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In her mouth it was warm, damp, even too. I was run on tips of her teeth and met end-to-end her language. I as soon as possible led round the her language, she repeated it. I buried a language tip in her. It was run on the trellised sky, I stroked her teeth from the back, it didn't lag behind and everywhere followed me. Here I decided to stop and, having a little discharged, fleetingly gave smacking kiss it in lips, she moved behind my lips forward, quietly exhaling groan. I went below and, softly enveloping lips her chin, a neck fell below, but right there rose up and kissed her cheek. I moved further to an ear. Ania quietly moaned alternately with rapid breathing. My hands which were at this time on her waist spread down, kind of silk enveloping each fold of her clothes. Having appeared on buttocks, I poorly squeezed them. She nestled on me a breast, I was right there thrown to her hillocks. Having clasped her knobs in a hand, I through clothes began to caress them, slightly lifting above, then again lowering and returning hands on hillocks. Lips I kissed her a neck, under silent, hardly audible postanyvaniye of Ania gently. Having bitten lips a lobe of her ear, I heard a desired whimper from pleasure. I felt as her hip nestles sideways on mine, and her stomach nestled on mine. The breast was slightly discharged, catching my touches. Through clothes, I felt how under it intense nipples twitch from the movements of hands. Having left one hand on her breast and continuing to stroke a hillock, another moved down and put it on Ania's hip. I carried out by her inside, is closer to a perineum - she all burned from desire. A palm I felt a far pulsation of her pussy. She slightly shifted a basin aside and now that there are forces, nestled on my hip. Her hands, all this time which was on my back slipped to a breast and began, running from the center to edges, caressed my body. The pressed perineum pulsed on my hip stronger, and from a mouth quiet whimpers of pleasure began to escape. A breast, nestling on it, I felt how her heart without restraint to beat. Her hands stretched to a bottom of a jacket which was on her. Lips I went down her neck, kissing as much as possible sites of her body and feeling an elastic female body. I kissed it between clavicles on what she it is noisy I exhaled and, having forced me to be discharged slightly, I lifted up a jacket up, having removed her through hands. When the Woven barrier between us disappeared I right there, without having allowed her to come round, clung to her lips. Again long hot kiss. My hands stretched to bra lyamochka. Having lowered them along shoulders, I unbent cups of a bra and took in hand her breasts with топорщямися nipples. Not for long massing her breast, I lowered a hand on her hip again, under a skirt and led her up. Lifting a skirt up, I put a hand on her buttocks and softly crumpled it together with fabric of panties. Farther it is more, I raised a hand above and having groped an elastic band of pants, pulled them down, at the same time stroke-oaring a breast of the second and having gone down lips to her clavicles. She helped to remove on the other hand a hand panties. I dip a hand behind between her legs and I feel the burning heat and a strong pulsation. I raise a hand back to a breast and I bring her for a back. Having groped a bra fastener, I, having cramped fingers, together I undo it, and he right there falls to us between stomachs. Having raised eyes and continuing to kiss her body, going down below and below, I see how it, having thrown the head back, in silent groan opened a mouth. I continue to kiss, moving ahead below and below. I reached a breast and, having twisted a nipple with lips, I take gently on it language, having forced him will shake from my movement. Ania quietly, but more loudly than moaned earlier. I switched to other nipple, having on the way kissed her between boobies.I fall below on a stomach and I kiss it. At this time hands return to a breast and softly stroke them, and Ania from above covered with hands mine. I reached a navel and, having nestled and having twisted with a ring a dimple, I immerse language in a dimple, plentifully moistening it with saliva. I go below, hands fall by her buttocks and raise them to the head. Out of the corner of the eye I notice that she hung the head and having opened a mouth watches me, continuing to caress a breast hands. Lips I feel small young growth of volosik which are closer to a pubis become longer. I notice that her perineum is clean-shaven. Having a little discharged, I nestle a lower lip on top of a razrezik and I kiss her pubis. From it it loudly exhales and publishes a low lingering moan. I feel under fingers as it shivers from excitement. Then way back, but already quicker. Hands I pick up her hips and the easy, but strong movement I force her to spread legs. Having risen to her face, I kiss her on the lips and I help to take off the undershirt. Her hands right there begin to caress my torso: the breast, a stomach also fall to jeans. The shivering hands, undo them. I give her freedom of action, and itself I mass her a breast at this time and I kiss взасос. Jeans, having lost support, fall down. Hands through pants grope my standing dick and, having unbent edge of pants, take out it outside. A head all wet from the lubricant which plentifully flowed out for all the time of process. Ania stroke-oars a trunk, and I lower pants up to the end and, crossing, I get out of them, having left to lie on a floor together with jeans. She takes condom package from a table and, massing one hand my trunk, another brings to a mouth and teeth breaks off packing. Having slightly sat down, she pulls it on my trunk, I remember her buttocks at this time. As she finished with condom, I lift her for legs so that she clasped me with legs and I carry her on a bed. On the road, I kiss it on the lips. In a bed, I aim a head at an entrance to a vagina and slowly I immerse a head. Ania publishes silent peep and a noisy exhalation from pleasure. Accelerating, I plunge more deeply and I feel how vagina walls hardly clasp a trunk. The perineum stops pulsing, but only for that moment while I plunge into it. Having reached almost the end, I stop and I begin slow frictions, Ania begins to groan with calm. I stop for a moment and I feel as she, making upward movement a basin, continues frictions. I kiss her взасос what she answers with a deep breath and will paralyze it language. Air comes out a nose, drenching with a hot stream our close lips. Ania curves a stomach towards to me, but the basin at the same time tries not to remove from my frictions. I slow down and slightly I take out a dick from her, then, having almost taken out it, again I come back, having repeated so several times, I feel that soon the end. I stop and squeeze a hand a dick at the basis. Having felt that the orgasm is delayed, I continue. Again I kiss Ania on the lips, and having slightly discharged a basin, I begin to turn him, entering, removing a dick under different corners. Having finished, slightly I increase speed and I feel how Ania strains also with the silent, but increasing groan, cums. I accelerate and, having felt that I won't sustain any more, I nestle on her and I shoot the first portion of a cum. Send opinions on the written story to It would be desirable to get acquainted with the girl who loves virgins.