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It could be only the cum of ee of lovers expiring from body ee and it forced me to think how many it still remained in her, and is possible, at this moment drips on a shower floor. Having decided that I don't want to destroy proofs, I hid panties in the case. Kami appeared in several minutes in a dressing gown, and how she looks at me, I understood that she tries to estimate my emotional state. Ne speaking words, I approached her, concluded in embraces and with love kissed. — Let's be engaged in love — I when the kiss ended told, having remembered ee attempt to approach in the gym. — Well — she answered with very low and defenseless voice. I pulled together from her a dressing gown, having found out that I she naked, and quickly undressed while she threw back a blanket. Having strong embraced, we caressed and kissed several minutes, but each ee a sigh carried away me back in a locker room, and soon I was very much made horney. I turned over on it and tried to enter, but the shower washed away all ee lubricant. Kami took my dick in a hand and slowly carried out several time by him on the crack, a then brought to an opening. I slowly moved on slightly inside while it was humidified and when began to move freely, stopped and looked at it from above down. — You in an order? — I asked. — I think yes I have shit in a look — she told, and before with what I could answer, added: — You are angry with me? — No, not absolutely but it is surprised — I told. — I know it was too — she answered. — You were too made horney — I said. It was the first that I told what bore condemnation, and I was prepared for emotional reaction. The not less, it accepted the message with the course and nodded. I began to move slowly again, and to the current of the next several minutes we silently were engaged in love. — You told what Debbie made you wanted too that me — she whispered. Now there was my turn to feel itself uncomfortably, and I had no good answer, except the fact that I felt that it wanted it too. — I know but I thought, you too — I answered. I didn't know how she will react to this statement. She can challenge my statement and accuse of everything me. In the end of the ends, she set a question, and I answered. — It seems, all in a different way now, than then — she answered. Ee of a word resounded so me, so as now in our usual environment events seemed dirty. Except that, it turned out that she accepted on herself some fault that was simplification. — Yes, very strongly — I agreed, a then decided that it is more best not to be involved to the sphere of a negative, and added: — No also was it is fascinating. — Even well, it? — she asked. — to Watch them in you? — I specified, purposefully avoiding any provocative words. — Yes — she answered. — Yes, even it — I told her. To happiness, my message rendered positive influence when on ee the person the weak smile instantly appeared, and she told: — A I worried. Believing that now I have some space for maneuver, I smiled too and told: — You didn't look so as if worried about me. — Ne it is necessary! — she gasped and playfully I slapped me in a hand. It forced me to burst out laughing, a she, after that as slapped me in a hand again, told: — Ne carp, here it is necessary to analyze much. — I pin up, sweet — I answered, a then asked: — What it was pleasant to you most? She for a moment became silent, looking at me, a then told: — I think, Jalen. — Ne Leon? — I asked, remembering ee a state when he took ee. — No, not he — she though I felt that it was evasive answered. I was set by a question whether ee the answer result of confusion because of the fact that it was so an elderly man, the black and the cleaner, or because of the fact that it was given him without permission was. — How he where he was and how it happened? — I specified.— I don't know where he was. At first I thought that it you or one of other guys, but understood then that you aren't present — she explained. — Because of his size? — I asked. — Yes — she told, having nodded. — did You try to stop him? — I asked, being interested as everything passed. Kami turned away the head and tried to hide in my hand, a then began to beg: — Ne it is necessary, it confuses me. — Why? — I though I thought that I understood asked. — You saw — she whined, having the decadent answer and a strong orgasm in a type of ee. We returned to silence again and slowly were engaged in love. However I could tell that she doesn't progress therefore stopped. — I am felt such? — she asked. — Yes, precisely such — I confirmed. With these words I fell to the party, and after several minutes of embraces we began to fall asleep. Surprisingly, but I slept as the child, and I had to hurry to be prepared for work. *** to the current of the next several days we told o to a meeting, and I was glad that we managed to do without quarrel. Several time she said that so far the member Tony didn't slip in her, she also didn't think that all it really will occur, and expected that I will stop everything. Except that, she recognized that sex with Leon was the silly decision and secondary on the attitude towards Tony and Jalen. Here and there I couldn't coordinate what she says with what saw, but having decided that to argue is useless, left everything as is, after several soft reproaches. No after all what-to splinter in me sat. — would You want to repeat? — at last I asked late in the evening on Saturday, after that as we poured a wine bottle.