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Extend legs, I want to reject this last barrier which got up between us - your panties. They are such beautiful! So great emphasize your femininity - a narrow waist, fine hips, elastic maiden buttocks, I so like to caress her! And still these thin panties so great fit a hillock between your legs that my look is just attracted there. no, don't cramp a leg together, relax them, rise a little more better to help me to remove from you panties. I want that you were not the passive observer of this play, and played in it a major role! Take everything in hand, stretch shamelessly legs in the parties so to be sure that even the most powerless man in the world will rise flesh, having seen you. what to tell about me? To me it is so close in clothes. Don't lose an initiative, tell that it is dishonest - the fact that I dressed before your great nakedness! I with pleasure will restore justice! It is pleasant to you to see what impression you make on the man? I know - it is as drug when you see that the partner restrains very much not to snatch on you. Feeling as I was heated, you add fuel to the fire - your body is curved. Only slightly, but it is so sexual! I seek to cool down a little and I merge with you in a kiss, didn't go mad from your beauty yet. Justice is broken again and I want to make horney you as strongly as it was got. I begin to caress gently your nipples why they become firm and sensitive, I caress a palm your hot tummy, causing a tickling a little, but I know that it is very pleasant to you now. This time I am not late long from above and gradually I move directly to the center of your feelings at present. I run a hand over a pubis, slightly I mass it, then gently fingers - soft and sensual - I begin to touch folds of your hot kitty. I feel that she already not just hot, but very wet. Legonechko I mass an entrance to her, feeling as you with each movement are more and stronger curved by a breast to me towards. and your legs on the contrary relax more and more. If you stood now, then only with my help. You aren't able to kiss any more me because too quickly you breathe - your breath just burns me. I fall slightly below and I begin to caress lips and language your nipples. I know that you so constrain yourself from groans, but I like all this. The fact that now you are given completely to me is pleasant. You and your pleasure within my power and you will be able to do nothing until I bring you pleasures so much how many you in general can sustain. You have no forces to resist it therefore I don't hurry. I will pay to your nipples much attention, I will bite them gently, to squeeze lips, to finger a uvula - hot and damp. And you will only be curved to me towards and to press me to yourself. And when I will finish... I will finish only when already seems to you that it will last eternally. But it not so because I don't forget about other ways to make to you pleasantly. I long also looked forward to this moment and now I want to enjoy it wholly. I leave your nipples and a little kiss you right there to go down to your legs, to raise your buttocks palms and very gently to begin to caress you language. I was always sure that it will be pleasant to you! I caress language you everything, getting as it is possible further, and then long caressing a small point where your sponges meet. Whether you thought that on one place in your body there can be so much pleasure at once? Now you understand why so loudly shout in a porn - at you sometimes with an exhalation the low moan escapes... however each time it becomes louder as you lose over yourself control, plunging into the abyss of pleasure with which I seek to flood all corners of your body. I move quicker, more slowly, I nestle am weaker, is closer - all in order that you didn't manage to get used to uniformity and felt how pleasure amplifies continuously. And when it reaches the peak, you already publish groan not silent, but absolutely violent on each exhalation. Some force forces you to throw hips to me towards, to rush about on a bed as the wild animal rushes about in a cage. Only the animal in a cage was imprisoned, and you just received it - freedom to receive what belongs by right to any woman. Now, when you received it the first time, you don't know yet that over time at you it will be right not only to receive, but to demand it. And I know that I will never be able to you to refuse it. How it is possible to refuse to the woman pleasure? Having last time extended, you fade and you relax. It is so strong that at most there is a feeling that you didn't relax, and just I spread on a bed. As it was made by pleasant languor on all your body. I rose and laid down nearby. Now I only gently and soothingly caress on all your body, kissing your lips and a face gently. We are waited even by long night ahead and I want to make everything that you remembered it really well. Have a rest a little. To be necessary for you a lot more forces!