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Then he took and invited one of girls to the stage, the leader knew that she came not one, so the guy, a not one can the groom or the husband, but. He got up about her and asked, it is treason, all of course answered, no, then he approached poblizhe, and again asked it treason and again received the negative answer, then he took the girl for a hand and again asked whether there is this concept treason and again heard that he isn't present, then he just embraced ee for a waist, so as it usually do at dances and again followed a question and that you think, was distributed grumble, but on it he didn't stop, a just gave smacking kiss to the girl in a cheek, so usually do on friendly, but in this time already more than a half of audience for doubted the opinion. Here so here also it turns out that in some cases it is an innocent game or just the sign of attention, an in others deadly offense which breaks everything. sexytalesizmena, I thought of it from the childhood, probably, often hearing it from mother's girlfriends, then listened from girlfriends at school and institute, a later at work, this word almost bewitched all, even if didn't give to a look, but ears strained at once and listened to a conversation subject. I was able to make advances to guys, probably, it at me natively, not all can do, some just lost a gift of the speech and entered what-to stupor when someone-to looked at them, I am not present, on the contrary, at once so and there was a wish potreshchat, to show itself, a pier weren't mistaken, you can look narrowly ko to me, maybe you will be pleasant to me. So I several time swore at girlfriends, they looked at me and took offense, I didn't understand why, I only stirred and not more that, I need them painfully these guys. And all when I left in marriage, there was a terrible love as explosion, bakh and all your consciousness is absorbed by it, there is nothing, only it, it, both in heart, and in thoughts, in a stomach, in views everywhere, it seemed to me that I went mad, even it became terrible for itself, but it passed, as suddenly as appeared, I remembered about already forgotten word again — treason. By that moment I gave birth to the son, he already went to a garden, I spent all time, the house or with him, read, the yoga, drew, I could afford it, the husband allowed not to seek for work. I had friends, little girls, at first shy, an after already only to me were frank where and when they walk and as as if asked my approval whether correctly they arrive and whether I approve their choice, they almost always acquainted me so the, I don't even know how it is correct to call them, but in the general men on the party. Strange, but it didn't jar on me, I treated treason negatively, I consider, the family, is family and there are no third, but I couldn't condemn them, the truth occasionally without having kept told the husband about the talk with girlfriends, that most opening our secret, but I wasn't afraid of it, knowing that he will tell nothing to nobody, he only and answered that it is their choice and not more that. Strange, but a word — treason me not a scarecrow, I even somehow to them got used and even sometimes, so, when there were one houses that even imaginations on this subject came to mind, can someone-to will say yes that it is just erotic imaginations, but isn't present, treason. In the final account, this word as a virus I got into me so deeply that I believed in him and began to accept as due as irreversible as the fact that early or late everything equally will occur. I didn't think o to the moral party of a subject, she jarred on me and not more that, didn't frighten and didn't avert, here also everything just wasn't pleasant, but the virus was started, and he me slowly ate from a nutria, not considerably, but ate all that constrained earlier, what didn't allow to grow this thought.How many myself I remember, I was surprisingly white, I in a garden still was called a snowflake, not therefore that I am a blonde and such white, isn't present as time on the contrary I am a brunette and awfully real brunette, hair black as coal, a here skin on the contrary white, white therefore called a snowflake. If to describe, then color is similar to the snow lit with beams of the coming sun slightly yellowish, but only slightly, slightly, even to surprise, but and nipples were hardly pinkish, only a pubis strongly, literally as the black spot on a shooting target was allocated also views of my girlfriends, so and drilled me when I changed clothes. A still I had a strange structure of sponges, I generally consider them fine and always so considered, but once when I went on practice to collective farm, there I in a ban noticed how not only young women, but and elderly literally stared at me, their look so and also I drilled me so and without having finished washing, having only rinsed ran away as it is possible further from them. Sponges at me resembled a mussel shell when she was quiet and wanted to eat, opened the shutters and released outside a uvula with the help of which ate, and sometimes this uvula reached surprisingly huge sizes. So and my sponges in a quiet state were not so and are noticeable, they are modest and aren't allocated, but o costed to me than-to to think how all changed, their flesh literally on gases began to darken, at first a shade of the coffee which is strongly diluted with milk, an after as at a chameleon changed color to darkly brown, inflated and petals were turned out outside as at a rose. And the more I thought o a lump, the more they inflated, sometimes so strongly that I was forced or to part legs poshire or on the contrary in fear to squeeze so to extinguish this involuntary rush to sex, but it usually didn't help. Ne I know why then in a ban all so occurred, but having come to the street, I am fast went, but already in about five minutes stopped, in a stomach all ached and somewhere there between legs the string rang out, it so stretched that I with work reached a shop, it is good that nobody nearby was. Cela also squeezed knees as it is possible stronger, but from it it became even worse. The wave, the sea fills with a wave, it slides from is far, you see ee and you know that she will come to the coast soon, but here she fades, so here just took and stood on a floor of a way as as if clicked the switch and time was stopped. I gathered more in air lungs, and here the wave recovered also from depth again, burning interiors ran to the coast, here she was reared, rose, threw splashes and again stopped, even splashes and those stood, I felt inevitable, after it there is no return, you crossed the region of the rock, the center of weight was displaced in emptiness and already that you won't hold, want that or isn't present, but you will fall. Instantly I remembered as women, but my pubis looked at me, more precisely on my sponges and me it became terrible, it is a shame that they could think, but this thought didn't calm me, an on a turn created the new category in a groin that led to a new shattering wave which in a second bore my consciousness at all. I pressed a hand to a stomach and waited, another I needed to do nothing how to wait, wait. Silently I looked at passersby, I tried will smile to them, but thoughts were o another, it was in the first so me, I received an orgasm only from washed that as looked at me, in a consequence I felt similar feelings with the husband, we didn't get married yet, but all was solved, and I already then considered him the husband in the spring. I shaved a pubis, liked to do it as as if you are bared from a nutria, you remove a part of the bans, you reveal, there is a little awkwardness, the modesty goes to the party, there are only you, yours I and it. When shaved for the first time, fingers couldn't come off a body, caressed all and caressed, so and couldn't will enjoy new feelings if don't frighten off, mother was knocked to the bathroom. Maxim, the husband, he as hypnotized looked not at me and directly to me between legs, wasn't dexterous, I would look at myself, but couldn't raise the head, only watched him, a felt then that samoyedalekoye feeling that is here, the wave here will gush and at this moment of a sponge began to reveal, felt it so accurately, so in detail, became close and having parted knees of the party, itself moved apart them poshire. They divided my white body on floors, darkly brown strip literally dismembered it and this target didn't allow Maxim to tear off the look and I tested an orgasm again, but in this time I wasn't afraid of him, he looked at me without understanding what occurs, in other so occurred often, he cumed quickly, an I remained in not destiny and then having defiantly put one hand on a breast, an another on a pubis received the, a he as the only viewer looked at me, I played a for him. Treason, a concept treason, so deeply sat down at me that I began to think of it on full seriousness, but I understood that it is so heavy, a can it is worth and bringing the lover why and isn't present to the truth, isn't present what obligations, but no, then you won't get off him, all time of what-to will demand, yes and I won't be able to keep all it in myself, I will early or late tell. No, it not for me though this word, treason, so also attracted, so and attracted as a forbidden fruit, even in boobies tickled. Interestingly as many women in general change, about men I don't speak, an about women, here how many, a half or is more, or I am mistaken. Enough one time in thoughts to change the husband and everything, thoughts is not just the first step, it already action, and I speak not about imagination, a will change concrete decision and to present with someone, with the husband of the girlfriend, so the chief or is so accidental, but specially as as if came for hunting. I know years eight Marinku and Leshku, still when studied at school went with the sister to an archaeological expedition with them there and got acquainted. Itself was in love with Romku therefore all summer I suffered, but now I remember about Marinku, it the skin, a nutbrown, curly hair, thin, swarty from the nature, soft on a voice, but rigid on behavior, imperious, it if to look narrowly, but conducted always itself quietly, actions the thought-over, sharp look and a thin nose, in the childhood such we called, don't put where it isn't necessary a nose, a that will pinch, here it about her. She quarreled many little girls, itself went to calm them, but I saw that I Marinka all made it, he fought off them guys, but not all went as on oil many guys just from her turned away, here only Leshku she lassoed, in a different way and you won't tell, he soft, kind, we very often at a fire sat and sang songs under a guitar, he gave in under ee charms, left Svetlana, she is the student together with Leshkoy and Marinkoy studied together, to an after they went to St. Petersburg, Leshka began to teach as young and giving hopes the scientist, a Marinka didn't begin to lag behind, gave rise and at once undertook the thesis. And now they arrived to my sister, in general my sister is a separate conversation, she the scientist, isn't married, devoted herself to science, rummages in the earth, looks for the remains of history, a here became now the chief of museum funds. If Leshka came to us to the city, then literally in several days I arrived and Marinka, all were whispered that Leshka the henpecked, were even sorry, but respect for his head. After that as I gave rise, that most entered clan of mothers, could quietly, seldom, but already to communicate with Marinkoy, she in general a nose to top, neglects all, zaznayotsya therefore not absolutely and I love ee, an in other kakoe to me to her put. Valya, the sister, invited to herself, yes and me there was a wish to see Leshku, he such the lassie, well just the sweetheart, he, is more senior thinking for about six years, an is an abyss when tepe only twenty three years, but in a talk it isn't felt therefore I agreed with pleasure will join and to drink a seagull in museum catacombs.Leshka matured, became more lean, the small beard sticks out, but all such unruly, all speaks and speaks if of course there is his subject for a conversation. We gathered in the end of day, the sister can dare to close funds when to her takes in head under protection, there are a lot of rooms, two floors, racks with books, guns, sledge, any chests, infinite ranks of hangers with dresses, the whole room for boots, valenoks, bast shoes and still a lot of everything, it is especially terrible to go to the section of weapon, helmets, swords and shackles are stored there. And as I am the chief's sister, I am let everywhere, and I like to look, here only for me constantly someone-to yes looks, everyone is afraid for the collection, well what inadvertently wouldn't mix that-to isn't cost by the shelf not shifted to that, I can do it to a. After closing of funds, all gathered in a reception, placed tables, included teapots and got several cakes, I adore eating greedily them. Time flew by not considerably, nobody in other hurried to leave, us was much, probably, the person fifteen, in the basic is art dealers and those someone went to an expedition earlier it is simple to talk, communicate, many live in others of the city and further the nose out of office limits seldom show. I managed to be whispered a little with Leshkoy as I love it, well not so, a just is pleasant how the guy, thin, the blonde, but the main thing what eyes and as he can beautifully speak, the lassie. I listened to him having hanged out ears, several time winked at him, so on starinke as then in a taiga near Nefteyugansk, he took a to me and answered, I even stood with surprise, such serious, almost professor also winks as the boy. A in other me it was pleasant also in the head zaplyasali to a thought, I looked at them, an itself thought o it what it he, tried to listen to a conversation, but thoughts flew not here. Ne having sustained I got up and left to wander about funds, say that here spirits wander, was afraid of it earlier, but now already matured and only with a smile wandered about rooms, here in other it is possible and will get lost. One room passes into another, the hall, then lattices, transition to the second floor there, and again you go down on the first, new turn and is new the hall or whose-to office, it is similar to a labyrinth, a not on the thought-over office. I returned to a reception, me probably nobody noticed that left, only Leshko and Victor, the student, the probationer, turned on me attention. Leshka got up and I went to pour water in a teapot I fast ran behind it and having caught up at the improvised kitchen, nestled on his ear and whispered. — Leshka as I missed you. — Irishka, you matured, so grew up, there was such — he wanted still what-to to tell, but I was ahead of him. — Yes I am a wife and mother now — a then having leaned against it, looked in eyes, they at it shone took and added — a still I love sex. It was as a thunder among the clear sky, itself didn't even expect, but in a stomach at once everything began to hum also in boobies zanylo, zaplyasalo, became cheerful and at heart it is easy, can so and it is necessary to arrive, aren't afraid, it is simple to take and speak. — Seriously? — for some reason he asked me. — A you as thought that I all that girl what cooks porridge — and having blinked the eyes glanced to it in a face. His eyes sparkled, it didn't give to a look, but I saw in them myself, and it seemed to me that he embraces me, kisses, I saw all it for a share of seconds and didn't begin to wait more and solved, be that will be, heart so and began to jump, roofing felts for joy, roofing felts for fear, don't know, but having decided on it I told. — do you Know where an office of Mikhsanycha? — Yes, there in the end — and somewhere I shook the head. — I will wait for you — and having slightly hesitated, watching his reaction added, in about five minutes. And without having begun to expect the answer, having given smacking kiss friendly in a cheek slowly as testing itself, I went to depth of a labyrinth of corridors. Heart so was also torn, the blouse seemed and that jumps up under his blows, so everything ringed in ears what I it told what I offered it what I do? Everything was at the tip of the tongue, but I didn't want to look for the answer, an on the contrary drove away these thoughts, didn't want even to think of it, there was a wish for everything on the contrary.I quickly found that room, was run on near the located offices, nobody, an office of Mikhsanycha, was through passage, quickly, as as if was afraid to be late closed an opposite door on a latch, walked in the return direction several rooms,