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I looked at Talgata and understood that I would like to be engaged with it in sex. At Talgata dark skin and is a lot of body hair, an I white and it was presented to me as appetizingly would look my white popochka the large plan when Talgat enters into her the dark dick from a brown golovkoynemnogo out of itself and by the shivering voice I suggested to lay down to sleep: — N-well what can we will go to bed? Talgat: — Yes, give from this porno a dick a stake! Here I noticed that from Talgata the rigid strut and me intolerably wanted to be taken from him in a mouth. We laid down as having usually undressed to pants, and switched off light. In darkness I heard as quietly breathes Talgat and sometimes his hairy leg touched my womanly legs from what punched me as-budto current! Scrolling these thoughts in the head I plunged in sonne I know what there it dreamed me but it was very erotic. I woke up from terrible excitement and my heart without restraint beat. 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I carried out by a hand on a stomach and tips of fingers picked up an elastic band of pants, obviously hinting that if it doesn't stop me, I will lower a hand to it in pants and I will undertake a dick. Talgat didn't show any signs of resistance and I having gathered bravery I lowered a hand and I felt at last his hot dick standing just on end from this situation. It was firm, with distinctly acting head, and a hairy pubis, it is more than mine and I understood that I should suck this dick so far he won't terminate to me in a mouth! Having slightly lowered a little pants Talgata, I vzala him in a hand, began podrachivat, and having greased fingers with saliva began to drive on a bridle, knowing what it kayfot my touches the dick shuddered, the powerful dick strained and twitched in mm hands. Having understood that there is no place to recede, I with greed of the bitch fell to his groin and having opened a mouth, swallowed his handsome as only I could. The man's dick at me in a mouth the Class! Greedy caressing, smacking the lips, I licked him, kissed a head, a stomach, a pubis, hands caressed balls. I wanted to pull the whorish mouth on this eldu so far it won't terminate! I sucked to an emphasis, didn't begin to be tired yet and then I thought: "Heavy to women to suck such dicks" Talgat suddenly Here strained, the head at me in a mouth inflated and was hardly located, I understood that now it will terminate and tried to make a mouth and language as it is possible more gentle cavity that he forever remembered my gentle mouth! Suddenly I felt the first peak of his orgasm! In a mouth the stream of a cum struck and Talgat began to groan slowly from pleasure! I tried to exhaust from his dick everything to the last drop! At me at most the dick stuck out and lubricant dripped. Then I thought "Well everything, you were fucked by the friend! What will be farther now?!" I waited when he stops shooting to me at a mouth and swallowed his cum which was without special taste but with a pleasant smell which wildly brings me. Then I pinched all that was possible from his dick and put on to it pants. Having tidied up all traces of my blowjob I laid down as lay before and through time the volume what will be continuation of our friendship failed in a dream, with o thoughts? And it was rough!