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Here I will take and I will get drunk. And to spit that tomorrow couples. One day not terribly. Then at Irka I will rewrite the abstract. It is necessary, then to ask ee that warned teachers. I will tell that ached. The truth if parents learn, me will very strongly get. Though I sincerely don't understand their claims. I study as 4 — 5. What doesn't suit them? "Here you won't be an honors pupil, you won't get for good work "— they say. The red diploma gives nothing! Except, the truth, an excess occasion to brag to others. Here so always. How many I tried, to parents all isn't enough. This is not what, it not so. Got. Here on mine the head the roar was distributed, and I watered a rain. It brought me into feeling not much. Now it is already senseless to be angry, equally I will make everything nothing. A here if I go to shop and a purchase of good wine now, then though night will work well. So, time 21:45. Fukh Hot was lucky here. After it I came into the first got shop and bought red semisweet. To the house to go 30 more by bus. Though there nobody waits for me. Zhivu-to I am one. I was just lucky that my abilities estimated on advantage, and rather known company "FutureTechnology" provided me with work. The truth working day not full, but is even so paid well. The rain gradually amplified. I will get wet with such rates all. It is necessary to hurry on the bus. As only I reached a stop, mine approached at once. It is surprising therefore that usually I wait for him on twenty, a that and thirty minutes. Having paid journey, I sat down on a single seat. Warmly At once pulled in a dream. I closed eyes, and here arose Dani's image in the head. Here the annoying in this situation that I don't understand because of what he left me. Everything was good. Well if, of course, not to consider that time when I refused to it spending the night. No I had a session! I should have prepared, he, for certain, wouldn't allow me to learn an abstracts. Well and a dog with him. I will find another. In the end of the ends, not the tram, will come also following. With such thoughts I nearly missed the stop. Night After all air in this time is impregnated with what-to not to describe Even. This freshness, and in that time weight. Beauty! Today stars are brighter, than usually. vbabe.mobiya even slowed down a step, for the sake of such show. Stars were scattered on the sky, a moon brightly lit to me the road. Na my street doesn't have lamps, so that nothing disturbed me. Having approached the front door, I not much still sat on a fence. Today the look from the sky couldn't be torn off. No long I couldn't sit. Cool, an I in a light sweater, yes and to that got wet. Benefit May, not so cold. I remember somehow time so in April walked. The Horror froze. Even I got sick after that walk for three days. All right, it is necessary to rise home. I decided to rise on a ladder though to me on the 9th floor. Ne I want on the elevator. There the bulb broke, so that the atmosphere there, as in the best horror films. This elevator still when rises, will terribly fasten. From it in twins it is more terrible. Considering A that time approaches by the midnight I in general not very much love mysticism. All it is terrible. Ne I understand those people who trust in it. Though to deny that that-to in this world there are I I can't. Remember we went out with the friends and went in zabroshku. She looked terribly and without rumors which about her went. It was the two-storeyed, burned-down house. Like nothing such, but around air was heavier. Spoke, there the boy died. Well, girlfriends also took on poorly. We together entered and went to one of rooms. There we sat down and began to poison horror stories. And on thirds or the fourth, steps were heard. We so were frightened! I think, we ran then on a limit of the forces. After it we didn't go there. Though it seems to me that it was the person. There is an inspector, probably, she also heard us. Well yes it is fine. I quickly got keys when approached a door, and opened the empty and dark apartment. — I houses! — on a habit I shouted in emptiness. Having taken off footwear and having included light, I went to kitchen. There, having put a bottle on a table, I began to prepare for a feast. Cheese, sausage, hlebushek. Ne I like in empty to drink. To that I ate approximately at four o'clock day, an on a hungry stomach getting not especially thirsty. It is necessary to enjoy wine, a not to get drunk. Though the initial idea was such. Having put snack on a table, I found a corkscrew and began to open wine. As only business was made, I understood what couldn't be poured-to. I forgot to get a glass. Here clever. It is good that I as always, I moved away not far him. Ko to me girlfriends often come to have a good cry, a without wine somehow doesn't go. I will be cried to myself today. Well and it is fine. I will cope. Ne for the first time. Na phone I included music and began the small feast. After the first glass it became easier at once and there was a wish to dance, and I didn't begin itself to refuse it pleasure. Through some time, bothered me, and then the second glass went already. Then, everything became equal on all problems. And on parents with their mania to brag to foreign people, and to Danyu from it nedotrakhom. The second glass somehow quickly ended, and I wanted to pour it, but the young person was ahead of me kokoy-to. He was rather high, with dense black as the carrion crows covered, hair. Skin was pale, to see the aristocrat. Though he was also dressed in jeans with a white shirt, the impression as as if he on reception of high society was created. Manners were felt, to become also a certain coldness. — Thanks — I murmured. And here he looked to me in eyes. Violet. Attracting. Burning. Unconsciously, I stretched to him that poluchshe to make out him. An accurate nose, dense eyebrows and lips closed in a half-smile. Eyes I sank in them. And every second it is more and more. Only in a minute I managed to come to myself and to mumble: — Someone are you? — I am the one someone will present to you this night — a deep voice from which on all body goosebumps ran, the stranger said and I smiled slightly more. During one moment having drained it, I only opened a mouth to expel him. No I should have made a breath as I was kissed. The will to resist at once disappeared. This kiss was very gentle, but in that time persistent and passionate. I was given to this rush at once. Heartbeat became frequent, breath got off, in the head everything mixed up. There was a wish bigger. This young person as if read my thoughts and led me to my bedroom. I was even surprised with his awareness not much, but that-to didn't allow to think to me. Again kissed, only with bigger passion. From him I knocked down knees, and I was picked up here strong by hands of the stranger. He put me on a bed and began to help me to undress. I with that enthusiasm took off from it a shirt. Soon it was on to me. Kisses already were not such gentle, a more exacting. Through couple of moments it began to enter me. Ne hurrying. From it I nearly terminated. As only he entered me completely, the reality for me ceased to exist. There was only he and I. It is more of nothing. Anything superfluous. From pleasure broke me. I was bent, coiled, scratched his back He kissed on a neck, bit ears and kissed on lips again. I was in the seventh sky from pleasure. Through some time he terminated in me, and I tested the strongest orgasm. The stranger was on me a few and took out. I just lay not in forces, to move. The truth it played so me a mean joke, and I fell asleep. Na morning I was one. Well, of course, nobody could come ko to me. To that the stranger. It just was the dream. With such thoughts I got up, threw with the first got t-shirt and went to kitchen to make coffee. Having entered on kitchen, I nearly fell. There was my night guest and cooked pancakes. — I decided to please you with a breakfast in a bed, but you got up. So what you will eat here. — he said and I smiled. — Horosho-tikho answered. From shock I couldn't think nothing. I should have approached only it as I was captured here in embraces. "Ne worry, you will forget soon everything that concerns you and disturbs. You have me. And while I am near to you more nobody and nothing is necessary" — was said in the head, and everything that was important lost sense. It is near