sponges and looked round povnimatelnee. To the people was much, but all what-to cons that whether. Plain shirts, points around, girls so strange hairstyles in koltunakh. Having puzzly frowned brows, I drank still Martini with juice. Though binge is. I will get drunk and will dance that to us, swans. I put the handbag from Prada on a bedside table, I knocked a heel from Jimmy, I snatched on a glass in both hands and I went to come off. You look, girls shaggy and you study. You look, boys four-eyes, and be filled in with saliva. The queen shows a class! Three of mine personal the teachers of dances replacing the friend's friend for several years got paid not in vain. I dance as the pro, not to occupy flexibility, mood freaky. In the general, I lit! I drank time from time from glasses, vzbodryayas. I scattered smiles. I coiled and podmurlykivala to rhythms. I carried a bra seldom, all also so perfectly keeps. Therefore boobies were danced too, moving thin fabric of a dress. Someone-to nestled on my back and clumsily tried to repeat turns. Everything was equal to me in the principle as will stick, so and will come unstuck. Except that the guy carried out important function — supported my body, an it, хм, began to misbehave a little. Somehow to the right to drop. — Dash — ooh what baritone gruffish, even goosebumps — let's sit a little, we will have a rest, a then and again can be danced. It is good to have a rest, couples priustala — thought, clinging to the guy. A from where it knows me?! — Didn't learn at all? I am Mitya from parallel. I on release invited you to the waltz. Aaaa. The former schoolmate or as there is called when from a parallel class. With work I peered at man's quite nice face. Waltz. Waltz. Ne. Ne I remember. Much they span around, I then on final met Fedor, he now in Great Britain studies as the economist or the manager, sends a photo sometimes. Khe. Well as met Fedor, on final and I met. I giggled, having remembered as clumsily Fedor me tried to do to kuna, filling in with saliva and being pressed by the person. The whole senior school years guys floated and were nervous so me nearby. In general till this time I don't understand that little girls find in all these appointments and lyubovyakh. I met, of course, young people. So, under mood, occasionally, but I didn't maintain more than a month. Dashenka сюсю, Dashenka тютю, konfetochka, let's itself stroke, a sweetheart. And these fish hands on a body, cold dicks inside, бррррр. If for maintenance of image it am not necessary to meet someone-nibud ("akh, it again one? The poor thing "), would even not think. Oh, a that it? While I inertly tried to be focused, to me pushed a glass into hands and seated on knees. A! Mitya! Well it is fine. Let cares. Mitya breathed to me in a neck and stroked on hips, пытыясь it is more convenient to seat. I rasmeyalas, sniffing and splashing champagne. Therefore what to take seat was difficult, Mityay wasn't bad equipped and, judging by everything, is strong impressed with my dance. He pottered, raised me and again seated. Thin fabric of a dress, weightless as a spider line, practically didn't protect from pleasantly surprising hot feelings from below. The messmate slightly moved my knee, for convenience razvigaya my legs, and his unit suddenly got in mezhnozhye. (Ne understood — rassteryalas — he that, already I undid trousers. Anything to fast train. Here without discharge now pomayetsya, people around. I sprinkled from laughter) Drink went quickly, the gentleman added still. He held me by hips and hardly considerably swung, breathing in a neck. I for some reason moaned. Between legs the hand laid down, having pressed navershiye the unit to my pubis and swing accelerated. Protestuyushche having muttered, I was delivered, the fool that whether, people around. No Mitya suddenly seized teeth an ear lobe, and thousands of goosebumps spread on the body which moved from pleasure. Nearby with us stopped what-to guy and hissed: — Митяй, immediately drag the whore to yourself in guest. Absolutely I was shocked, here on cams parents look as put the birth passes. Uncomprehending I was hitched up and quickly put in order. Mitin the friend covered us with a body, at the same time with interest considered my person. A I was perplexed what whore, where, pancake, parents, I from them left? The guy took away a lock from my forehead. — Hear, an is not that bitch whose o you told? Mitya, the real knight, seized me by a hand, in another — o foresight! — a bottle of the drunk not enough champagne also I dragged us far away from it nepryatnogo the young person. In his dark small room was almost not prophetic. A bed, it is obvious on one, a case and couple of chairs, yes a table with blankly siyashchy monitor of the large laptop. We began to kiss, laughing and being bitten. Mitya savoured my lips, a gave to drink then on couple of drinks directly from a neck, holding a bottle as as if to a nipple for the baby. And I began to tremble a sting in a neck as under current. — So also I knew that you love pogoryachee — the guy published a happy snicker and strong took teeth at the neck basis with a shoulder nearby. I was curved and trembled with the strange exciting feelings. Groan. I put a bottle on a table, an itself lowered a dress from shoulders and moaned, having clasped hemispheres. I clamped fingers of a nipple and suddenly dernur forward, literally extending vershinki. Almost instantly the stream of pleasure filled in my drunk body. — Daa, Mityaaa — I began to whimper, completely losing self-control, and trying to be rubbed — Here, the bitch. Here that it is pleasant to you. The guy hasty pulled off from me a dress and linen, rigidly biting for a neck and shoulders, delaying and turning nipples. I incoherently murmured and floated on waves of an unprecedented high. — Tell still time that I am a bitch — I begged.